Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 54 Young Lord

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Ma Yin and Jiang Qi had already caught up with Jiang Yi at the foot of the Western Hills, but the two of them didn't just recklessly go up the hills. Because the two of them were fearful of each other, and there were another two individuals of unknown ident.i.ty following them. They were the people from Martial Arts Hall.

Once Jiang Yi began making his move, two of the Ma clansmen fled from the peak in their top speed. They rolled and even crawled along the way. When they saw Ma Yin, they immediately begged for help. Ma Yin was furious when he heard that Ma Heiqi was severely injured. He didn't bother about the pursuit of the Martial Arts Hall and quickly ascended the hill.

When Jiang Rulong let out the distress signal later on, Jiang Qi got a shock, too. He naturally didn't continue in this silent observance with the Martial Arts Hall and swiftly ascended the hill, too.

At the same time, the Jiang Clan got alerted, too. Jiang Yunmeng, who was keeping watch over the Jiang's residence, immediately sent out numerous experts who sprinted in frenzy towards the Western Hills.

On the city plaza, Jiang Yunshan and the other two had their eyes widened. They could see that the signal was released from the direction of the Jiang's residence and not from the Western Hills. The Jiang's residence was watched over by Jiang Yunmeng, and someone let out the emergency signal flare? Could something huge have happened? Did someone invade the residence of the Jiang Clan?

"Yunshe, Yuns.h.i.+—the two of you, go back and take a look!"

Jiang Yunshan ordered Jiang Yunshe and Jiang Yuns.h.i.+ with a simple instruction. He told them to send messengers if there was anything important. There were currently many influential figures present on the spectator's stand, and Jiang Henshui was still competing on the stage; it wouldn't be appropriate for Jiang Yunshan to leave himself. He didn't believe someone would dare invade the Jiang's residence.

Since the Western Garrison Army sent over a few hundreds of officers, and the Jiang Clan had some relations.h.i.+ps with the clan of the Western Garrison Liege Lord; not even Ji Tian had the guts to eradicate Jiang Clan right now.

"Could something have happened?"

Ma Yongji furrowed his brows as he looked towards the direction of Jiang Clan. Ma Heiqi and some Ma clansmen weren't even present on the city plaza. The sudden withdrawal of Jiang Yi might be related to Ma Heiqi. He believed that none of the clans would dare to pull any tricks as such juncture, but he couldn't help but feel an indescribable unease in his heart.


Suddenly, another signal flare was released into the sky from the direction of the Jiang's residence. It burst apart in mid-air, the sound and effect weren't as huge, but it attracted countless attention.

"Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+"

When Ma Kui and Ma Yongji saw the signal flare, their expression instantly changed!

This was Ma Clan's distress signal. What did it mean if the Ma clansmen were sending out this signal in the direction of the Jiang's residence? Wasn't it the Jiang Clan's signal flare earlier? Could Ma Heiqi and the Jiang clansmen be fighting? But… the Jiang's residence had numerous experts, why would they need to release the distress signal, too?

"Yongji, bring men over there and take a look. Don't be rash and report everything immediately!"

Ma Kui put on an indifferent face while giving Ma Yongji the instructions. Had it not been because Jiang Yunshan was still seated here and also had this look of shock earlier, he would have already gone to attend to this matter himself.

Something happened?

Ji Tian and the Clan Heads of the Leng and the Liu Clans looked at one another with bewilderment. They each gestured with a hand signal to ask their subordinates to go investigate. The influential figures of the Mt. Spirit Beast College and West Garrison Army were here right now. It would be best to not recklessly make a move; there were no benefits if it were to affect the recruitment ceremony.

Could Jiang Yi be the one who created all this commotion?

That was the thought flas.h.i.+ng in the minds of everyone, but it was soon dismissed. What kind of commotion could Jiang Yi create with his mere strength? But if it wasn't him, who would it be?

"Hall Master! The Ma Clan let out a distress signal, too!"

On the balcony of the Martial Arts Hall, the Martial Arts Hall Master, Manager Yang, and Elder Fei were gathered. Manager Yang was anxious, but Elder Fei and the Hall Master made no comments.

When Ma Yongji rushed towards the Jiang's residence, the Martial Arts Hall Master spoke, "Send out the signal for our men to withdraw. No matter what commotion Jiang Yi created over there, we shall not be involved. Jiang Yunshe and Ma Yongji are on their way there; this matter has been blown up too much! If we continue to get involved, we will offend both the Jiang and the Ma Clan. For a minute, Jiang Yi… it isn't worth it."

The second distress signal was released by Ma Yin.

