Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 648 Since The Paths Are Different, There Will Never Be A Chance For Coexistence

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The East Imperial Continent was very lively.

The Mystic Divine Palace had appeared on Mt. Mystic Divine, which countless martial artists were obsessed with. The Nine Thearchs Clans had sent out a notice that they would no longer seal up Mt. Mystic Divine, and any Vajra Realm martial artist could go and try their fate. However, everyone only had one chance; and if they couldn't make it to the peak of the mountain, they would never have any more opportunity to climb up the mountain.

It wasn't because the Nine Thearchs Clans were being petty… but because the Nine Thearchs Clans' experts couldn't even climb up the mountain. Even the Nine Thearchs had attempted, but no one was able to reach the peak of the mountain. Only the Zhan Clan's old clan head was able to reach the waist of the mountain and see the full appearance of the Mystic Divine Palace. The other of the people could only see a corner of the Mystic Divine Palace.

As for the reason for the limits of Vajra Realm, those that were below the Vajra Realm would die if they were to forcefully climb the mountain. Every time the Mystic Divine Palace opened up, it would only allow those beyond the Vajra Realm to enter—which meant that those martial artists who had yet to step into the martial hall of experts would never be allowed to obtain his inheritance.

Almost all the descendants of the Nine Thearchs Clans had attempted, and none could achieve it. This Mystic Divine Palace was like an immortal's palace erected on the peak of Mt. Mystic Divine. It was an immortal realm where mortals would never be able to step foot in.

The Nine Thearchs understood that it was impossible to obtain the Mystic Divine Palace just based on strength. One had to obtain the approval of the Mystic Thearch, or they would never be able to step foot on the peak of the mountain. However, how would one be able to obtain the approval of the Mystic Thearch? No one knew, and it would be totally up to one's fate and destiny.

There was another incident which caused an uproar in the East Imperial Continent!

She Fei and Jian Wuying had returned, but there were only a few surviving experts out of all those that they brought along while all the Divine Pattern Masters and the Astrologers had perished. The two of them didn't hide or distort the truth of their failure.

The descendants of the Nine Thearchs Clans were all prideful individuals and could accept failure. They would never tell lies or disdainfully twist the facts.

Failure was a failure, and there was nothing to hide from it. They would at most find an opportunity to wash off this humiliation. This was the pride and the style of a Nine Thearchs Clans' descendant; this was also why their nine clans were so powerful.

They didn't escape from their own failure and weren't fearful to accept challenges!

There was a reason why the Nine Thearchs Clans had been around for more than 700,000 years and had yet to decline. It was an easy task for a clan to give rise to a heaven-defying expert, but in order for a clan to flourish for generations, the clan required a kind of spiritual inheritance—clan rules that would nurture the later generations strictly. It was only by constantly giving birth to experts and talents would the clan be able to remain powerful for eternity.

At the same time, Jiang Yi's name had been made known throughout the entire East Imperial Continent again!

He was able to suppress the descendants of the Nine Thearchs Clans at the Mystic Divine Palace and had sent She Fei and Jian Wuying returning with defeat. It didn't matter if it was his luck or schemes; he still was able to do it. There were many things that people didn't like to see the process and would only see the result. The winner would be the king, and the loser would have to bow. The one with the last laugh would always be the hero.

Of course… no one thought highly of Jiang Yi. In fact, there were some that were already discussing and betting on how much longer he could survive.

In the long-running history, there were many outstanding talents—many who had oppressed the descendants of the Nine Thearchs Clans. There were even experts who killed many Nine Thearchs Clans' members. Ultimately, all of these people had perished; and the Nine Thearchs Clans remained standing upright in the East Imperial Continent, looking down from above.

They were ancient clans that had existed for more than 700,000 years and had yet to decline. How established were the foundations of their nine great clans? How many experts did their clans possess? How much hidden forces do they have? No one knew, and no one was able to force out their true strength.

Let alone Jiang Yi who just a rotten fish—if a major clan dared to go against the Nine Thearchs Clans, a single wave of their hand… a single corner of the iceberg was enough to crush their enemies into dust. They would never be able to rise up again.

