Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 411 Bear The Consequences By Yourself

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A Qian Clan's subordinate flashed by and flew out of the cabin. Soon, a three-long three-short whistle echoed. Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei looked at each other and gesticulated quietly. The subordinates of the two clans flew out as well and gave out two whistles.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

This was the three clans' SOS. Once it was given out, all the three clans' subordinates on the s.h.i.+p came over. All looked murderous with weapons on their hands. They circulated their essence forces, ready to risk their lives at any time.


The cabin was deadly silent. Why did Qian w.a.n.guan act so abnormally today? Why was he so strong-willed? This was utterly different from the ways that Qian Clansmen normally behaved. Even Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei went along his madness and directly dispatched more people. Why were they so firm and willing to risk everything?

History was never short of incidents where young masters and young mistresses came into conflicts at a banquet. Sometimes, death followed. However, both sides would usually control themselves. As long as it did not involve the death of some important people, the two clans would not dispense with the civilities or start a feud. At most, they would fight again next time or secretly plot against the opponent, without leaving any evidence.

Today, Qian w.a.n.guan, Zhan Wushuang, and Yun Fei were outnumbered. They had been sneered at and suppressed, but they put up with it. This spurred the arrogance of Xiao Tianhu and his group.

Jiang Yi completely disabled a Xiao Clan's special martial expert who cultivated the heaven-and-earth dao pattern. It was very likely that he would break through the Vajra Realm. Naturally, Xiao Tianhu was inflamed and wanted Jiang Yi's death.

However, now…

Qian w.a.n.guan had shown his att.i.tude. Zhan Clan got involved as well. Most importantly, Yun Fei's brother was the Crown Prince now. Yun Fei was popular and influential in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom, thanks to Jiang Yi. If they completely fell out with Yun Fei, it would be the same as making the Heaven Mystics Kingdom their enemy.

Xiao Tianhu began to hesitate. He was the No.1 young master of the Xiao Clan, but he was not the Clan Head. If he failed to settle this matter well, his position in the Xiao Clan might be affected.

Dao Zhan and the group became impatient. It was a Xiao Clansman who lost his life. It was none of their business. It was not worth fighting desperately with the three clans.

Other chattering young masters and young mistresses instantly quieted down. As onlookers, they wanted to blow the situation out of proportion. However, in such circ.u.mstance—if they continued to stir up the emotions, they might implicate themselves. Falling out with the three clans for Xiao Clan's matter? They were no fool.

Thus, the situation was reversed strangely. It turned into a fight where Xiao Clan challenged three other clans on its own.


Xiao Tianhu glanced around and quickly realized the change of the situation. Dao Zhan and young masters and young mistresses from the Northern Mang Kingdom sat down quietly. When Xiao Tianhu looked at the others, his previous allies all put their heads down to drink tea. Only Qian w.a.n.guan, Zhan Wushuang, and Yun Fei stared at him jeeringly.


Grinning, Qian w.a.n.guan found himself in the upper hand. He was unforgiving and slammed the table once again. He said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "Xiao Tianhu, great Young Master Xiao. How do you want to play? Set the rule. I'm going to keep you company to the very end. As the No.1 Young Master in the Northern Mang Kingdom, you won't let us down, right?"

Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei looked at each other speechlessly. Qian w.a.n.guan had always remained low-key and stressed on breeding prosperity from peace. In normal times, he would even smile back if others slapped his face. Today, when Jiang Yi was around, he was swollen in arrogance… even they couldn't watch it anymore.


Xiao Tianhu's eyes were close to spurting flames. The blue veins stood out on his face. He looked hideous and gruesome. As he was about to lose his mind, a guard behind him pulled him back. Shaking his head, the guard whispered, "Young Master, not today. Many are the years to come. We will revenge today's events in the future."


Flinging his sleeves, Xiao Tianhu shouted coldly, "Let's go. Qian w.a.n.guan, I have remembered today. I advise you to never come to the Northern Mang Kingdom for business. Otherwise, you'll bear the consequences by yourself."