Ma Yin was the first to ascend the hill. When he rushed over, his expression changed when he scanned his surroundings. Ma Yin found out that Ma Heiqi's legs were both severed and his dantian was oozing with blood. When he also spotted many familiar Ma clansmen who had their limbs severed, his expression turned horrifyingly unpleasant.

"Jiang Yi, was it you? You dared cripple the Young Master? Kill so many of our clansmen? I, Ma Yin, swear that I will tear you into pieces today!"

Ma Yin's eyes were locked onto the distant Jiang Yi. His essence force was frenziedly being circulated as he rushed at Jiang Yi like an infuriated wild beast. One of his hands retrieved a signal flare and shot it into the sky.

With so many of the Ma clansmen seriously injured by Jiang Yi, he couldn't save them all by himself. This was why he asked for reinforcements as he didn't have time to save them. He wanted to kill Jiang Yi and vent his anger.

"Xiaonu, retreat to the side! I will first send Young Master Long to h.e.l.l. Once I am dead later on, you should commit suicide. Let Young Master bring you to venture the netherworld!"

Jiang Yi didn't just stand there like a fool. He handed over a dagger to Jiang Xiaonu and gently patted on her head, and he then shot towards Jiang Rulong. There wasn't a need to look at the Ma Clan's expert to know that he was a Purple Mansion Realm martial artist; one could tell just from his imposing aura. Jiang Yi was certain that he was going to die today, but before he died, he naturally would want to take something with him—like sending Jiang Rulong to h.e.l.l!

Jiang Rulong's lung was pierced through by Jiang Yi and had difficulty breathing. His entire body couldn't move due to the pain. He originally didn't want to move because he was hoping that he would be able to survive. Now that he saw Jiang Yi's overflowing killing intent, he lost hope entirely.

A murderous intent flashed in his eyes as he ignored the tearing pain and retrieved a tube from his left sleeve. He then activated the mechanism, aiming at Jiang Xiaonu and scoffed. "Jiang Yi, you want to bring me along before you die? Hahaha… alright then, I shall bring one along with me before I die, too. I want you to witness your servant girl die from suffering!"

"Xiaonu, be careful!"

When Jiang Yi was in mid-air, he saw countless subtle flas.h.i.+ng from the tube. He frantically looked toward Jiang Xiaonu and saw her fall to the ground. Jiang Rulong's sinister laughter could be heard again, "Jiang Yi, don't you worry. This la.s.s will not die yet. This is the Thousand Chance Poison Needles. Those needles are coated with the venom from a black widow, and the victim would suffer from a poison that attacks the heart. They would only die after three days. It was originally prepared for you, hahaha…"


On Jiang Yi's back, Ma Yin was less than 300 feet away. Jiang Yi didn't have time to bother about Jiang Xiaonu anymore; he brandished his Green Destiny Sword and thrust it into Jiang Rulong's abdomen!


Under the fury of Jiang Yi's thrust, Jiang Rulong's dantian got completely penetrated. Jiang Yi pulled out his sword and continued stabbing at least a few dozen times. He let out a long breath before stopping completely. Jiang Yi's eyes were still bursting with anger even though Jiang Rulong was stabbed into a beehive state.

"Jiang Yi, claim your death!"

When Ma Yin finally arrived, his hand was revolved in essence force. The formidable force pulled in the air from the surroundings, which brought about a whirlwind pressed towards Jiang Yi.


Jiang Yi was still panting while facing the corpse of Jiang Rulong; his mind was filled with fury. He seemed to have fallen into stasis at this moment. He didn't offer any resistance while the powerful palm strike was about to slam on his head.

"Violent rage? Exploding Essence Palm? Wrong, it's wrong! This isn't the Exploding Essence Palm—it is the Raging Essence Palm! The quintessence of the Exploding Essence Palm was to let out a mad strike while in a state of violent rage. Who would allow one's own essence force explode just to inflict damage on the enemy and sub-par damage on oneself at the same time? This martial skill must have been created in a spur of anger by the predecessor. To explode one's own essence force in order to kill the enemy at all costs. I get it now…"

Just as Ma Yin's palm was three meters away from Jiang Yi, he suddenly lifted his head while he mumbled some words like a madman. He frenziedly circulated essence force into his left palm and even channeled two wisps of black essence force. He then released all the energy with the Exploding Essence Palm while turning around vigorously and matching his palm with Ma Yin's palm.


A frightening explosion resonated. The strong shockwave uprooted the nearby smaller-sized trees, stirring up the soil of the ground which covered the entire area. Two figures flew out from the debris. One of them was covered in blood, and one of his arms was just left with half a section. The other figure had his robes blown up and was covered in injuries, but it was obvious he wasn't as severely injured as the other.


