Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 647

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Chapter 647: Sin Island

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Time was pressing as an insurrection was going to erupt in the entire Blood Night Fearsome Sea. There might be countless demon thearchs and demon kings that might be mobilizing. The entire Blood Night Fearsome Sea was going to be in chaos, and any humans that dared to stay in the sea would ultimately be turned into smithereens.

Jiang Yi didn't expect the situation to be like this, to actually alert a demon sovereign.

His mind thought very quickly. There were three options laid out in front of him. He could choose to stay in the fearsome sea and look for a safe place to hide. After so many incidents, the Xie and Jian Clans definitely wouldn't dare to send more people after him. Otherwise, they might instigate a war between the Human and Demon Races. The Nine Thearchs Clans might not be afraid of the Demon Race, and the Human Race was actually suppressing the Demon Race. However, Jiang Yi knew that he wasn't qualified enough for the Xie and Jian Clans to start a war because of him.

The second option would be to head for the small continent at the eastern side of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. He would then look for a secluded place to hide in the Thearch Palace and cultivate. This way, he wouldn't have to fear the sea demons finding trouble.

However, when Jiang Yi entered the Thearch Palace, it would be unable to minimize and be kept into the Fire Spirit Pearl while having to activate the restrictions. Furthermore, the Thearch Palace would leak out with aura presence which would naturally be noticed by martial artists. If this information was to travel to the East Imperial Continent, the two clans could send people to quietly come over, and Jiang Yi might be killed without knowing what happened.

The final option… long-distance Heaven Evasion!

Leave far away from the East Imperial Continent and head towards the south of the Blood Night Fearsome Sea or the Endless Deep Sea which was east of the Fearsome Sea, or leave far away from the East Imperial Continent and find an uninhabited island to hide in the Thearch Palace and peacefully cultivate.

“Sigh, this Astrologer is such a headache!”

Jiang Yi felt his head swelling up. A person's appearance could be changed easily by using the Hundred Transformation Mask or the Appearance Alteration Elixir. The problem was the soul spirit aura presence, which was impossible to change. His soul spirit presence had been locked onto by many individuals, which could be easily handed over to the Astrologers to continue tracking him down.

He was fortunate enough that the Demon Empress had left behind the transcending saint artifact, the Thearch Palace, for him! Without the Thearch Palace, he didn't even need to think about escaping and should just wait for death. A pity that he couldn't enter the Thearch Palace and shrink it. If he was to enter the Thearch Palace, it would remain at a huge size, which would be easily detected by people.

The Martial Arts Hall had plenty of branch halls in the continents, and Jiang Yi believed that many of the Nine Thearchs Clans were secretly in control of many continents, too. Like the Pegasus Continent which was under Jian Clan, or the Umbra Continent which was under the Zhan Clan. Even the smaller continents like the Phoenix Cry Continent and Stellarsky Continents had the branch halls of the Martial Arts Hall hidden in it.

In other words…!

All the continents in the Stellarsky Domain were basically controlled by the great clans, and if he was to hide on a continent, he would be easily discovered and would be exposed to schemes and a.s.sa.s.sinations.

Feng Luan's brows were deeply knitted together. She was clear about what Jiang Yi was frustrated about, but at this moment, she didn't have any method to solve this problem.

“My Lord, are you thinking of where to hide?”

The Golden Flood Dragon suddenly spoke, which brought Jiang Yi and Feng Luan back from their deep thoughts. Jiang Yi's eyes lit up as he asked, “Golden Flood Dragon, do you know of any good place in the Fearsome Sea where we can hide from the searches of the sea demons? A place for us to hide temporarily.”

“There isn't any!”

The Golden Flood Dragon's inflexible face let out a bitter smile while he replied, “My Lord, you don't know how many sea demons there are in this sea region? The entire blood sea is under the control of the Demon Race; how could there be anywhere safe? But… if my Lord can join Sin Island, the Xie and Jian Clans would definitely stop pursuing us.”

“Sin Island?”

Jiang Yi and Feng Luan looked at each other with puzzled expressions. Jiang Yi asked in a serious voice, “Tell me about it in detail! Where is Sin Island? Why would joining them prevent the two clans from pursuing after us?”