She Fei and Jian Wuying were the most outstanding third-generation descendants of the two clans, but the military forces that they could mobilize were just too small. The nine great clans all had strict clan rules, and even She Fei's father—the She Clan's current clan head—was also only to use the clan's power which was only the tip of the iceberg.

Furthermore… even the She Clan's Patriarch, the current Evil Thearch, couldn't mobilize the full forces of the She Clan. If anyone wanted the entire She Clan to mobilize, they would need more than half the approval from the 12 Grand Elders!

Who were the grand elders of the She Clan?

The outside people didn't know who they were, not even She Fei knew. She Fei wasn't even qualified to know the exact influential power of the She Clan. It was the same for the other clans, where they had strict clan rules and would all be carried according to those rules. Even if the current generation's clan head had committed a mistake, it wouldn't cause the clan to suffer a huge decline and would continue to flourish for eternity.

These were the Nine Thearchs Clans, the nine giants which everyone had to be fearful of. Would anyone think that a rotten fish like Jiang Yi would be able to escape the ruthless oppression from the two giant clans?

As expected by everyone…!

After She Fei and the Jian Wuying returned to their clans, the two clans immediately moved. Scouts from various clans had found out that the skies above the Evil Thearch City and the Sword Thearch City had constantly lit up with radiance. Each city had opened up five Void Ancient Paths, and five Evil Thearch Armies and five Sword Thearch Armies each entered their respective Void Ancient Path. Every army had an Astrologer and Divine Pattern Master. Every army had 30 Heaven Monarch experts, which were further led by three high-staged Heaven Monarchs. There was a total of 300 Heaven Monarchs that were mobilized from the two clans, all just to cleanse the humiliation that Jiang Yi had given to them!

Three hundred Heaven Monarchs was a number that would put fear into an ancient aristocratic clan. Then again, they were mobilized to kill Jiang Yi? It was evident how infuriated the two clans were. Of course, the Heaven Evasion and the Fire Cloud Armor on Jiang Yi was also a good reason for why the two clans were sending so many people.

In fact, when the She Clan and the Jian Clans were mobilizing, the Wu Clan and the Tu Clan were also secretly moving in the dark. If this information was made known, it would cause the entire East Imperial Continent to be in a sensation. Four great clans were working together to chase down a single individual. Jiang Yi was considered the first individual to achieve this in the past 10,000 years.


After the armies moved out for five days, they all returned silently; and they didn't announce if they had killed Jiang Yi or not. They were so quiet that many major and minor clans felt it was very strange and were all starting to speculate.

Many clans gathered some clues and quickly got a verdict that the two great clans had failed in their pursuit. It wasn't because Jiang Yi was too powerful, but because he entered a place that the Nine Thearchs Clans didn't dare to enter. Just two days ago, Jiang Yi had entered the nearby sea region of the Sin Island!

There was a descendant who had partic.i.p.ated in the treasure hunt of the Mystic Divine Palace. He was overly obsessed with the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s, the Heaven Evasion, and the Fire Cloud Armor. Hence, he hired an Astrologer to do the check and quickly found out that Jiang Yi was indeed in the nearby sea region of the Sin Island!

"Sin Island? What a pity of a talent!"

In an elegant courtyard of the Mystic Thearch Palace, a bare-footed and beautiful young lady was sighing as she was watering the plants. Her limpid eyes had a flash of disappointment and sadness.


At the same time, in another luxurious courtyard, a purple-haired young lady with a demon's mask let out a helpless while having dimmed eyes.

She stared blankly in the courtyard for 15 minutes. As time ticked by, her eyes turned cold gradually. She then sent a message to a Heaven Monarch and said in a cold voice: "Pa.s.s down the orders. There is no need to continue seeking out for Jiang Yi's information…"

Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan had both arrived at the Mystic Thearch City as they wanted to look for their fathers and think of ways to recruit Jiang Yi. A pity that it had been a few months, but both the clan heads were very busy and didn't have the opportunity to listen to them about this incident.

Right now, there wasn't a need to speak of it anymore!

Nine of ten martial artists who entered Sin Island would never come back out. Most importantly, the Nine Thearchs Clans had a clan rule stating those who entered Sin Island would never be accepted into their clans.

Since the paths are different, there will never be a chance for coexistence.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 648 Since The Paths Are Different, There Will Never Be A Chance For Coexistence

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