Jiang Yi struggled to climb up, and his eyes were filled with satisfaction. His face and body were covered in blood and wounds, but all of them were just light and non-fatal wounds.


His eyes let out a smear of disappointment. Had he achieved this Phenomenal Stage for this Exploding Essence Palm earlier, Jiang Xiaonu and he might not have to die today. He could have easily rescued Jiang Xiaonu and brought her far away, fleeing to the ends of the earth. They might not successfully escape, but at least, they would have a chance.

Looking back, he saw Jiang Xiaonu's body twitching and face turning green due to the poison. Jiang Yi's eyes had a flash of fury as he rushed at Ma Yin.

"008, six consecutive victories!"

The Western Hills were covering in killing aura and was like in a state of h.e.l.l, but the city plaza of the Skyplume City was still bustling with excitement. Many of them didn't understand the meaning of the two signal flares earlier, but they did feel some unknown insecurity.

"Jiang Henshui? Ninth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm? Not bad, not bad!"

Suddenly, an aged voice echoed from the southern side of the city plaza. The voice wasn't loud, but it echoed in the ears of everyone. It caused the entire city plaza to go silent, so much that a pin drop could be heard.

"Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+"

Countless sights turned to look at the southern side. Even those on the spectator's stand stood up, but they could feel a formidable aura from this voice. It was an expert, one that was much more formidable than anyone in the pavilion.

Everyone's eyes soon locked onto a single individual. It was veteran with a crooked back who supported himself with dragon-headed crutches. One of his legs was limping, his robes were discolored, and his hair was disheveled, making him looked like a beggar.

The veteran slightly nodded his head while his turbid eyes looked at Jiang Henshui. Once his eyes swept through the entire city plaza, he was doubtfully asked, "Henshui. Why don't I see… Jiang Yi?"


The teacup from the hands of Jiang Yunshan suddenly crashed on the ground, his face was terrified. That Deputy General, who sat beside him, had a brightened up eyes; he shouted, "Is it Lord Yunhai?"


The veteran's crutches tapped on the surface of the ground, and his entire body flew up like a goshawk onto the spectator's stand. He was so fast that everyone could only see a blurred image. His eyes ignored the Deputy General of the West Garrison Army and homed in on the face of Jiang Yunshan, "Yunshan, today is just an exciting day. Why don't I see Jiang Yi?"

Jiang Yunshan stood up and forced a smile, "Uncle Hai, Jiang—Jiang Yi, he…"

Seeing Jiang Yunshan in such a state, the veteran's expression turned severe. His violent aura was pouring out from his body, causing everyone in the pavilion to suffocate. His turbid eyes shot out chilling glares, and his body swayed slightly. His voice trembled as he spoke, "Did something happen to Jiang Yi? Where is he? Tell me!"


The last word of the veteran exploded like a bomb which caused everyone in the pavilion to tremble. Ji Tian's expression changed while his eyes flickered as he looked towards the Jiang's residence. He suddenly spoke, "Yunhai, you better hurry to the Jiang's residence. Perhaps… you may save Jiang Yi's life!"


The veteran looked at Ji Tian with overflowing killing aura. He propelled himself using his crutches, leaving behind an afterimage as he sped towards the direction of the Jiang's residence. He left behind a statement that put a chill into the bones, "If my Young Lord is dead, everyone here shall be buried alongside him!"

"Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+"

The expressions of everyone present in the pavilion turned pale as snow. This veteran had such speed and such terrifying presence, it was apparent that he was much more formidable than Ji Tian who was at the peak stage of the Purple Mansion Realm. He had obviously broken through to the Soul Travel Realm!

It was an easy task for a Soul Travel Realm expert to kill them or even slaughter the entire Skyplume City.

Everyone to be buried alongside? Young Lord?

The eyes of the Deputy General shrunk. He, who had esteemed status along with the mentors of the Mt. Spirit Beast College, deserved to be buried alongside this Young Lord? How much more respectable was the status of this individual? Since he was a Young Lord, there must be a Lord? Who could Jiang Yunhai be serving? This Young Lord's status must be highly honorable!

Something huge is about to happen…

The Deputy General of the West Garrison Army gulped a mouthful of saliva and roared with his loudest voice, "Send down my orders: the West Garrison Army is to sortie out for battle. One team is to follow me to the Jiang's residence; the rest of the four teams are to lock down the entire city. If anyone dares to exit the city, kill them with no mercy!"

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 54 Young Lord

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