Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 483 Ling Clan's Patriarch, Dead!

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Patriarch Ling was inflicted with serious injuries, and his entire body was immobilized. If Jiang Yi didn't act on such a good opportunity, he would be an idiot. Despite the fact that the barrier was radiating with brilliance and that there were strange movements from the ancient coffin which blasted out a terrifying lightning dragon.

According to logic, Jiang Yi should hold back himself and act only after there was no more danger. However, he was born bold; and if the ancient coffin really wanted to attack him, he wouldn't be able to escape no matter what. Was he going to die of old age by hiding inside the Thearch Palace?

The Ling Clan's Patriarch was too powerful, and the black vines might be restraining him now. If he had the time to recuperate, his injuries might recover quickly. When Jiang Yi wanted to kill him later on, Patriarch Ling might try to kill Jiang Yi right before he was going to die.

Jiang Yi decided to take a risk!


Jiang Yi slammed his palm on the crystal ball which suddenly glowed and quickly shrank. Jiang Yi's body then suddenly appeared outside of the Thearch Palace.

Tsk! Tsk!

The Thearch Palace instantly grew small and was kept in the Universal Palace by Jiang Yi. The black vines wrapping around the Thearch Palace had suddenly lost their prey and naturally burst towards Jiang Yi.

Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames! Netherworld Ghost Flames!

Jiang Yi didn't dare to be careless. If he was bound by the black vines, his essence force would go haywire; and it would become hard to circulate it—just like how he experienced it previously. Thus, as soon as he came out, his hands immediately let up with dark green glow as he sent out lumps of Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames. At the same time, his Fire Spirit Pearl lit up as an unending stream of white ghost flames was released.

The five elements mutually benefited and restrained one another!

Fire could restrain wood, and no matter how tough the black vines or the Devil Star Vines were, its innate nature was still wood. The Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames and the Netherworld Ghost Flames were mystical flames in the world. When a mystical wood clashed with mystical flames, the result was self-evident!

The Devil Star Vines were very fearful of the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames. Right now, once the black vines made contact with the Netherworld Ghost Flames and the Nine Heavens' Dragon Flames, they immediately fumed with black smoke and fearfully withdrew back into the seabed.

"Old man, rest in peace. I guarantee that your Azure Dragon Empire will be turned into ashes!"

Jiang Yi stomped on the ground with a single foot. His entire body was cloaked in the ghost flames as he dashed towards Patriarch Ling. Before Jiang Yi even got near, those black vines that were binding Patriarch Ling fearfully withdrew into the surface of the seabed.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare!"

Patriarch Ling was still trembling, and his mind was preoccupied with pain. After hearing Jiang Yi's words, he suddenly opened his eyes while he opened up his charred mouth to burst out with a hysterical roar.


Jiang Yi laughed loudly and sent out a few palm strikes. The violent palm forces carried the Netherworld Ghost Flames which covered his body and immediately enveloped Ling Clan's Patriarch.


The patriarch's eyes let out a trace of despair as he was letting out a sorrowful yell. When he felt his entire body quickly incinerated by the ghost flames, he swept a resentful look at the ancient coffin. He couldn't understand why was that young lady in the ancient coffin only targeting him?

Tsk! Tsk!

The refined ghost flames were just too tyrannical. Despite Patriarch Ling's physical body being comparable to a heaven artifact, he was still quickly incinerated into black ash. His ancient divine essence ring and saint artifact were also fuming with black smoke and were about to be destroyed.


Patriarch Ling definitely had plenty of artifacts, and Jiang Yi didn't want them to be wasted. He flashed over and stopped releasing his ghost flames while his Fire Spirit Pearl quickly absorbed the ghost flames on the outside.


After keeping the ancient divine essence ring and the saint artifact into the Universal Palace, Jiang Yi looked at the barrier above him and saw the endless lightning bolts, which increased the energy of the barrier. He didn't try to recklessly attack the barrier to escape, and all the more he didn't dare to approach the ancient coffin. What if that ancient coffin suddenly counterattacked like when Patriarch Ling tried to attack it? That would be a d.a.m.nable situation.

