Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 200

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Chapter 200: a.s.sistance

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“Zhan Wushuang?”

Jiang Yi didn't hear wrongly. Even though he had a shock, he still burst out from the underground hole at first notice. He locked his eyes onto the black-armored, bronze-skinned, and amazingly das.h.i.+ng man before he exclaimed, “Zhan Wushuang. Is it really you?”


Zhan Wushuang laughed heartily as he walked over, giving Jiang Yi a bear hug. “You can surely run, huh? I have been chasing you for a long time and only caught up to you today.”


Jiang Yi swept his eyes and was surprised to see a figure. Princess Yun Fei was actually in the group? He immediately laughed and whispered, “Oh man, you actually took her?”

“Hehe! On the third day, I saved her life.” Zhan Wushuang grinned and gestured for Yun Fei to come over. “Yun Fei, come over and greet my brother.”

Yun Fei wasn't awkward as she walked over with a sweet smile graciously. She spoke with polite, “Jiang Yi, long time, no see!”

Jiang Yi smiled and nodded before he asked with some doubt, “You have been chasing me for a long time? How did you find me? And what are you chasing me for?”

“I couldn't find you!”

Zhan Wushuang spoke with a grave expression, “I am able to find you because of Yun Fei's Astral Body of the Wood, which could sense the surrounding forests within the 50-km radius; and she even sensed something over at Yun He's side. We are looking for you to inform you about some very bad news. Yun He has gathered the martial artists from the Heaven Mystics Kingdom and Shui Qianrou's legion, and he is now coming over to surround you. Yun He has been using the Green Noxious Bugs, and we are afraid that you would die before even knowing what happened. Hence, we came to look for you and let you be prepared.”

“I see.”

Jiang Yi took a glance at Yun Fei and gasped at how formidable the Astral Body of the Wood was. It could actually sense enemies in the forest within the 50-km radius? With such a mystical power, it would very safe as long as there was a forest nearby.

“Yun He? Gathering martial artists from the Heaven Mystics Kingdom? Green Noxious Bugs?”

Jiang Yi's eyes turned quickly and as he looked at Yun Fei with suspicion, “Yun Fei. Yun He is also from the Heaven Mystics Kingdom, right? If he is able to gather the martial artists from there, it means he is a Prince of the Heaven Mystics Kingdom, right? Wouldn't you be siblings with him?”

“Jiang Yi, don't misunderstand.”

Yun Fei explained: “I am indeed siblings with a different mother with Yun He, but I am mortal enemies with him because my Big Brother died because of him. Otherwise, my Big Brother would now be the Crown Prince. Furthermore, he is from the evil sorcery lineage while I am from the barbaric sorcery lineage—who are originally mortal enemies.”

“So that is why…”

Jiang Yi nodded and asked, “Then what is a Green Noxious Bug? Yun Fei, can you help me break free from them? I have killed a lot of these bugs, but no matter what I do, they would still continue to track me…”

“It is unbreakable!”

Yun Fei shook her head. “This Green Noxious Bug is a kind of ancient vicious bug species. Those bugs that you killed are the child bugs; they won't stop coming unless you can instantly kill the mother bug. The mother bug has extreme speed, and with our strength, we have nearly no chance to kill it.”


Jiang Yi muttered and gestured with a wave. “Then you guys should get out soon. I already knew someone is tracking me, and I am waiting for them to come knocking. No, right… this is a Ghost Woods. If you are in here, how are you going to exit?”

Jiang Yi realized something. This Ghost Woods couldn't be broken out of without using his Earth Fire. If he had to use the Earth Fire, he would have to destroy this advantageous terrain. How would he fight against the enemies?

“What Ghost Woods?” Zhan Wushuang looked around and asked.

Jiang Yi explained everything, and everyone s.h.i.+vered after listening. Yun Fei didn't pay any mind to it and said, “No worries. I can easily break out of this Ghost Woods. I can control all forms of trees, and I can simply get out if I want to.”

