Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 383 Sea Of Death

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Clearly, the Yazi Beast would not be able to come back in time. There were so many sea demons and two demon kings. If the Yazi Beast did not try to resist, it might be surrounded. Perhaps it would not die, but it definitely could no longer protect Jiang Yi.

As Jiang Yi was continuously doing instant s.h.i.+ft, the distance between Jiang Yi and the Yazi Beast was getting larger. How could it catch Jiang Yi within five minutes? Jiang Yi understood the logic. s.h.i.+fting incessantly and looking back at the approaching demon king, Jiang Yi's face became extremely gloomy. His eyes flickered repeatedly; he was trying to come up with some solutions.

I have to do it!

This demon king was moving so fast, and it was bound to be very strong. If Jiang Yi still had the Fire Spirit Rock, maybe he stood a chance. With his attack strength, it was unlikely that the demon king would be hurt.

That was wrong!

The demon king was traveling so fast. It would be difficult to just hit it, let alone injuring it.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Jiang Yi did instant-s.h.i.+fting all the way. His soul spirit had enhanced tremendously, it was estimated that he could instant-s.h.i.+ft for more than a thousand times without weakening his soul. The problem was that he did not even have so many opportunities to perform an instant s.h.i.+ft, and the demon king was getting closer and closer.

Looked at the vast sea ahead, he suddenly realized he had taken the wrong way. He was supposed to instant-s.h.i.+ft towards the direction of the land at the first possible opportunity. The demon king might have some concerns on land. Now, he was heading towards the Starfall Island, which was equivalent to marching towards the deep sea and looking for his own death.

He couldn't escape or do anything!

Jiang Yi was filled with grievance and fury. He was itching with hatred towards the people behind this scheme. Jiang Yi was more convinced that someone was behind all these. Three demon kings couldn't happen to be around like that!

This place was not part of the deep sea. Even if the demon king showed up, at most there would be one. Running into three at a time was just weird.

Six kilometers, four kilometers… three kilometers!

The distance was getting shorter. The powerful aura of the demon king was released from behind. Jiang Yi's back was soaked in sweat. He did not want to risk his life to fight with the demon king until the last moment. Gritting his teeth, he continued to instant-s.h.i.+ft forward.


The two-wing sea lion demon king suddenly opened its mouth and let out a cold breath which turned into a sharp sword shooting towards Jiang Yi. The s.p.a.ce was frozen bit by bit as the sword pa.s.sed by. A strange ice wall was formed in the air and was extending forward with formidable speed. In a blink of an eye, it was already several meters behind Jiang Yi.

"d.a.m.n it!"

When the ice wall was still far away, Jiang Yi felt frozen. The essence force surged out violently. The Fire Dragon Sword appeared and was swung to his back. Then, Jiang Yi instant-s.h.i.+fted immediately.


Thousands of small fire dragons slammed towards the ice wall. The outcome turned the faraway Jiang Yi's face deathly pale. Though the fire dragons kept shattering the ice wall, the wall continued to expand forward with a horrifying speed until all the fire dragons were gone. The ice wall continued to extend forward.

What a horrible freezing aura! Unfortunately, my essence force is at too low a level. The mid-grade Dao pattern is powerful. Without support from a strong essence force, it can't exert all its power!

Jiang Yi grinned bitterly but persevered in instant-s.h.i.+fting while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. The demon king behind was getting closer and closer and kept breathing out the chilly aura, which almost froze Jiang Yi for a few times. Once frozen, he could no longer release instant s.h.i.+ft and had to wait for his death!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Slight roars suddenly came from the front and startled Jiang Yi. He saw that several lightning bolts struck down on the left, which lit up the night sky and tore the dark sky apart.


At first, Jiang Yi thought there was heavy rain over there and did not pay much attention. When he looked back at the demon king accidentally, he found that it was looking at that spot in horror. Immediately, Jiang Yi sensed something abnormal.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of thunderbolt steadily came from there. It seemed like that sea water became darker as well. Jiang Yi took a few glances suspiciously and looked back at the demon king. Once again, he saw that it looked at that spot in horror. Jiang Yi's eyes instantly brightened for he saw a glimmer of light and a glimmer of hope.

"Let's go!"

He suddenly turned and dashed towards where the thunderbolt was constantly striking. Since this demon king was so afraid of the thunderbolt, he could have a chance to live if he went there. Although he also felt that something was wrong over there, he had no alternative but to take a gamble.

Roar! Roar!

When seeing Jiang Yi instant-s.h.i.+ft towards the left, the demon king howled with rage. It began to speed up; it even opened its mouth incessantly and released the cold breath which condensed into many ice walls. It appeared to want to slaughter the hateful human in front of it!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The deafening thunderbolt became louder as Jiang Yi approached that area. He got more and more worried as if an ancient demon thearch laid in ambush under the sea in front. Once a person came closer, anyone would be torn into pieces.


The demon king behind was less than two kilometers away from Jiang Yi. This was a very dangerous distance. If Jiang Yi wanted to change directions again, he would die without a burial place. His face showed a trace of ferocity, and he continued to instant-s.h.i.+ft forward without hesitation.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

That demon king suddenly bayed for a few times before it stopped. The large eyes were full of fear, and it dared not go one step closer.


Jiang Yi was slightly relieved when he found that the demon king had stopped. He did not risk staying around. Once again, he s.h.i.+fted forward. He did not go too far this time. He slowly instant-s.h.i.+fted—three kilometers at a time—and constantly distanced himself from the demon king.


After instant-s.h.i.+fting for five or six times, Jiang Yi made sure that the demon king dared not to chase him. Then, he finally stopped to catch a breath and had time to observe his surroundings.


Soon, he discovered the problem. The sea water here was black. There was also a faint fishy smell around here. Above all, the thunderbolt in the front all ended at one particular point, continuously hitting the same place. It was very unusual!

"This isn't normal thunderbolt. How do they form? Is there someone or some powerful demonic beast triggering the heavenly thunder? Where do all the thunderbolts attack?"

Jiang Yi's eyes were filled with shock. He was very puzzled about the destination of the thunderbolt. There was such a terrible pressure over there. He might be shocked to death by the mighty power of heaven and earth before getting close, let alone going to the center of the striking point.

"Let's go!"

After a few glances, Jiang Yi did not dare to look at it anymore. He peeked at the sea lion demon king that was still wandering around at the same place behind him before he instant-s.h.i.+fted towards the left of the thunderbolt.


When Jiang Yi's body just appeared, the sea water below him suddenly surged violently. Dozens of tentacle-like sea rattans flew out, wrapping Jiang Yi's body into a meat-rice dumpling and suddenly towing him down to the sea.


The sea rattans were so fast that Jiang Yi couldn't react at all. He only exclaimed in surprise before being pulled into the ink-like sea. Soon, the sea surface restored its peace again.

"Huh! You actually have the courage to enter the sea of death. Jiang Yi, you are seeking for your death!"

In the south sea region that was 30 kilometers from where Jiang Yi was, a head appeared all of a sudden. His fair-skinned face was full of mockery. He sneered. "Huh. Jiang Yi, in order to kill you, we used up ten of our holy elixir this time. You are worth it!"

After that, the man dove into the sea again. It was remarkably peculiar that the sea lion demon king that was only 30 kilometers from him did not notice him at all. When the demon king saw that Jiang Yi was dragged into the sea, it strolled for a few rounds before disappearing in the sea.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In the distant sea, seven or six thunderbolts continued to strike down, tearing the night sky again and again. It was particularly intimidating in this silent night!

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 383 Sea Of Death

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