"Thearch Palace, emerge!"

Jiang Yi decided to wait obediently, and it would probably be daybreak when the lightning bolts stopped striking down. The barrier might be restored back to the original condition where he would be able to get out effortlessly.


The Thearch Palace flew out from his palm and swelled up before landing on the surface of the seabed. He then rushed into the palace while the black vines emerged to bind the Thearch Palace.

"Hu… hu…"

After entering the Thearch Palace, Jiang Yi made sure there weren't any more strange occurrences before he sat on the ground and panted loudly. He reached for his forehead and wiped off the cold sweat. It was only at this moment did he felt as though he was in a dream.

He had actually killed the Ling Clan's Patriarch? That ancient coffin didn't attack him? Everything went so flawlessly and so smoothly. It seemed like… the heavens were subtly helping him.

His eyes looked through the crystal ball and at the ancient coffin. He might not be able to see the young lady inside the coffin, but he could feel an indescribable feeling that… that young lady wasn't dead. The sudden change in situation was because she helped him.

If this was the case, then there was another question.

If that young lady wasn't dead, why was there no life presence from her body? Why was she here? Why was she lying in the ancient coffin? Why would those lightning bolts keep striking at this place? Could she be cultivating some evil technique?

Since the ancient coffin was able to shoot out such a powerful lightning bolt, why didn't it attack when Jiang Xiaonu rescued him earlier? Why didn't the ancient coffin attack him when he went out to kill Patriarch Ling?

This young lady who could cultivate such a powerful technique must be from an influential background. Her naked body had been completely seen by Jiang Yi, but she didn't turn angry from the shame? She wasn't going to kill him and silence him?

Why were the runic patterns on the ancient coffin so similar to the runic patterns on his seal? Was it a coincidence? Or could he and this purple hair young lady be related somehow?

Everything had confused Jiang Yi, and he could feel as though there was a large hand controlling his fate and everything around him.

As his imagination was running wild, time pa.s.sed quickly; and all the lightning bolts had stopped. The radiance on the barrier had gradually weakened, and just as Jiang Yi came back to his senses, he was instantly ecstatic.

"Time to go…"

He gritted his teeth and decided to give it a try as he didn't want to stay a moment longer in this place. Things of the unknown were dreadful, and everything here was just too strange. Even though Jiang Yi had gone through plenty of treacherous experiences, his heart was still feeling scared.


He kept the Thearch Palace and released the ghost flames to cover his body. He then instant-s.h.i.+fted upwards, and when he arrived at the boundary of the barrier, he extended his hand to test the barrier. When his hand immediately went through the barrier, he was instantly in rapt. He took another close glance at the young lady in the ancient coffin and vanished as he instant-s.h.i.+fted up towards the surface of the sea.

"Keke, a tiny Stellarsky Continent actually produced a talent who can refine such powerful flames? At least you didn't waste this young lady's effort in helping you."

After Jiang Yi left, the young lady's eyelashes moved as her star-like eyes opened up while she revealed a faint smile, making the ancient coffin brighten up.

She stared blankly at the pitch black sea region for a moment before she mumbled, "This youth's dantian is truly unusual, and the essence force in his dantian seems to be very strange too. A pity that he had crippled his body after refining too many celestial stones. Shall I bring him back to East Imperial Continent? Sigh… forget it, Emperor Father has too many experts under him and much too many exceptional prodigies. If this youth went to the East Imperial Continent, he wouldn't be considered much. There is still one more month, and this Young Lady's Thunder Sprint Art would be at phenomenal stage. Youth, if you are able to go to East Imperial Continent, this Young Lady will bestow you with some opportunity…"

The purple hair young lady's lashes shook a little before she quickly closed her eyes. The Sea of Death had regained its serenity.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 483 Ling Clan's Patriarch, Dead!

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