“Sin Island is located in the Endless Deep Sea…”

Jiang Yi's safety was connected to the Golden Flood Dragon's life and death; hence, the Golden Flood Dragon didn't dare to hide anything and explained everything thoroughly. Jiang Yi and Feng Luan's eyes were growing brighter, and when the Golden Flood Dragon had finished explaining, the two of them looked at each other and saw the delight in each other's eyes.

Sin Island!

It was, in fact, a famous place in the Stellarsky Domain. If one was a citizen of the East Imperial Continent, they would know of that place.

Over 700,000 years ago, the Mystic Thearch had governed the domain and gathered the Human Race to go against the Demon Race. Back when the Mystic Thearch was on the throne, he was still very young; and there were many clans that weren't convinced and had tried to stir up trouble in the dark.

The Mystic Thearch initially didn't bother about them, but a huge incident happened afterward. Thirteen major clans colluded with the Demon Race and got the demon sovereigns to ambush the Mystic Thearch. The Mystic Thearch didn't fall from that ambush, but millions of human soldiers had perished.

The Mystic Thearch was furious as he eliminated all the clan heads and the experts from the 13 major clans and exiled their clansmen to the desolate islands of Endless Deep Sea at the east of the East Imperial Continent. He ordered the future generations to all survive on the islands and to never return to the East Imperial Continent.

The Endless Deep Sea was ma.s.sive and was at least more than ten folds larger than the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. The sea region there seemed as though it was borderless, which gave it the name of the Endless Deep Sea.

There was a flood of sea demons in that place and various horrific natural disasters, which wasn't suited for humans to reside in. In the eyes of the East Imperial Continent's citizens, those 13 major clans must have all perished in that place, making those islands into islands of death.

Who would have expected the 13 clans to actually struggle and survive? After generations of conflict with the sea demons, they finally established a pact with the demon sovereigns in the Endless Deep Sea and agreed not to infringe on one another.

After the Mystic Thearch transcended, the clan heads of the 13 clans made an announcement that they would keep their promise in the past and never step onto the lands of the East Imperial Continent. However, the descendants of the Mystic Thearch and the Nine Thearchs Clans were also forbidden to enter the islands, or they would be killed without negotiation.

Once this announcement was out, the East Imperial Continent was in an uproar.

The Nine Thearchs Clans sent out their alliance army, and many of the old fellows also mobilized as they prepared to cleanse those islands with blood. As a result… only half the army returned, and the Nine Thearchs Clans had given in while returning with their tails between their legs, without saying anything. Afterward, the Nine Thearchs Clans' descendants never dared to step on those islands again.

Those islands were then named as the Sin Island by the people of the East Imperial Continent. It meant that the people of the 13 clans were sinners, and it was a land of sins.

In fact…!

Sin Island continued to develop after hundreds of thousands of years, turning into a true land of sins.

There were plenty of experts in the East Imperial Continent that offended the Nine Thearchs Clan and ancient aristocratic clans of the continent, and when they didn't have any chances to survive on the East Imperial Continent, they would head for Sin Island. As long as they entered Sin Island, they would be safe as the Nine Thearchs Clans' member wouldn't dare to step foot on those islands, and regular clans wouldn't want to throw their lives away by going there.

Those that came out from the Sin Island would spread rumors that it was an island that was a paradise for crimes. Apart from the cities within Sin Island, anyone could battle, plunder, and kill anywhere else. Even if one were to rape and kill a la.s.s outside of the city gates, the soldiers in the city wouldn't bother about that person.

There were no laws on Sin Island; the only law was not to commit crimes in the cities. The only rule there was that the strong ruled supreme, and the strong could do anything they desire. There was no morality in that place, and as long as one was a formidable expert, one could execute thousands or tens of thousands of people; and no one would bother about you!

Hence… Sin Island was a dangerous place, and those who entered the place were either forced or experts. The weak would never be able to survive more than ten days in that place.

“Go, let's go to Sin Island!”

Jiang Yi thought for a moment and made his decision. He wasn't considered an expert, but he didn't have any choice. If he wanted to survive, grow stronger, rescue Su Ruoxue, and destroy the Martial Arts hall, he had to go to Sin Island.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 647

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