Dream Star Chapter 472

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Published at 22nd of August 2019 12:45:08 PM Chapter 472

Maybe the guilt is eating him away? Is that what this is? Haruka never thought he would feel guilty over this . Why would he feel guilt? Lila is already his . Haruka thought if he saw Austin Kiryu again, he would even show off . But, instead ever since he came here, he tends to avoid appearing with Lila in front of Austin Kiryu . Why is he even guilty? How stupid . His gaze fell on the girl who was now wearing a different set of training clothes .

"Haruka? What's wrong? Ah, I know you want to cuddle . "

He looked at the girl with an amused look in his eyes, "Your the one who wants to cuddle . "

Lila pouted, "I enjoy cuddling, so what?"

His wife is always like this; sometimes, she acts like a mature beauty, other times where she acts childish . All these sides to her make him love her even more though .

It's stupid feeling guilty after all .

"Lilchan, can you help me with this turn? I'm not very good," Kotori called out .

"Ah, yes! Okay . "

Yet she drops him the second people need help . Well, forget it . He liked to observe, well stare at her . Maybe it's just him but, 'she's getting prettier,' the height change aside . Why is she suddenly becoming so pretty? Not that she wasn't pretty before, but now, there is something about her . Something more mesmerizing than before .

He's definitely going crazy .

"Haruka wants to cuddle, so I have to go back soon . "

" . . . "

Hey, hey, what is she saying? She's the one who wants to cuddle . Geez, Haruka walked over and wrapped his arms around the girl, "Happy?"

Lila laughed, "Ah-huh . "

Such an unusual woman . She smells good, though, "Say, Haruka?"


"P—people are watching . "

Haruka didn't need to know people were watching them . He held her tighter, "I'm just helping you with the dance . "

Lila seemed very pleased, "Then, I'll let you help me for longer . "

Why is she like this? Haruka doesn't understand it . Why does she show him such innocent-looking eyes? Why do they always sparkle whenever he is around? He does not understand her at all .

"Alright the silly couple over there, time out! You're making everybody embarra.s.sed," Yori exclaimed fl.u.s.tered .

Haruka, however, continued to suck on Lila's neck, "T—that's enough, Haruka, let me go now . "

. . . … . .

A few hours later Apartment Block S District .

If we're together, we can overcome anything .

' Even if I died, in the next life I'll meet with you again . And if I am reincarnated before you, then I'll wait patiently until you are reincarnated even if it takes centuries/decades . I will find you again . And if we reincarnate in completely different places, I'll look all over you until I find you . It seems selfish that only I will remember my memories of my past life, but even if you don't recall it . I'll remind you . For our future together I'll remind you . Even if you were to choose someone else, I'll still stay by your side and watch over you . That's why Lila, live . '

Haruka's eyes shot open, and he rose from his futon covered in cold sweat, the images of the past dancing freely in his mind . He was panting as he remembered the sight of her on the ground in cold blood . That girl, he hasn't come to see her since then . Would it be wrong for him to visit?

' It is my business . I still love you . If that guy wants to go ahead and be a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, then you can come to me . Come back to my side . '

Perhaps he had been to straight forward . Certainly, he had every intention of becoming serious again, especially after he spoke about it with the others . They've all given him their support despite also having feelings for her . He can't mess up . Even so, it will become a problem if she ever does recall it . The past and from their past lives . He placed his hand on the mark on his chest, scars that cannot heal, huh? But this mark isn't a scar; it acts as a reminder of the past .

Ever since he was younger, Haruka always wondered why there was a wall between him and others . It felt as though no matter how much he tried, he could not become truly close with anyone . Even his parents built a wall between themselves and him . No, he had always known . That perhaps he was the one building the wall around them . Ever since he was younger, he had always recalled it, memories .

Memories not from this time but from a hindered - two hundred years ago . Memories from the distant past . At first, he had brushed it off as his mere imagination, yet when Haruka found a familiar-looking brush amongst his belongings . It hit him straight away . What a pain, his soul can't reincarnate into a more peaceful situation, huh?

Although he had fully regained his memories on the matter, it didn't mean he could start searching for the girl who lingered in his memories although he made a promise with that person and even tied their fates together .

Even though it was connecting strongly with another person, he honestly wasn't sure whether or not he should bother with it . After all, this is the present . This is the present, and they are living completely different lives now than back then .

However, when he crossed paths with her the first time . Haruka had been able to see it, the thread that connected them together . ' Ah, so it's this girl . ' When he realized it was her, he didn't know what to make out of it . But that single smile she showed him that day… And the fact that she was not afraid to get close to him . The fact that she had been able to get close to him like she did was already surprising . Never once has she feared him and perhaps that's why he loves her so much .

Casting a spell in stigma so he could follow her all the way here . The reason why he did it was so he would be able to protect her . Protect her and ensure that the past doesn't repeat itself so that she wouldn't die in such a manner . And yet…this situation really is laughable, huh? Not only has he fallen for her again . But the shadow predicting her death still hasn't gone away . Although that person did something to stop it from spreading, it doesn't mean her illness doesn't show up once in a while .

Haruka pulled out a few sheets of paper and a brush . She does seem frailer than before; why is that? Is it because she's been overworking herself? The redhead had corned the girl's manager earlier and requested a copy for her schedule . Indeed to find it as packed as his or even more so . When was the last time she even managed to go to school like that? She's already missed quite a bit last year and her first year too . Purposely making herself busy so she would be able to forget, huh?

