Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 588 Came Here In Vain?

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"Qi Lao, have you detected the whereabouts of Lady Yi?"

Jiang Yi didn't dare to extend his own divine senses or even to enter the state where he became one with heaven and earth, but Qi Lao could release his divine senses as much as he wanted. Right now, divine senses were coming shooting at the Mystic Divine Palace from all directions; it wouldn't raise any suspicion with the addition of Qi Lao's.


After sweeping around, Qi Lao shook his head and said, "Under the Mystic Divine Palace, there are dozens of Heaven Fate canopies. These are specially designed, and each one cost tens of thousands of celestial stones. Other than the peak-stage Heaven Monarch or incredibly strong martial experts who cultivate the soul spirit, no one can probe into the situation under the canopy. The descendants of the Nine Clans and many other ancient clans should all be there. I don't know whether Lady Yi is under one of those Heaven Fate canopies or hiding somewhere else."

"Continue to explore. Once you find Lady Yi, immediately send a voice transmission to her!"

After Jiang Yi told Qi Lao this, he hid behind Zhu Sui. The small forest they were in was getting more and more crowded, but it might be safer this way. Even if someone probed, they would just take a glance and wouldn't pay much attention. After all, descendants of the large clans would never huddle in such a small forest like this.

As time ticked by, there were more and more people. Jiang Yi was surrounded by people who were several meters away from him. People continued to converge here from all directions. Those who had the courage to come here to share the excitement were at least at the Soul Travel Realm. Even though, more than 100,000 people had come.


A sharp sound of piercing through the sky echoed in the south, drawing people's attention. Jiang Yi also looked up subconsciously, and his eyes brightened.

A giant purple gourd flew from the sky on the south. A young lady in pink stood gracefully on it. Sunlight shone on her pretty face, which was glowing faintly. Because of the high traveling speed, her jet-black hair and clothes fluttered in the wind as though she was a fairy descended to the mortal world.

Next to the purple gourd, there was a war chariot which was drawn by a snowy strange beast. The beast had a frightening aura, which was no weaker than the Gold-Winged Roc. Needless to say, it was a demon thearch.

The war chariot was very glamorous with exquisite pictures carved on its sides. However, Jiang Yi and the rest automatically ignored the dazzling appearance of the war chariot and were enchanted with a barefoot young lady in white who sat in the chariot. They even automatically overlooked the gorgeous young married woman who reached the Heaven Monarch Realm besides the young lady.

Ling s.h.i.+ya and Yin Ruobing came here at the same time!

These two young ladies were definitely the top-cla.s.s beauties in the world. With the addition of their eminent backgrounds, they were surrounded by a mysterious halo, making them the G.o.ddesses in the hearts of many men.

The appearance of any one of the G.o.ddesses would drive countless men excited, enraptured, and feverish.

Right now, both showed up together, which caused the crowd to bubble over with excitement. Many young men even yelled their names to express their love and admiration for the two. The reason why G.o.ddesses became G.o.ddesses was that many people fantasized about possessing them—despite the fact that they were never able to do so.

Ling s.h.i.+ya and Yin Ruobing seemed to be pretty accustomed to such a situation. As though they had heard nothing and seen nothing, they kept on flying towards here. Obviously, the speed reduced a bit. Their sparkling eyes stared at the Mystic Divine Palace in a distance and trace of frenzy flickered across.

The Mystic Divine Palace appeared every one thousand years. This time, it was not far from the East Imperial Continent. It was their fortune and opportunities. The descendants of the Nine Thearchs not only had esteemed statuses but also top-notch strength. This treasure hunt in the Mystic Divine Palace was their chance to demonstrate their mighty abilities to the world!

"The beauty of pretty women in the world has the ability to overthrow cities and ruin states!"

Jiang Yi sighed deeply and softly. Even though he was simply admiring their beauty, he had no desire to have these G.o.ddesses. Matchless beauty was a common synonym for bane. Whoever dreamed of possessing these unparalleled beauties must prepare himself for the attack from numerous martial experts, both in public and in private, and step over the dead bodies of countless men.

Everyone wanted to have the good things; it depended on whose blades were sharper.

"Lady Yin!" "Lady Bing!"

"Lady Ling!" "Lady Ya!"

Many people in the small forest screamed with excitement in an attempt to draw the attention from the two unrivaled beauties in the sky so that they could have a look at them. Zhu Sui didn't join the shouting, but his eyes very scarily bright. Jiang Yi shook his head and smiled bitterly. This world was just filled with so many people who overrated themselves and indulged in daydreams.


On the next second, perhaps, Lady Yin was attracted by the shouting over here. She even swept over here casually but paused a bit after she did so.

At this moment—as if Jiang Yi had been struck by lightning in the head, his body trembled; and his entire soul spirit shook. As… that Lady Yin paused just now and looked at him in the eyes.

He was not thrilled by attracting special attention from the beauty; instead, he deeply felt a warning of crisis. In other words—he was frightened.

His status was worlds apart from Yin Ruobing's. He couldn't see through the strength of this Lady Yin, but it very highly possible that she was a Heaven Monarch and one or two years younger than him.

Since that was the case, why did she stop at him for a second? The answer was almost certain—when he entered the state of the Union of Heaven and Man to peep at this Lady Yin, she or the beautiful young woman found him.

Lady Yin withdrew her sights, and Jiang Yi hurried into lowering his head and shrinking his body. However, the cold sweat dripped down from his forehead. There was always someone better, and this world was indeed magical. He still had belittled the mighty figures in this world.

Luckily, this Lady Yin didn't show any strange behaviors last night or now. It seemed like she would pursue this matter. Jiang Yi recovered his strength after a short respite. Wiping the cold sweat off his forehead, he secretly swore to never act rashly in the future; otherwise, he might know what got himself killed.

Two ladies flew to the Mystic Divine Palace, and each entered a Heaven Fate canopy respectively before disappearing. The commotion slowly receded, but judging from the looks of Zhu Sui and the rest, it was clear that their hearts were still whirling.

Time pa.s.sed away unknowingly.

People continued to gather around, but no other descendants of any super clans showed up. As midday approached, everyone looked at the Mystic Divine Palace because it always opened at midday in the past.


When the sun was directly above the Mystic Divine Palace, the entire palace suddenly emitted a black light. Over 100,000 people present were drawn to the black light. The Heaven Fate canopies under the Mystic Divine Palace disappeared one after another. Many young masters and young mistresses showed up in mid-air, but no one was bothered to pay any attention to them anymore.

As the gate of the Mystic Divine Palace was slowly opened from the inside in silence, letting out a dazzling light from within.

After one thousand years, the Mystic Divine Palace was once again open!

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

All the young masters and young mistresses outside the Mystic Divine Palace turned into faint images and flew to the gate. Just in a blink of an eye, nearly one hundred people went in. Everyone felt dizzy and lost their tracks without seeing them clearly.

"Alas, Lady Yi already went in!"

Qi Lao cried out and smiled bitterly in embarra.s.sment, "Young Master, I'm sorry. Lady Yi was so fast just now. The moment I fixed on her, she has already entered…"


Jiang Yi turned pale; did he come here in vain once again?

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 588 Came Here In Vain?

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