Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 281 The Grave Is Empty?

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Jiang Yi was back!

This news traveled like the wind and instantly spread throughout the entire Skyplume City. Ji Tian led his Ji clansmen and immediately rushed out of the city lord residence, and so did the Jiang Clan, the Leng Clan, and the Liu Clan. Each of the Clan Heads led the elders of their clans and headed straight for the Ma Clan.

Jiang Yi was a criminal of treason, but he was also the Patrol Envoy of the Imperial Court and the continent's savior. Their purpose of coming out quickly wasn't to curry favor or rely on Jiang Yi to strengthen their clans, but they purely wanted to see him—to see this incredible youth who came from Skyplume City.

"Ling Yi, except for the elderly, children, and women, execute the rest of the Ma clansmen!"

In Ma Clan's courtyard, Jiang Yi gave his order with an expression filled with murderous intent. After experiencing so many major incidents, his heart was strong. He didn't even take revenge on the Ma Clan back then for almost causing his death; yet, they dared to scheme against Jiang Yunhai?

"Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+"

Ling Yi and his men were even more ruthless. Let alone killing the martial artists of the Ma Clan—if Jiang Yi ordered them to kill the elderly, children, and women, they would do so without a blink of the eye. Which expert's hand wasn't coated with blood?

When Ling Yi and his men flew out, the black heaven artifact sabers in their hands were like soul-ripping scythes that slid across the Ma Clan's martial artists.


The Ma Clan Head, Ma Kui, was at the eighth stage of the Purple Mansion Realm, but the elders were weaker; and those people that they recruited were only of the Purple Mansion Realm. Putting Ling Yi and the others aside, even Jiang Yi could slaughter them easily. Killing these people was as effortless as butchering chickens and dogs to Ling Yi and his group.


Numerous screams echoed in the sky, resonating through the Skyplume City. Jiang Yi and Jiang Yunhai stood on the side and looked on with cold eyes, watching how Ling Yi and his men chase down the Ma Clan martial artists one by one.


Ji Tian, Jiang Yunshan, and the others finally arrived; but when they heard the miserable screams, no one dared to move… no one dared to rush in either. Every one of them waited outside with dark eyes.

In just fifteen minutes…!

Ling Yi and his men returned after killing all the martial artists in Ma Clan. Jiang Yi took a quick glance at the frightened and trembling Ma Clan's women and children and paused. He then spoke, "I am Jiang Yi. I am sure most of you know about me. I am also sure that most of you know about the grievance between me and your Ma Clan. I have originally forgotten about your Ma Clan and didn't want to find any trouble with your clan, but…

"Not only did you provoke me again, but your Ma Clan even plotted and harmed my grandfather. Since a mistake has been committed, the price must be paid. If any of your Ma Clan's descendants have the capability to take revenge on me and kill me—Jiang Yi… I will not have any second words!"

After finis.h.i.+ng his statement, Jiang Yi turned and prepared to leave. Jiang Yunhai let out a sigh and said, "Young Lord, why did you have to say all those nonsense to them? This world is cruel as such and filled with murders. The strong rule supreme, and there is no reasoning to it. If you are weak, then we will be the ones dead. It is fair, and you do not need to have an uneasy conscience."


Jiang Yi nodded and walked out. He saw many familiar faces and many indeterminate expressions which wanted to talk but hesitated. He let out a faint smile and walked away without saying anything.

Ling Yi helped Jiang Yunhai out quickly. When Ji Tian saw Jiang Yunhai, he had this smear of guilt on his face. He opened his mouth and said, "Yunhai, help me apologize to Jiang Yi. Our clan is unfortunate to have such a daughter!"

"Uncle Hai!"

Jiang Yunshan called out emotionally while his voice was choked. Jiang Yunhai turned to look at Jiang Yunshan and nodded before he spoke to Ji Tian, "I know a little about that matter. I will speak to the Young Lord. We have matters to attend to and shall take our leave."

Jiang Yi suddenly paused when he saw a few familiar figures. It was the Martial Arts Hall's Manager Yang and Hall Master, Yi Clan's Yi Lingxue, and the others. When he saw these people, he vaguely recalled his memories.

He gazed into the distance and observed the familiar Skyplume City for a moment and ultimately said nothing. He nodded to Manager Yang and the others before he ran towards the east of the city. Ling Yi and the others carried Jiang Yunhai as they followed Jiang Yi and quickly left the city. Jiang Yi was still a criminal of treason—wanted by the Divine Martial Kingdom. It wasn't a good idea to linger around for too long.