As Yun Fei was talking, her body glowed with green light, which caused the yellow trees to suddenly shake unceasingly. Soon enough, a huge tree s.h.i.+fted towards the side—which shocked Jiang Yi so much that his eyeb.a.l.l.s nearly fell out.

“Since that is the case, you should go out quickly. Otherwise, it will be too late for you to escape later on.”

Jiang Yi urged them again. When he saw that Zhan Wushuang wanted to say something, he let out a slight smile. “Don't worry about me. I may not have 100% to survive, but I have a 50% certainty. Moreover, I can kill half of the people that entered this place! Yes… if I die, you can enter this place ten days later and effortlessly obtain a large number of contribution points, and you will be the champions of this Kingdom War.”

“I am not leaving.”

Yun Fei's eyes had this blazing flame as she shouted, “Wushuang, bring your men and retreat from here. I am going to help Jiang Yi kill Yun He and avenge my brother. With Yun He dead, my young brother would have a chance for ascension. This Ghost Woods has a natural formation, and it would be such a waste to give up this opportunity.”

“Then I am not leaving, too!”

After Zhan Wushuang heard both of them, he had this determined look as he convinced Yun Fei and Jiang Yi. “Jiang Yi, don't say any more; soul spirit attacks are ineffective against our Battle G.o.d Race. This Ghost Woods' soul spirit attack cannot hurt me. What's more, don't you belittle me. I might only be at the fifth stage of the Purple Mansion Realm, but I can disregard regular first and second stage Soul Travel Realm experts.”

“Princess!””Young Clan Head!”

The subordinates that they brought along were all panicking as they exclaimed.

“Stop saying anything else! I have decided!”

Yun Fei's eyes turned cold as she spoke resolutely, “If Yun He goes back without a mishap, he will certainly be t.i.tled Crown Prince. If that happened—my younger brother, my Empress Mother, and I will only have death waiting for us. This is the best opportunity. Yun Long, bring the men and go hide at the underground cave where we were hiding previously and wait for my return.”

Zhan Wushuang gestured with a wave and spoke firmly, “Zhan Tu, you bring the men and follow Yun Long. This is an order!”

“Hey, hey!”

Jiang Yi spoke, “You husband-and-wife didn't ask for my opinion, right? The both of you have yet to exchange moves with Shui Qianrou and don't know how many artifacts she possesses, right? I can tell you clearly that… she has at least a few heaven artifacts and one saint artifact! Besides, if there is an opportunity this time, I will definitely kill her. Aren't you afraid Shui Youlan would come find trouble with your clans? Both of you, get lost. I might even be safer by my own, and you will just burden me if I bring you two along.”


Yun Fei let out a slight laugh and spoke confidently, “Jiang Yi, do you believe that—with me around—your survival rate would increase by at least 50%? What's more, with my a.s.sistance, your probability of killing Yun He would increase drastically. You don't have to worry about Wushuang's combat strength burdening you. Regular Soul Travel Realm experts truly cannot even damage him.”

Zhan Wushuang spoke with an agitated tone, “Jiang Yi, you dare belittle me? Do you believe that I will eliminate you? My Battle G.o.d Race's dignity does not allow any disrespect. You don't have to worry about Shui Youlan. It is normal for anyone to kill in the Kingdom War. The no.1 martial expert will not have such a narrow mind.”

“Very well then…”

Jiang Yi twitched his mouth. With Yun Fei's ability to s.h.i.+ft the trees, it would indeed increase his survivability rate and would also help him to kill the enemies. Since the two of them were so determined, it wouldn't be good for him to reject their good will.

Jiang Yi looked around and excitedly waved his hands as he shouted, “Alright! Let them retreat first before we set up this place. We will try to make everyone that enters this place stay. As long as we can eliminate everyone that enters, we will definitely be at the first ranking in terms of acc.u.mulation points. Let's share the booty when the time comes.”

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 200

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