Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Ghost Woods

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I have more than 1400 medals and about 60 black medals. My points are almost at 3000!

As Jiang Yi sprinted, he was checking the medals within the Fire Spirit Pearl. When he met that group of monks, he a.s.sumed that he was going to fall there and didn't expect to easily escape—he even obtained over 600 medals.

That group of monks was obviously formidable, especially the bizarre Buddha chants from the little monk, which had the soul spirit attack. If they were able to obtain so many medals in such a short period of time, it proved their strength. Of course, without the Fire Spirit Rock, all the medals within the Fire Spirit Pearl would belong to them, right?

It hadn't even been ten days since the Kingdom War started. Three thousand points wasn't considered a lot; neither was it considered little. Right now, his acc.u.mulation points were considered a lot in the Crystal Stone Plains; but Jiang Yi didn't have any hint of satisfaction in his heart.

With those strange bugs following him, it was as if a razor-sharp sword was on the top of his head, causing him to suffocate. He understood clearly that the owner of these bugs was about to appear soon.


Jiang Yi was now traversing across a marshland. This Crystal Stone Plains had a weird terrain which contained all sorts of landforms; Jiang Yi had traveled for an entire day but still couldn't find any terrain that was advantageous for him.

There was a patch of yellow lush forest ahead, and Jiang Yi had been fatigued after traveling for the whole day. He controlled the demon wolf and rushed inside of the forest while preparing to dig an underground hole to rest for a few hours. These skies were covered by the restrictions and didn't have any difference between night and day; Jiang Yi would eat when he was hungry and sleep when he felt tired.

Eh? This tree looks unusual, and I have never seen such a tree before!

Approaching the forest, Jiang Yi scanned the countless huge trees ahead and was amazed. This forest was filled with a type of yellow tree with trunks as thick as a human body. It had yellow leaves and yellow barks that had strange patterns on them.

Jiang Yi paused for a while but didn't think much about it. He took out the medal to make sure there wasn't anyone in the surroundings before he controlled the demon wolf and dashed in.


As the demon wolf stepped on the yellow fallen leaves, it let out a slight rustling sound. Once Jiang Yi entered the forest, he felt that it became darker. He looked up and saw the dense leaves covering the sky, covering all the illumination.

“Let's go!”

With its master shouting out, the demon wolf increased its speed and ran further into the forest. As he was running, Jiang Yi could constantly take out the medal to sense for enemies. It wasn't advisable to enter the forest as it was the best place for killers to lay their ambushes. There might even be a few dozen martial artists lying in ambush, waiting for preys to come in.

It was out of his expectations when he didn't find any martial artist after sprinting for such a long time. Just when he prepared to stop the demon wolf and dig an underground hole to sleep in, there was a slight noise coming from the left side.

“Someone is here!”

Jiang Yi's mind s.h.i.+vered as he kept the demon wolf and climbed up the huge tree nimbly like an ape. As he hid into the leaves, he kept the medals into the Fire Spirit Pearl and waited for the enemy to appear.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

There was this constant shrieking that came from the left. Jiang Yi frowned and listened carefully but couldn't hear any sound of martial artists fighting, apart from the running and shrieking.


A figure soon appeared, but it startled Jiang Yi when he saw the shabby robes and disheveled hair of this person who had a fearful expression in his eyes. There were traces of blood on the body, but they were already dried up for quite a period of time. As this man ran, he would swing both his arms and scream from time to time—as though he went crazy.

A scheme to entice the enemy?

This person might seem to be really unstable in the mind, but Jiang Yi still didn't dare to be careless. He waited for that person to be directly underneath him before he leaped down and turned his Black Scale Swords into a sky of sword rain, trapping this person.


Jiang Yi felt strange: even when the Black Scale Sword thrust into the person's head, he didn't even resist. At the moment of death, his eyes had regained some consciousness instead; and Jiang Yi could see an obvious trace of relief.

What's happening?

Jiang Yi gave a suspicious look before he searched the corpse and was surprised to find over a dozen medals, which was a small windfall.

Let's go!

With this corpse here, Jiang Yi didn't want to sleep in its vicinity; hence, he summoned the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf and ran for a distance. The result was… finding yet another martial artist who behaved just like the previous person—like a mad man.


After effortlessly stabbing this man with the Black Scale Sword, Jiang Yi had this grave expression. He scanned the surroundings to make sure that this was a normal forest before he kept the Black Scale Sword with some doubt. He searched this person but wasn't as lucky because the body only had one medal.

“Ah! Ah!”

Before Jiang Yi could even summon the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf, a person came running from the right side and was behaving as crazily as the other people. He was running with frightening speed and was obviously a Soul Travel Realm expert!

What is going on? Why is everyone becoming crazy in this forest?

Jiang Yi leaped to the side as that person continued to run while flinging his arms around, not even looking at Jiang Yi—which set off a wave of fear in Jiang Yi's heart. It would be normal if he was to come across two maniacs; now that he met the third one who was a Soul Travel Realm expert, how could he not be shocked?


He controlled the demon wolf to chase after the Soul Travel Realm expert and quickly caught up to kill him, collecting over twenty medals. He wasn't satisfied at all; instead, he glanced at this dimmed yellow forest, feeling his blood run cold.

“Let's go!”

This forest was too strange, and Jiang Yi didn't dare to stay here a moment longer. He controlled the demon wolf to run straight and wanted to look for another place to rest.

As he continued to run, Jiang Yi came across a few madmen and plenty more corpses. When Jiang Yi looked at all their dying faces, he became fearful and alarmed. There wasn't any form of injuries on their body, and their eyes were left wide open, filled with fear. It seemed like… they were frightened to death.

Something isn't right!

After rus.h.i.+ng for a moment, Jiang Yi suddenly controlled the demon wolf to stop. He looked ahead and saw a corpse with a split-open head, which was obviously the first mad man that he killed.

He had been sprinting in a straight line, and he actually came back to the original place?

There is a maze in this forest! Jiang Yi's eyes shrank. He paused for a moment before he abruptly drew the Black Scale Sword to hack at the tree in front of him.


The sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng echoed as though the Black Scale Sword hacked onto black iron, drawing sparks. That yellow tree's bark was split open, revealing a trunk that had a yellow light.

“What kind of wicked tree is this?”

Jiang Yi exclaimed and couldn't believe what he had seen. The Black Scale Sword was a spirit artifact and could even cleave an artifact—let alone a tree. The hack using his full strength was only able to take off some tree bark?

“I don't believe it!”

Jiang Yi was enraged. He withdrew the demon wolf and released the Earth Fire from the Fire Spirit Pearl, wanting to incinerate this huge tree into ashes.


Once the Earth Fire was released, the yellow tree immediately released a glow but was still unable to resist the scorch from the Earth Fire. It was fuming with thick smoke as it burned up.


After he was certain that this yellow tree could be incinerated, Jiang Yi was able to relax. He kept the Earth Fire and extinguished the flames on the tree. No matter how horrific this maze was, he could still burn all these trees down and escape.

This isn't right. Even if they couldn't chop down the trees, they should be able to dig underground, right?

Jiang Yi was suspicious and only understood after he used the longsword to dig a hole in the ground. The ground was filled with the thick yellow roots, twisted and intertwined. They had the same toughness as the tree trunks, making it impossible to dig their way out.

This forest was like Ghost Woods, a death grounds that didn't allow any exit after one had entered.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 198

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