Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 731 Wind Shadow Cloak

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Jiang Yi shook his head dismissively. "Just a dandy. As long as he is not a Lu Clansman, why do we need to fear him? I really despise… those mid-tier Heaven Monarchs working for him."

Hong Clan was the third biggest clan in the White Tiger City, which meant that it wasn't one of the top 13 clans on the Sin Island. As long as it was not the ruler of the G.o.ds Bestow Tribe, this clan was not very scary. It was fine to offend it.

Most importantly, he was just a fop who was only able to dispatch a few martial experts. His clan wouldn't possibly send over a peak-stage Heaven Monarch Realm martial expert because of the words of this Young Master Hong.

However, even if a peak-stage Heaven Monarch really came, Jiang Yi would never back off together. Jiang Xiaonu was his reverse scale. He would kill whoever made Jiang Xiaonu unhappy, no matter who the person was. Therefore, he didn't take this matter seriously. In the worst case scenario, he would just take the group and run away via Heaven Evasion.

Jiang Yi contemplated for a while and told Qian w.a.n.guan, "w.a.n.guan, spend some celestial stones and go find some news about Wushuang and Yun Fei."

"Boss, rest a.s.sured."

Nodding, Qian w.a.n.guan said, "I have already arranged it. They should get to the Blue Dragon City by now. I've made the arrangement… the news will come. "


Jiang Yi didn't ask further and took the group to wander around. He didn't do this for fun, but because he thought that it was highly likely that Young Master Hong was waiting for him outside the castle. Since that was the case, Jiang Yi might as well keep him waiting for a bit longer.

Jiang Yi strolled around happily. However, Qian w.a.n.guan and the rest were not as relaxed as him and were worried. After a round, Jiang Yi suddenly stopped in a small shop where a middle-aged man was sitting cross-legged. There was a very strange treasure in front of the man. It was a rusty bronze key as thick as a person's arm. It let out a smell of history. The patterns on the key were also quite complicated and mysterious. The key was priced at three million celestial stones.

"Boss, let's go. It must be a fake again. Even if it isn't, it won't be of must use. It is not a treasure."

Qian w.a.n.guan curled his lips in disapproval. On the other hand, Jiang Yi smiled and shook his head. Closing his eyes, he entered the state of the Union of Heaven and Man to examine it carefully. After a while, he opened his eyes and asked, "Sir, where didn't you get this key?"

The man's eyes kept shut. He didn't even open them when Jiang Yi and his group stopped outside his shop. Only till he was asked did he open his eyes and said somewhat impatiently, "If you want it, give me the celestial stones. Why do you have so many questions?"


Qian w.a.n.guan was annoyed, pulled Jiang Yi by his arm, and was going to leave now. Jiang Yi waved his hand and asked with a smile, "I can buy your goods, but you have to tell me something about it."


Qian w.a.n.guan, Feng Luan, and the rest looked at Jiang Yi confusedly. Even if this key was real, it didn't seem to be an attack of defensive treasure. It might have been used to open a treasure case, but what's the use of the key if they didn't have the treasure case? Three million celestial stones were not a small number.

"Are you really buying it?"

The man looked at Jiang Yi dubiously. Upon seeing Jiang Yi nodding, the man then said in a low voice, "I found this key in a site of ruins on the East Imperial Continent. I won't keep anything from you. I used to suspect this key was used to open some treasure house. I have searched for over a dozen years and traveled to many ruins and historic remains on the East Imperial Continent, but I found no treasure house. This key didn't have any effect. If you really want to buy it… I will give it to you for one million celestial stones."

"Okay, deal!"

Jiang Yi nodded, took out one million celestial stones, put away the key, and left.

When he saw Qian w.a.n.guan going to send him a voice transmission, he quickly waved his hand and said quietly, "w.a.n.guan, don't say anything more. This key is real. Additionally, the restrictions inside this key are very magical. One million celestial stones are not a lot. If I happen to open the treasure house in the future, we will make a huge profit."

"I see!"

Qian w.a.n.guan stopped saying anything. The group walked around and stopped in a giant shop at last. There were two big words—'Red Sun'—above the shop. It was clearly the shop of the Red Sun Merchant a.s.sociation.

