Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 199 Traveling Far And Wide

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"A natural maze formation?"

Jiang Yi was still baffled by the fact that these people actually went crazy just because they couldn't get out? It was only ten days after the start of the Kingdom War; they shouldn't be going crazy after getting trapped for a few days, right?

After many considerations, he still wasn't able to find an answer and was at a dilemma if he should break this maze formation. If he wouldn't break out of the maze, he would be trapped in here and end up being surrounded—which was the same as waiting for death.

If he were to break out of here, he had to burn all these tough yellow trees. If he were to burn his way out, he would surely have to exhaust a large amount of the Earth Fire. Without the Earth Fire, he would not be able to break out of entrapment and have to resign to his fate. The Fire Spirit Rock was even more dreadful than the Earth Fire, but he only had a limited stock of those; how many could he kill with it again?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

I better not use it for now and see if there is any other way out of here!

Jiang Yi rode on the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf and sprinted frantically while leaving marks on the trees with the Black Scale Sword, attempting to break out of this maze. Along the way, he met with three more lunatics; and one of them was at the Soul Travel Realm. He might have obtained a few more dozens of medals, but he was feeling even more confused. Did this Ghost Woods have some unknown magical power that would turn someone into a lunatic after some time?


Jiang Yi soon got the answer. Before he knew it, the forest already had this gentle breeze. When the breeze blew on the yellow leaves, it let out a clunking sound as though all the leaves were made of metal.

In the beginning, he didn't feel anything strange. However, as the wind blew harder, the clunking sound got louder as well. Jiang Yi continued to listen until his eyes became half-conscious; even the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf stopped as the pair of cold eyes turned perplexed.


Jiang Yi's Fire Spirit Pearl lit up right at this moment, transferring unknown energy over his soul spirit, causing it to radiate with golden light and immediately bringing him back to his senses. He looked around at the shaking leaves and listened to the clunking sounds that were just like the calling of a grim reaper—which turned his face pale.

"Silver-Moon Demon Wolf, go back!"

After taking a look at the perplexed Silver-Moon Demon Wolf, Jiang Yi quickly withdrew it into the spirit beast talisman. He suddenly realized why all these people went crazy. This Ghost Woods had the ability to launch sound waves that caused soul spirits to enter a hallucinatory zone, driving them insane.


As the violent winds blew into the distance, the clunking sounds became softer; and Jiang Yi let out a breath of relief. This time, he didn't hesitate any longer; he wanted to immediately release the Earth Fire to burn this Ghost Woods down and escape. If he could destroy this Ghost Woods, then no one would die from becoming crazy. It would also be a virtuous act of good for him, too.

No, this is not right—!

When he thought about the people that would enter this place, Jiang Yi quickly realized it. Why did he have to destroy this Ghost Woods? Wasn't his location being tracked? Wasn't there a large group of people chasing after him to surround and kill him? Wasn't this Ghost Woods the best location to start the fight?

With his Fire Spirit Pearl, there was no need to fear any soul spirit attacks; and he was safe here. If someone came to this place, he just had to delay them for a period of time before everyone that entered go crazy, giving him an easy time killing them all, right?

Good! I have traveled far and wide, only to find this place after all the efforts!

Jiang Yi had been searching for the best terrain that was advantageous to him. Right now, he had randomly entered a forest to find out that it was a patch of Ghost Woods, the most ideal terrain for him to start this battle.

Let me do a detailed survey of the surroundings!

Jiang Yi was so excited that his body was shaking. Ideas were spinning through his mind as various schemes and plans flashed. With such a great terrain, he had to make use of all the advantageous conditions and utilize his resources to fight a battle that could turn the tables.

His mind didn't have any intentions to sleep as he rode the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf to wander around the woods. After wandering for one hour, he made sure that there was no one else in the forest before taking out a large number of ropes to set up the place.

After being busy for four hours, Jiang Yi emerged from an underground hole. He used the Earth Fire to easily burn through the tough roots, digging a few shallow holes. He could actually make the holes deeper, but it was all intertwined with tree roots—no one knew how deep it could go into. Jiang Yi didn't want to waste too much of his Earth Fire and could only drop it.

I should be almost done, right? I shall leave my life and death to the heavens!

Jiang Yi checked the surrounding arrangements and clapped his hands with satisfaction. He leaped up onto a tree and fell into a deep sleep.

This sleep lasted for eight to ten hours. Jiang Yi didn't have any worry for approaching enemies and had a pleasant sleep. When he awoke naturally, he jumped down from the tree and scouted the area before leaping back onto the tree. He sat on the tree and munched on the rations, restoring his stamina.


After he ate his fill, he sat cross-legged atop the tree and began to cultivate. After cultivating for a few hours, he began to practice the Wind Shadow Sword before he cultivated his essence force.

Just like this, Jiang Yi spent a peaceful day in the forest. During midnight, a gentle breeze began to blow across the forest. The breeze gradually turned into violent winds, and that horrific clunking sound echoed throughout the Ghost Woods. Jiang Yi, who was protected by the Fire Spirit Pearl, was dazzled by only a split-second before snapping out, giving him complete relief.

The next day, he was roused up in the midst of his cultivation. His eyes noticed a rustle on the tree to the left. Jiang Yi immediately leaped towards the left and summoned the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf mid-air before sprinting towards the left.

A Purple Mansion Realm martial artist?

Jiang Yi quickly found the person who arrived; it was a small-statured martial artist who was moving sneakily. When he saw Jiang Yi riding the Silver-Moon Demon Wolf, he suddenly burst towards Jiang Yi with this ominous glint in his eyes.

Jiang Yi didn't move and stood still like a fool. When the giant ax was cleaving down like a flowing light in the enemy's hand, the Black Scale Sword suddenly appeared in his hand and swung gently in front of him.


That aggressive giant ax turned into a wooden hatchet, easily split apart by the Black Scale Sword. That person instantly retreated, but a black light shone from Jiang Yi's other hidden sleeve; a crossbow bolt was shot out and effortlessly killed him.

The mechanism seems like it is slightly damaged. I might have to rearrange it.

Jiang Yi let out a helpless sigh. He had arranged small mechanisms using ropes in the surroundings, which would be activated once anyone got near to alert him. Once this mechanism had been activated, it would be damaged. After spending 30 minutes, Jiang Yi rearranged it and climbed up the tree to cultivate while waiting quietly for the Green Noxious Bugs' owner and Shui Qianrou to appear.

After waiting for half a day, another unlucky person barged in and was easily eliminated by Jiang Yi. When he prepared to sleep and replenish his spirit, the mechanisms in the Ghost Woods were activated again. A whole bunch of it that was activated at the same time!

Are they here?

Jiang Yi remained silent and didn't summon the demon wolf to sprint over; he stayed in place instead.


The leaves were swaying constantly as that group of people was quickly approaching. Jiang Yi held his breath while his body tensed up. Thirty minutes later, he took out the medal to sense with lightning speed and was astonished.

There wasn't a lot of people around—which numbered at around forty or fifty—while there were only eight or nine Soul Travel Realm experts. They shouldn't be from Shui Qianrou's legion as the Water Moon Observatory sent over fifty Soul Travel Realm experts.


His leaped down quickly and dove into one of the underground holes, completely concealing himself in the hole, waiting for the enemies to arrive.


That group of people arrived quickly, and Jiang Yi was stunned when they stopped hundred of meters away from him. A familiar voice sounded out, "Jiang Yi, come out. I am Zhan Wushuang!"

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 199 Traveling Far And Wide

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