Dream Star 635 The Light Known As You Part 4

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June 2034

Lila feels a pair of arms wrap around her waist. "Ah, Kiryu! Good morning."

He looks at her sleepily and pushes the materials of her lap, "Put that away, and spoil me."

Ah! "Okay." Lila listens immediately and puts everything on the bed side table. Although she would be kidding to say she doesn't want to work on it. She really does. They only have three days left after all. But right now her Kiryu needs attention.

"Mmm. Let's just stay in bed," Kiryu nuzzled his face against her neck.

Lila laughs,  "Un, I think so too."

"Hey Kiryu?"

"What is it?"

"My new hobby is staring at you when your fast asleep. So make sure not to wake up before me.

Before she went on her jog, and when she returned she was staring at his sleeping face for a bit. "Pffft."

"Ah don't laugh. I'm serious, I love your sleeping face."

"Mmm. But the same can go for me. How am I supposed to do things to you in the morning if i do as you say?"

"Wah- dummy, what have you been doing to me?"

When she's asleep, exactly what is he doing? If its Kiryu, its probably something strange. "What do you think?"

Wah, he really is teasing her. Bully.

"Hey, maybe you should start running."



"Kiryu, don't bully me. I'll get angry. "

"If were late, the others will get mad. If we don't show up, well they might come here."

"Oh, that's true," Lila agreed. She could see it now, Maaya's angry expression.

"Then should we go?"

Lila shook her head. He's so warm. She wants to get even closer. "Your getting incredibly comfortable."

"I'm not allowed to? Kiryu, your always touching me."

"That's your fault."


Lila felt very restless, even after Kiryu escorted her back to her room. She couldn't sleep, it was already well past 1am. Her gaze fell on her phone which was on the night stand. Haruka didn't call her did he? It's not like she can blame him either. He must be focusing on Rikksan right now.

'She really is weird. Why did she let Haruka leave?' One word from

When she first felt that pain in her heart, it was around this time last year. Kiryu had been acting strange for the longest time already and even more so after she continued meeting Oujiro-senpai after graduation.

Lila managed the feeling all right at first, even though her cheeks turned crimson every time he looked at her, but eventually, it becomes a problem. Is she sick? She doesn't think so. She interacts with the others fine, but whenever he leans over to correct her grip on the sword or makes some dry comment that makes the others laugh, she feels her stomach fly up into her throat.

Losing it. That must be it. She is finally losing it.

There was something else she could think of, but unfortunately she wasn't the kind of person who would admit it. For her, it still wasn't a feeling she understood well. It was vague, and not something that can be understood. Even now she still thinks so. She does not want to act on these feelings until she's absolutely sure. Perhaps she's just making excuses mother.

About Kiryu, about Haruka. Then there was that thing with senpai too. The relations.h.i.+p she shares at least shared with  once upon a time; was a relations.h.i.+p that could have blossomed to love, and yet it never did. Why? Because they stopped caring about each other? She knows that's not it.

Even now her heart clenches with pain whenever she thought of that person. She hides it well, and express her feelings so openly for Kiryu. She wants to be with Kiryu. There's no doubt about it. But she does not want to leave that person by himself. That person, who has been composing music to make her scream. For her to break the lock in her heart..

But even when she thought of Haruka, his image is always replaced with Kiryu in seconds. It can't stop already. She can't stop it. Her heart clenched with pain whenever she thought of Haruka but when she thinks of Kiryu, the possibility of him leaving to be with someone else. Lila felt herself being torn apart. Being ripped in to shreads until there's nothing left.

It's so painful, she feels like she can't breathe.

Hearing a knock on the door, Lila quickly got up and immediately buried her face in that persons arms. Kiryu wrapped his arms around her, "I thought you were crying. .."

"Kiryu, I feel so sad... I don't understand..."

"Sssh, it's alright Lila. I'm here."

Those words, a long time ago would have rea.s.sured her. Kiryu was her light in this dark world. Without him by her side, she felt that something was missing this entire time. Yet, Haruka... She needed Haruka...



Rikksan's place was quite a distance away from Kiryu's, so they had to take Kiryu's motorbike. Not that it was wise to walk, due to the cold weather. The two of them immediately went inside. It was quiet - and the people guarding at front were..

[Back later]

Her sweat fell when she saw the sign, 'way too careless.' Then again, she knew the other VIPS who lived here all had their own security team.

"What's the matter? Lila?"

Lila didn't say anything and clung to him tightly. Haruka's scent and his warmth..

"Sorry, she started crying. I couldn't do anything so I thought I would bring her to you."

"Lila, what is it? Are you okay?"

"I missed you .. I wanted to see you, don't leave me Haruka."

"Did you have a nightmare?" Haruka gently stroked her hair. "Ssh, I'm right here. I'll never leave you. Lila, don't cry. You'll be fine, I'm here for you."

"Hubby," Lila said slowly. She recalled what happened earlier and bit her lip. Somehow, she feels slightly ashamed. What was she thinking? She got too caught up in the flow.

Haruka probably understood since he brushed his lips against her ear. "Don't worry."


Lila felt very awkward but that vanished when Haruka kissed her lips gently. "Calm down okay?"

"O-o-o-" Lila felt very fl.u.s.tered though and Haruka chuckled.

"Rikka, sorry about this. But can Lila stay too?"

Lila glanced over at the woman standing by the door way.

Dream Star 635 The Light Known As You Part 4

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