"Swish, Swis.h.!.+"

Jiang Yi and the others quickly vanished in everyone's sights as they headed straight towards the east. The Skyplume City was blown up like a frying pan with an uproar.

Jiang Yi actually came to the Divine Martial Kingdom openly, rushed into Skyplume City, slaughtered the Ma Clan, and left them behind without any second thought. He even brought along ten formidable experts that caused the entire city to tremble, and those ten experts seemed like his subordinates.

Ji Tian and Jiang Yunshan were lamenting the most. Ji Tian already knew of the incident when Ji Tingyu worked together with Jiang Yiliu to deal with Jiang Yi. He originally worried about it, but he didn't expect Jiang Yi to have his old affections and didn't deal with the Ji Clan.

As for Jiang Yunshan, he could feel hundreds of feelings surged into his heart. If he had treated Jiang Yi a little better back then—with Jiang Yi's current status, just casual a.s.sistance would help the Jiang Clan achieve meteoric success, right?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jiang Yi and his group made haste silently while Jiang Yunhai didn't say anything either. He understood Jiang Yi and knew that his temperament was very similar to Yi Piaopiao. He was both gentle and kind during normal times and would never go seek for trouble. Once he was infuriated, he would become a madman; and his methods would be incomparably ruthless.

Ji Tingyu did conspire against him, but Jiang Yi was grateful towards Ji Tian. Even though it was two separated matters, Jiang Yi naturally didn't need Jiang Yunhai to convince him as he wasn't going to find fault with the Ji Clan. As for the Jiang Clan in Skyplume City—since Jiang Yi had already forgiven them, he naturally wouldn't deal with them now. Of course… he wouldn't help them either.

As the group traveled east, it took just one hour to arrive at a small town. Jiang Yunhai looked around and spoke firmly, "There is no need to enter the city. Just head towards the north, and there will be a small mountain. Madam is buried in the valley by the small mountain over there."

Under Jiang Yunhai's instruction, the group made haste towards the north and quickly arrived at a small valley which had enchanting scenery. Outside the valley was this bending river, which looked gorgeous and had great geomancy, too.

Jiang Yi's footsteps slowed down, and it became heavy. He gradually walked towards the valley, but Ling Yi and the others didn't as they scattered out and scouted. Jiang Yunhai followed behind Jiang Yi and headed into the valley.

The valley was very small and didn't even have a single wild beast within. There were plenty of flowers, and in the midst of it was a small grave.

The grave was overgrown with weeds and seemed like no one tidied it for many years. On the front of the grave was a piece of the tombstone that didn't have a name, only the words—Madam's Grave.

"Madam, this old servant has brought Young Lord to pay respects to you! Young Lord has grown up and is very sensible, too…"

Jiang Yunhai took a close look at the grave while tears well up in his old eyes. He muttered non-stop as Jiang Yi stood silently in front of the grave for a long time.


Jiang Yi knelt down heavily to do a deep kowtow while both his eyes were filled with tears. He stubbornly pursed his lips and didn't say a single thing, just gazing at this grave. No one knew that he was thinking about.


Suddenly, there was a sound that came from the entrance of the valley. Ling Yi flew in and had eyes of doubt as he scanned the grave multiple times. He said something that caused Jiang Yunhai and Jiang Yi's body to shake violently. "Patrol Envoy. This grave… doesn't have any corpse, and the coffin inside is empty!"


Jiang Yunhai's fierce eyes shot out with light as he yelled out, "I personally buried Madam here back then. I had also set up a mechanism on the grave more than a decade ago. The mechanism is still around, which means that no one touched this grave during this decade. How can Madam's remains be missing?"

Ling Yi scanned once more and spoke with a determined tone, "Patrol Envoy. I am half a step into the Vajra Realm and possess divine senses. I am sure that I am not wrong. If you do not believe it, you can dig and take a look. If I am wrong and offended Madam's remains, Ling Yi shall willingly die to offer my apologies!"


Jiang Yi's eyes flickered, and he was rather confused. Jiang Yunhai said that he personally buried his mother, and the mechanism on the grave had been untouched. Ling Yi was absolutely certain that the grave was empty. Who should he believe?

If the grave didn't have any corpse, then where did his mother's remains go to?

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 281 The Grave Is Empty?

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