The Xiao Clansmen caved in and left the cabin. Today's banquet was approaching to its end.

There were enough good shows, and the shows were exciting enough. Dao Zhan and his group left after that. Soon, most of the people had left the cabin. Jiang Yi returned to Qian w.a.n.guan's back. Before many young masters and young mistresses left the cabin, they all unconsciously peeped at him and remembered his face secretly.

Xiao Ming was really powerful and was even a martial expert that cultivated the heaven-and-earth Dao pattern. Still, Jiang Yi could cripple him with one move. He was clearly stronger than Xiao Ming and should be one of the strongest martial artists at the banquet. Naturally, people paid more attention to him. Besides, Jiang Yi's horrifying claw images which flew all over the sky were impressive to the crowd.

Even with such strength, he looked at most at his thirties. It was highly possible that he was a genius who broke through the Vajra Realm. Jiang Yi received many heated looks from the crowd. They envied the Qian Clan for having such a genius.

"Lady Qianrou, thank you for your hospitality. Goodbye!" After everyone had left, Qian w.a.n.guan greeted the hostess with a big smile.

Shui Qianrou was in a flaming red floral dress. The clean and exquisite face was not enhanced by any makeup. Still, she was enchantingly beautiful. Sitting on the central seat, she glanced at Qian w.a.n.guan casually. This time, she didn't nod slightly. Instead, she opened her mouth and said, "Fatty Qian, wait for a second!"

Her pretty eyes turned and were fixed on Jiang Yi. She suddenly said, "Qian… Daye, why do I find you familiar?"

Qian w.a.n.guan and the group were taken back. Shui Qianrou spoke deliberately. Could she already see through Jiang Yi's facade?

On the contrary, Jiang Yi stepped out with composure. He cupped his hands and greeted. Then he said in a raucous and cold voice, "Lady Qianrou. In fact, Daye finds my lady very familiar as well."

"Oh… Qian Daye, where have you seen me before?" Shui Qianrou asked, showing great interest. She fixed her stunning eyes on Jiang Yi, hoping to discover any flaws.


Jiang Yi lifted his lips slightly and revealed a mischievous smile. He boldly swept over Shui Qianrou's chest. An evil light flickered across his eyes. He looked like a h.o.r.n.y lecher. His voice became flirtatious. "Daye has seen my lady in dreams. My lady is Daye's dream lover…"


Several elders next to Shui Qianrou all shouted coldly. They were infuriated. How dared Jiang Yi hara.s.s Shui Qianrou publicly! This man was emboldened by his undisguised l.u.s.t.


Slamming the table, Qian w.a.n.guan stood up in rage. He said somberly, "Qian Daye, get lost! How dare you to insult Lady Qianrou! Do you believe I'll cut off your thing, turn you into a eunuch, and send you to the palace?"


Shui Qianrou was blushed with embarra.s.sment. She spat gently. Her doubts were cleared. Jiang Yi was a decent gentleman; how could he have such libidinous looks?

Jiang Yi was a heavenly prodigy and surrounded by countless beauties. However, besides Su Ruoxue, he had no other women. Thus, in her mind, Jiang Yi was never a man of l.u.s.t. Because of such great contrast, she naturally dismissed her doubts now.


Jiang Yi's malicious eyes glanced over the Elders of Water Moon Observatory. He turned his head and went out. Qian w.a.n.guan and the group left as well and took all the men of the clans back to Qian Clan's s.h.i.+p.

"Boss! I miss you so much!"

As soon as they entered the cabin, Qian w.a.n.guan asked his men to guard outside and gave Jiang Yi a bear hug. Zhan Wushuang and Yun Fei were smiling happily as well. Jiang Yi was almost strangled by Qian w.a.n.guan's fat body and hurriedly elbowed him to the side. Popping his eyes, he said, "d.a.m.n fatty, go away. Why are you holding me so tightly? I have long heard that you are interested in men indeed…"

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 411 Bear The Consequences By Yourself

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