The shop was huge; its length and width were at least three kilometers. It was divided into many small halls, with a lot of treasures. Saint Artifacts—transcending saint artifacts abounded. Jiang Yi had Fire Cloud Armor for defense and Sky-Turning Cauldron for attack; he was naturally not short of treasures. He came in just to have a look at the rare treasures. He took a glance at Feng Luan and Qing Yu and said, "You just have a look around. If you like anything, tell me, and I'll buy them for you."

Jiang Xiaonu just cost Jiang Yi's 30 million celestial stones and didn't dare to glance around now. She just followed Jiang Yi. Feng Luan and Qing Yu were excited. They wandered and asked around, accompanied by a maidservant.

"Is the Young Master not interested in these treasures?"

The maidservant that accompanied Jiang Yi and others saw Jiang Yi just asking casually along the way, with no intention of buying any treasure so she said, "Young Master, we have a defining item in our shop, which was… a whole level-up as compared to the treasures here. If Young Master has enough celestial stones, I can show you this treasure."

"Is there really a pseudo-divine artifact?"

Jiang Yi and Qian w.a.n.guan looked shocked. The Red Sun didn't keep such treasure to their own men and even put it up for sale?! Jiang Yi paused and asked, "How many celestial stones does it cost?"

The maidservant smiled softly and said, "500 billion!"


Jiang Yi let out a look of embarra.s.sment. Qian w.a.n.guan twitched his mouth. Jiang Yi waved his hands and said, "It's okay, I can't afford it."

"Young Master is too humble."

The maidservant was very polite. She turned her eyes and started introducing to Jiang Yi. "There are other special treasures for you to have a look, such as a soul spirit Defense Sacred Artifact, Fire Evasion Pearl, cloaks that enhance the speed…"

Before the maidservant finished, Jiang Yi lifted his brows and interrupted. "Is there cloak that increases speed?"


The maidservant nodded affirmatively and said, "It is the work of the Tang Clan on the East Imperial Continent. There are mighty wind elemental dao patterns inside, which can condense the power of the wind to speed up the martial artist."

Jiang Yi's eyes brightened and got interested. His essence force realm was too low. Even though his physical strength greatly increased the speed, he was still just as fast as a peak-stage Vajra Realm martial expert. If he was faster, it would be easier for him to kill others by the Thunder Fire.

He quickly asked, "How much the speed can be increased?"

The maidservant didn't answer. Instead, she made a gesture of inviting him in. She said as she walked beside Jiang Yi, "Young Master, please go this way. I will explain in detail when we are inside."

Jiang Yi, Qian w.a.n.guan, and the golden flood dragon followed the maidservant tot a side hall. A mid-tier Heaven Monarch was sitting cross-legged on guard. The maidservant pointed to two treasure boxes on a golden table and said, "The names of these two cloaks are 'Wind Cloud' and 'Wind Shadow' respectively. May I ask what the fastest speed of the Young Master is?"

Jiang Yi nodded and replied, "Peak-stage Vajra Realm."

The maidservant nodded and said, "If the Young Master refines the Wind Cloud Cloak, your speed will be increased to the first stage of Heaven Monarch Realm. If you refine the Wind Shadow Cloak, the speed should reach the third stage of Heaven Monarch Realm!"

"Third stage of Heaven Monarch Realm!"

Jiang Yi's eyes were immediately widened. This cloak was really magical. Was it made by the peak-stage Heaven Monarch Realm martial expert using the upper-tier wind elemental dao patterns? The speed of the third-stage Heaven Monarch martial expert and his Thunder Fire would definitely become a deadly weapon.

He swallowed a mouthful of saliva and asked, "How many celestial stones do Wind Shadow cost?"

The maidservant smiled faintly and raised two fingers. Qian w.a.n.guan nodded and said, "About two billion? Boss, it's good—we can buy it!"

The maidservant nodded and smiled softly, "Young Master, it's not two billion but—twenty billion!"


Qian w.a.n.guan's fat body quivered. He fell onto the ground on his b.u.t.t, rolled his eyes, and became unconscious.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 731 Wind Shadow Cloak

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