In that aspect, she has not changed at all . That loneliness, grief, suffering your feeling . Allow him to take it away; this time around allow him to take it away . This time don't reject his offer . Back then, he meant it about wanting to take her away . Though she only saw it as a joke, 'allow me to take you away . Somewhere far away . The air in this place isn't good for you . And the more ties you have with people .

The more Lila keeps her ties with others, the stronger her burden becomes . 'Lila, come with me . ' She only saw it as a joke, and so he ended up saying it was also . But perhaps back then he could have persuaded her somehow . After all, she was already degrading . . .

Haruka's thoughts paused in mid-thought then . Was her condition already degrading then? Hold on, but that was when she was in middle school . With an illness like hers, it's not possible to have prolonged it to this degree . How come . . . His thoughts broke off when he noticed somebody enter the room .

"Sophia, get off me . "

"Now, now, relax . They said you left practice midway, and n.o.body saw you return to your place with her . So, I knew you'd come here," Sophia said .

Haruka sighed, "What do you want now?"

"What do you think I want from you?"

"Sophia, get over me, I'm already married to Lila . Even if you do this, nothing will change . "

"Is that girl really that special to you?"

"She is," Haruka closed his eyes and an image of Lila when they were younger appeared . "She's very special . "

Sophia got off him and sighed, "Honestly, why are you like this now? It's frustrating . "

"Why did you come here?"

"I'm going to move back in here, so unless you want to live with me again . Don't drop by . "

"Huh?" Haruka looked up and saw the luggage bags at the door, "What happened to your wealthy client?"

"Got tired of him . "

"He asked to marry you?"

"That s.h.i.+tty old man already has so many wives . Like I'd let myself be one of them . "

Haruka sighed, "I'm going to make something to eat . Do you want some too?"

"Oh? Perfect timing then . "

Haruka got up, and groggily made his way over to the kitchen, "You know, I thought you'd leave the moment you saw me . "

"I was here first, and this isn't your place completely . "

Sophia rolled her eyes, "Then, just live here again . "

"I already have a wife . "

"Ditch her . "

Haruka said nothing and continued chopping away the ingredients . Honestly, he didn't want to Cook for Sophia at all . However, it would be awkward if he was the only one who ate .

"Wow, there's a lot of beer here . Perfect," Sophia smiled, "You're coming here a lot? The security guard downstairs told me . "

"Only to rest . "

"Are you worried that Austin Kiryu will s.n.a.t.c.h her away?"

"Yeah . "

Sophia whistles, "Just give her to him . "

"Don't joke about that . "

"Why does it bother you so much anyway?"

Why? Isn't it obvious? Lila is his wife . The woman he loves, why would he hand her over to anybody? Sophia edged closer until she wrapped her arms around his neck, "You know, that stubborn att.i.tude of yours . I like it a lot . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Before Haruka could say anymore, he catches a glimpse of a familiar figure by the door . It belonged to his wife .

Lila frowned but suddenly rushed to his side, "Honey, can we go home . Didn't you say if I finish work early, we could spend time together?"

"I said that yeah, but," she's already finished work? How come? Isn't her schedule booked? Odd .

"Go ahead . "

Sophia didn't seem phased, causing Lila to pout more . Haruka wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed Lila's lips, "I need to fetch my stuff, wait for me downstairs, okay?"

Lila looked him up and down . But she nodded, "Okay, I'll wait for you . "

Sophia burst into laughter the moment Lila left, "You're acting so ridiculous, do you know that?"

"Be quiet already; you knew she was coming that's why you did that . "

Sophia picked up a cigarette; however, he noticed that she didn't have a lighter on him . Haruka sighed and walked over to the couch and lit the girls cigarette for her . Sophia, however, grabbed hold of his collar, "Haruka, you can't live a happy life with her, you know that don't you?

"I know . "

"You know?" Sophia's gaze darkened, "Then, what on earth are you doing? Quit s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g around . Do you really think people like us deserve to be happy? All we can do is continue on this path that we chose . We can't go back . Do you know how many lives we've harmed because of the boss orders? Do you know how many times we had to flee? You can't have forgotten those days already . We couldn't call a single place home, because if we stayed in one area for too long . People would chase after us . "

" . . "

Sophia wrapped her arms around his neck, "Hasn't this farce gone on long enough, Haruka? Hurry up and come back to me . If you apologize now, Zane will still forgive you and things will return to how they were before . "

"I . . . "

"Ssh, you already understand it, don't you? The reason why you are so uneasy . No matter how much Teras.h.i.+ma Lila gives you her heart, there is something that will never be yours . You won't truly have her," Sophia murmured against his ear, "But if you do want her Haruka . You can get rid of Austin Kiryu . It's that simple, after all . "

"What do you mean by that?"

Sophia laughed, "Don't act so clueless, by getting rid of I mean exactly what I said . "

"I won't . "

Haruka doesn't get a chance to say anything when Sophia started to kiss him . A kiss with no regard to the other person's feelings, huh? Now he understands what Lila meant before .

Sophia parted their lips, traces of his and her saliva across her mouth . The entire sight looked 'seducing,' but for Haruka, it was nothing . He's seen this too many times already, "You'll abandon this, for that girl?" Sophia challenged .

"I will . "

"And start over?"

Haruka said nothing to that as he moved away from her and fixed his clothing . Should he get changed? But that would seem suspicious . He may as well leave things the way they are now . Lila will find out either way .

Dream Star Chapter 472

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