Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 471 Battle Against The Martial Experts

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The Soul-Seizing Valley was located in the north of the Saint Spirit Kingdom which was several hundreds of thousands of miles from Summer Rain City. If someone was riding on a horse, it would probably take them two months to arrive. Jiang Yi took over ten days without rest on the Zouwu Beast, but he managed to arrive in just over four days and nights. It was imaginable how desperate he was.

After knowing that the alliance army was attacking the Great Xia Kingdom, Jiang Yi didn't even stop to have a meal and constantly instant-s.h.i.+fted at its top speed. He didn't even rest until he arrived at his destination. If it wasn't for the two Sweet Flag Leaves that he refined—giving a huge boost to his soul spirit, he wouldn't have been able to withstand the exhaustion and would have fainted along the way.

Despite the case, he still felt that he had come late. He scanned the surroundings of the Summer Rain City with his divine senses which caused his heart to sink.

He noticed that Su Ruoxue and the others were gone while half of the Summer Rain City had been destroyed. There were debris of fallen buildings everywhere, and the royal palace had collapsed, too. The city was littered with corpses, and fresh blood had gathered into a river. Jiang Yi's divine senses could see that countless women, children, and elderly were dead. There were plenty of people hugging onto their loved ones and wailing. There were even more people who had severed limbs, severely injured, and screaming miserably.

It was the human world's purgatory!

The formerly beautiful Summer Rain City was now history. The Drifting Snow Palace which Jiang Yi treated as his home had been turned into ruins. The two demon kings outside the city were still fuming with warm blood, especially when that white ape's large eyes were still narrating its rage and unwillingness to resign to its fate to Jiang Yi. Grandma Silver Flower was covered in blood and was on the brink of death. In the sky, the Yazi Beast was covered in shocking wounds which were so deep that even the bones were visible.

Everything made Jiang Yi extremely enraged.

Vengeance shouldn't be extended to the family members. This bunch of butchers had killed indiscriminately, and in order to take revenge on him, they even implicated his family and were recklessly slaughtering the commoners.

All these great individuals who talk about morality, culture, and humanity's virtuous cause. For their own benefits and in order to eliminate their enemies, they didn't hesitate to kill the millions of commoners in Summer Rain City—those harmless women and elderly. They even slaughtered children that were just learning to walk!

"Die! Die! Everyone is going to die!"

Jiang Yi's red hair was fluttering in the air, and his eyes had turned blood red while the murderous aura surged from his body. He didn't release the Ma.s.sacre Intent by himself; it was involuntarily released due to his extreme anguish and rage. The Fire Dragon Sword appeared in his hand as he locked his attacks onto the Hundred Blossom Lady who was attacking Grandma Silver Flower. His body constantly s.h.i.+fted towards her.

"Jiang Yi!"

Princ.i.p.al Yu who had just killed the white ape, Hundred Blossom Lady who was oppressing Grandma Silver Flower, Xiao Longw.a.n.g and Sha Di who were in the air, and the crippled Old Marshal who was seated cross-legged on the ground. At this moment, all of them got a mental shock!

After the battle at Monarch City, everyone was fearful of Jiang Yi. On normal situations, it was very challenging for a Vajra Realm martial expert to kill other Vajra Realm martial experts. Unless there was a huge disparity in strength, there would only be superficial injuries even after desperate attacks.

However, Jiang Yi was actually able to kill Eunuch Lin. At that time, plenty of people saw Jiang Yi rus.h.i.+ng into the sky and quickly going back down. In other words… he only took a very short amount of time to kill Old Eunuch Lin, and Xia Tingwei was nearly killed by Jiang Yi in front of everyone's eyes!

Thus, the reason why all of them had decided to turn out in full strength—to kill Jiang Yi. With the Ling Clan's Patriarch around, they were all originally very confident. Now that Patriarch Ling had gone in pursuit of Jiang Xiaonu, they didn't have any more confidence.


When Hundred Blossom Lady saw Jiang Yi instant s.h.i.+fting towards her, she panicked and quickly gave up killing Grandma Silver Flower as she retreated towards Princ.i.p.al Yu.

