Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 56 Broken Seal

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Hearing Jiang Yi's statement, Jiang Yunshe and Ma Yongji involuntarily screamed out as Jiang Yi confirmed the words of the frightened Jiang Qi. Both of them lost their beloved sons—the Ma Clan was worst off by losing a prodigy that could probably get recruited as a student for the Mt. Spirit Beast College.

The two of them weren't young anymore. They might be able to marry a few more mistresses to bear more sons to carry on their bloodlines, but the misery of having to see their own sons die before themselves nearly brought them to the brink of collapsing. In their hearts, Ma Fei, Jiang Ruhu, and Jiang Rulong might have been wrong, but they were definitely pure at heart. Jiang Yi actually dared to kill them?

The rest of the Ma clansmen had eyes of wrath, too. It didn't matter how the entire affair started, Jiang Yi had committed an unforgivable sin and was a maniac who lost all reasons—a devil!

Some of them weren't concerned about this but were concerned about Jiang Yi's strength instead. Many of the Jiang clansmen saw Jiang Yi being bullied six months ago. In just six months, not only did he defeat Jiang Rulong, but he also won against Liu He and Ma Heiqi on the tournament stage. Now, he even killed Ma Yin who was at the Purple Mansion Realm?

If everyone was able to be like Jiang Yi, then the system of the martial arts world would already be in chaos. This world would have too many absolute prodigies. Everyone knew that it was nearly impossible for a Cast Tripod Realm to kill a Purple Mansion Realm; they didn't even mention that Jiang Yi was just at the fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm.

How did he do it?

This question floated in the mind of many. Before they could think about it, Jiang Yunshe lunged over like a violent lion.

Jiang Yunshe, who was at the seventh stage of the Purple Mansion Realm, could squish Jiang Yi like an ant. Since Jiang Yi killed so many, there was no meaning to investigate.

"Xiaonu. It seems like we still have to die within the Jiang Clan's territory."

Jiang Yi let out a deep sigh. He gently put down Jiang Xiaonu on the side and walked forward several feet and stood on the hill's path. Seeing Jiang Yunshe exploding towards him, he didn't escape; he didn't even have any intentions to resist. He closed his eyes and prepared for death.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I am going to crush you into a million pieces!"

The strength of a martial artist at the seventh stage of the Purple Mansion Realm was indeed formidable. He only spent around ten breaths to rush up to the waist of the hill, his eyes were dyed red, and his body was overflowing with murderous aura. His hand formed a dragon claw that was grasping towards Jiang Yi's abdomen. It was obvious that he wanted to cripple Jiang Yi's dantian and slowly torture him to death afterward.

Jiang Yi's eyes were still closed, but the oppression from the imposing presence from Jiang Yunshe made his body tremble for a moment. He didn't need to use his eyes to see and sense that a giant claw was approaching him with the speed of lightning. Even when the claw was several feet away, his body could feel this chilling intent and went all the way into his spine!

Thirty feet! Twenty feet! Ten feet!

"Jiang Yunshe, if you want to kill me, you better pay the price, too!"

At this moment, Jiang Yi's eyes suddenly opened. His left hand vigorously swung and shot out the Green Destiny Sword like a flying blade. His right sleeve had a flash of black and blue light; he sent out a fist that was as ferocious as a tiger descending the mountain and countered against Jiang Yunshe's claw.

"Your death is at hand, and you still want to struggle?"

Jiang Yunshe looked on with cold eyes, and his mouth let out a sneer as he mocked. He was famed in the Skyplume City due to his crafty schemes; Jiang Yi's tricks weren't even good enough to be compared to his. He casually swung his hand to release a force to repel the Green Destiny Sword. As for Jiang Yi's fist, it seemed to him that it was so feeble and weak that it could only help him scratch his itch.


However, when he was preparing to crush Jiang Yi's hand, his eyes shrunk after sensing the revolving black and blue essence force within Jiang Yi's palm. It gave him a brief sense of danger.

"This kid's martial skill actually improved by several folds? No wonder he could kill Ma Yin!"

Jiang Yunshe was shocked, but he didn't panic. His claws altered into a huge palm, essence force surged out from his body as he clashed with Jiang Yi using his palm strike.


An alarming explosion could be heard. The ma.s.sive impact caused the entire area to go up in dust which scattered everywhere. Jiang Yi's body flew backward. His originally injured body was now in a complete bloodied mess; he was violently vomiting blood as he flew in mid-air and finally crashed into the hill, causing the surface of the hill to shake for a moment.

What surprised countless people below were that Jiang Yunshe was forced to step back ten feet, and his hand had some indistinct blood. He wasn't severely injured, but he was obviously wounded!

A fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm going against a seventh stage of the Purple Mansion Realm, and the latter was actually injured?

This was the biggest joke in this world!

No matter how careless Jiang Yunshe was, everyone couldn't help but admit that Jiang Yi was insane. His palm strike earlier at least had the strength of a second stage of the Purple Mansion Realm!

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, die!"

After being wounded in front of everyone—by a youth who was only at the Cast Tripod Realm, Jiang Yunshe's expression turned even worse. He shot towards Jiang Yi and used his other hand to grasp at Jiang Yi's dantian.

"It's the end…"

Jiang Yi was so weak right now that he couldn't even open his eyes. Nearly 90% of his essence force had been depleted, and a searing sensation could be felt throughout his entire body. He didn't even have the strength to commit suicide. The only thing he could do was to witness Jiang Yunshe cripple his dantian. But since he was going to die, why did it matter if he was a cripple or not?

"Tsk Tsk!"

As Jiang Yunshe's hand claw pierced into Jiang Yi's abdomen with ease, the majority of the people below let out a sinister sneer. But there were a few of them that couldn't help but turn their head away. They didn't want to witness a prodigy being ruined in front of their eyes.