"Longw.a.n.g, stop killing the Yazi Beast. Quickly come over and kill Jiang Yi first!"

Princ.i.p.al Yu didn't have the confidence either and transmitted a message up into the sky. His expression grew grave as he saw the approaching Jiang Yi. A fan appeared in his hand as he circulated his essence force, causing the fan to burst with golden light.


Xiao Longw.a.n.g descended quickly from the sky. He knew that Princ.i.p.al Yu and Hundred Blossom Lady wouldn't be able to stop Jiang Yi. If he didn't come down and if Jiang Yi destroyed a few of their important key strength, he might have to perish today as well.

"Jiang Yi, claim your death!"

The seated Old Marshal might have lost both his hands, but he knew that it was the perfect opportunity right now. There was a huge chance for the four of them to kill Jiang Yi if they worked together. His essence force might be exhausted, but he still had to give a desperate attack.

Buzz! Buzz!

Jiang Yi's eyes turned red as though he went berserk while he instant-s.h.i.+fted over without fear. His blood red eyes completely ignored Xiao Longw.a.n.g who descended rapidly and the Old Marshal who came over from the surface of the ground. His eyes were locked right at Hundred Blossom Lady while his murderous aura enveloped a range of kilometers, causing many of the alliance army's experts to feel suffocated.


Xiao Longw.a.n.g's halberd lit up as he prepared to attack. The Old Marshal's legs had turned into multiple afterimages, making it as though two giant axes were cleaving at Jiang Yi. He was currently upside down, and even though his arms were still bleeding profusely—with his blood scattering in the air, he still desperately risked his life to kill Jiang Yi.

On the other side, Hundred Blossom Lady's long and bright red robes were fluttering while she formed a strange hand seal. She danced around like a beautiful flower fairy while the heaven and earth essence force quickly gathered into gorgeous flowers in her hand. Those flowers had horrific aura presence, and it was obviously a powerful dao pattern attack.


Princ.i.p.al Yu made his move as well. A folding fan flapped a few times in midair while golden light converged towards the tip of the folding fan, forming a semicircular blade which was about to slash out.


Right at this moment, Jiang Yi finally had some abnormal movements!

His body flashed with white light while the air in the surroundings quickly gathered towards his and producing three clones which looked exactly like him. There was no way to differentiate the clones, and each of the clones rushed at Xiao Longw.a.n.g, Hundred Blossom Lady, and Princ.i.p.al Yu respectively.


Everyone was shocked, but they quickly calmed down and released their respective attacks. In their opinion, it didn't matter which one was Jiang Yi's real body. In the end, they just had to kill all the clones, and Jiang Yi would be dead by then, right?


Xiao Longw.a.n.g blasted out a golden light, which turned into a strange beast cras.h.i.+ng at one of Jiang Yi's clones.

Princ.i.p.al Yu constantly brandished his folding fan, sending out golden crescent-shaped blade lights. Each one was more aggressive than the previous one, like a series of giant waves which was going to drown the sky.

The Hundred Blossom Lady's gathered flowers all floated out like beautiful lotus lanterns drifting forward. The Old Marshal's legs were like two giant axes which had black lights which cleaved at Jiang Yi's clone with chilling aura.


Jiang Yi's real body was rus.h.i.+ng at Princ.i.p.al Yu, and he suddenly paused with a faint smile. He then vanished from mid-air, which caused him to lose control of the clones and made them vanish without a trace.

"Not good!"

Xiao Longw.a.n.g and the others immediately realized something, and they all had a huge change in expression. Their attacks were all aimed at Jiang Yi's clones and had forgotten something. If Jiang Yi's clones vanished, their attacks would all clash together.


Their attacks were already sent out; how were they going to withdraw it?

Xiao Longw.a.n.g's strange beast, the Hundred Blossom Lady's flowers, and Princ.i.p.al Yu's golden blade were going to collide. There was going to be a horrific explosion, and the Saint Spirit Kingdom's Old Marshal's leg was still cleaving towards the center of the explosion.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 471 Battle Against The Martial Experts

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