A ray of red light shone from Jiang Yi's abdomen. It was quickly followed by a formidable presence that originated from it that made everyone's soul trembled. Everyone instantly looked at Jiang Yi and saw an incomparably shocking scene!

A blinding red light flashed from Jiang Yi's abdomen. That light formed a gigantic image of a fire dragon. This fire dragon was at least several tens of feet long and looked life-like. Especially those cold eyes that instilled fear into the hearts of people. The strangest thing was that when the fire dragon appeared, the time of the entire area felt like it froze; and everyone couldn't move an inch!


Jiang Yunshe was right below the fire dragon, and his hand was still in Jiang Yi's abdomen. What he couldn't understand was why would a fire dragon emerge when he was about to crush Jiang Yi's dantian?

"Tsk Tsk!"

He didn't have time to think; that fire dragon roared a few times in mid-air and suddenly dived at Jiang Yunshe. He was so terrified that his soul was about to disperse, but his body couldn't move and could only witness this fire dragon swallowing him whole.

Afterward… there was no afterward!

Jiang Yunshe's body got turned into fine powder which drifted off into the air. That fire dragon vanished without a trace, too—seemingly never appearing at all. Had it not been for Jiang Yi's abdomen bleeding, everyone would think they were having a dream.


Jiang Yi's eyes, which originally couldn't even open, were now wide open!

He was shocked but soon awoke from the daze quickly. Everyone didn't know why a fire dragon appeared, but he could roughly guess. Because the dragon-shaped runic patterns that sealed his dantian was now completely gone!

When Jiang Yunshe was about to crush his dantian, a formidable fire dragon appeared from his dantian and eliminated Jiang Yunshe. Finally, the dragon-shaped runic patterns disappeared from his dantian.

After linking all these events, Jiang Yi got to an unbelievable conclusion—the unbreakable seal on his dantian released a formidable force that killed Jiang Yunshe at the crucial moment! At the same time, it neutralized his seal.

As for how the seal could release an image of a fire dragon and turn Jiang Yunshe into dust, Jiang Yi couldn't understand what exactly this formidable force was.

The entire area was in silence—dead silence!

Everyone could now move, but no one dared to. Their wary hearts let out a long breath of relief after they were certain that the fire dragon had completely vanished. That imposing presence of the fire dragon made them feel like they were facing off against a Vajra Realm master… even though they had never seen Vajra Realm master before.

"What should we do now?"

Ma Yongji and Jiang Yuns.h.i.+ exchanged looks. They were both in fear and had qualms. What if they rushed over, and another fire dragon appeared from Jiang Yi's body and turned them into dust? They would be d.a.m.ned!

"I'll just do it!"

After pausing for a moment, Ma Yongji's anger won over his rationality. His eyes turned, and he roared, "Jiang Yi must have learned some sorcery. He is a heretic sorcerer of the Heaven Mystics Kingdom! Everyone, pick up their weapon and use it to penetrate him!"

It was rumored that the Heaven Mystics Kingdom of the South had sorcerers that could release weird sorceries. What's more, the Heaven Mystics Kingdom and the Divine Martial Kingdom had been at odds for tens of thousands of years and view each other with vengeance. Ma Yongji's roar woke everyone up and helped them battle their fears. Jiang Yi was only at the fourth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm: if he didn't use sorcery, how could he kill Ma Yin and Jiang Yunshe? There were no other ways to explain the fire dragon except for sorcery!

"Kill Jiang Yi! Kill the spy from the Heaven Mystics Kingdom!"

Everyone burst out yelling and retrieved their weapons or a giant boulder from nearby. They used all their strength and threw it at Jiang Yi. Jiang Yuns.h.i.+ and Ma Yongji didn't dare to go near Jiang Yi, too; but the weapons in their hands were like razor sharp arrows that shot straight at Jiang Yi. If that fire dragon didn't appear now, Jiang Yi would certainly be dead!

Would the image of the fire dragon appear again?

It was obviously impossible, and Jiang Yi knew this clearly. Because his dantian no longer contained those runic patterns anymore! Looking at the raining weapons and boulders, Jiang Yi let out a bitter and closed his eyes while waiting for death.


At this moment, a sharp sound resonated in mid-air, causing Jiang Yi to open his eyes again. He let out a pleased expression, thinking that the fire dragon reappeared. He looked around and got stunned by what he saw!

From the western skies was a purple crescent that came flying over. This crescent was like a blade of the saber that drew across the air with lightning speed. Before it was even near, its horrifying presence shrouded everyone. The crescent was overflowing with killing intent and coercion. It might not be as terrifying as the fire dragon, but it still made everyone feel the extreme oppression.

"Extroversion of essence force! An expert of the Soul Travel Realm!"

Most people didn't know what this was, but Jiang Yuns.h.i.+ and Ma Yongji looked at each other while prostrated with fear. Why was the Soul Travel Realm formidable? It was precisely due to their ability to extrovert essence force and alter the essence force into weapons. They could easily wipe out a group of Purple Mansion Realm martial artists!

"Clang clang!"

This crescent came from the skies, but it took only an instant for it to arrive in front of their eyes. Wherever the crescent pa.s.sed through, all the weapons and boulders were wrung into shards. That crescent finally cleaved deep into the Western Hills.


The entire Western Hills shook, and the ground jolted. Dust rose into the sky and covered half of it. The rumbling blast was so loud that everyone couldn't hear anything else!

A voice could soon be heard, and everyone heard it clearly. This voice didn't just echo in their ears, but it resonated in their hearts, "Kill Jiang Yi? Hur hur! You dare kill my Young Lord? Everyone that is present here today… shall die."

Jiang Yunhai was here!

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 56 Broken Seal

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