Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 757 Gods Bestow Island

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Everyone inside the holds of the s.h.i.+p had all came out while all the people inside the spatial artifacts were teleported out and had handed over the celestial stones. This Huangfu Taotian was still considered reasonable as there were a few individuals who had erased the spiritual imprint on their ancient divine essence rings and threw it over to him. After he had inspected it, he returned it to them; and he truly wouldn't kill anyone who didn't have sufficient celestial stones.

All the martial artists handed over the celestial stones one after the other. One hour later, a few thousand individuals had finished handing over their celestial stones. Huangfu Taotian swept the Heaven Fate s.h.i.+p with his divine senses, and when he scanned across Jiang Yi's lodgings, his eyes suddenly flashed with cold light as he spoke with a cold voice, "Do you really want to die?"


Feng Luan flew out and had used the Illusion Moon Stone to alter her appearance, making her look like an old woman. She bowed respectfully and said, "Lord Huangfu, my clan's Young Master is currently in seclusion and at the most crucial moment right now. All the celestial stones are with him, could you spare us some time and wait for him to awaken?"


Huangfu Taotian burst with killing aura and shouted, "You have two choices. Either you wake him up to hand the celestial stones over, or… I will go take it myself!"

Feng Luan sighed helplessly and turned back to return to the hold of the s.h.i.+p and was going to wake Jiang Yi up.

Right at this moment, Jiang Yi's eyes suddenly regained its brightness as he laughed heartily. "Hahaha, I finally understand. Thunder itself represents destruction and rebirth, fire is destruction, light is life. Thunder can destroy everything and can break the darkness to bring light, giving birth to life… I finally understand. My Power of Thunder, Fire, Destruction, Light, Darkness, and Life finally reached the juncture where it can be fused. Hahaha, once this high-grade dao pattern is fused, it will be extremely useful for battle. Eh? Feng'er, why are you looking at me like this?"

Jiang Yi was howling with laughter while facing the sky. His face was filled with ecstasy, but when he saw Feng Luan and Qing Yu's abnormal expressions, he realized it quickly.

He extended his divine senses and noticed a whole group of people using their divine senses to lock onto him, his body jolted immediately. He didn't expect for the restriction to be opened up and for so many people to pay attention to him.

"Young Master, hurry up and hand over the celestial stones. If we are to infuriate this Young Master Huangfu, we are all going to die…" Feng Luan transmitted a message to Jiang Yi and explained the earlier situation in a quick and simple manner to him.

Jiang Yi rubbed his nose awkwardly. It was fortunate that he had consumed the appearance alteration elixir and had been using the Illusion Moon Stone. Right now, regular individuals wouldn't be able to discover his true appearance.

He flew out, shot a ring towards Huangfu Taotian, and cupped his hands while transmitting a message: "Young Master Huangfu, your battle earlier had given me enlightenment and had greatly benefited my cultivation. Since you are in need of celestial stones, I have 100 million over here which I hope will be of some help to you."


Huangfu Taotian took a glance in the ring that he just received and cast a look at Jiang Yi. He then transmitted a message with a cold voice: "Observing the battle and comprehension is your fate and blessing. Normally, I will only take 500,000 celestial stones from you, but I am truly in need of celestial stones recently. If I have the chance in the future… I will repay you with 100 folds!"

Jiang Yi's group was the last one, and the merchant a.s.sociation had already handed over their celestial stones. Huangfu Taotian cupped his hand and scanned everyone before speaking, "Everyone, I have offended you today. If you want to take revenge in the future, you can to the nearby Wave Sky Island to look for me. Farewell."

Huangfu Taotian flew away and continued to rush towards the direction of the dense thunder clouds. The martial artists in mid-air all flew back to the holds of the s.h.i.+ps respectively. Qing Long and the commanders of the Green Bird Merchant a.s.sociation kept on giving apologetic smiles, but no one bothered about them.

Jiang Yi flew back quickly as well while Feng Luan transmitted a message and narrated everything that happened. However, this 100 million celestial stones that he had given away wasn't to impress anyone as he was truly grateful to this Young Master Huangfu.

If he hadn't started a fight here, Jiang Yi would never be able to comprehend such things instantly. Right now, he was very confident that he would be able to fuse six different types of dao patterns in a short period of time. Once he found another way to fuse the three other dao patterns, this high-grade dao pattern would be completed.

On the other hand, Jiang Yi actually had admiration towards this Huangfu Taotian as he already had the combat strength comparable to a peak-stage Heaven Monarch at the age of 27 or 28. His pseudo-divine artifact might belong to the Huangfu Clan, but his five-star high-grade dao pattern was definitely comprehended and fused by himself. This person might have intercepted and robbed them in broad daylight, but he was rather reasonable, especially his final statement which made Jiang Yi completely approve him.

Celestial stones?

Jiang Yi had the ability to obtain celestial stones by just drawing a few paintings. Using 100 million celestial stones to make a friend with an exceptional genius who was an expert with a strong background? This was truly a bargain.

"60 billion celestial stones? What exactly does this Huangfu Taotian want? He already has so many celestial stones, and he still wants to plunder for more? With so much celestial stones, what else could he not buy?"

Jiang Yi was seated in the hold of the s.h.i.+p with bewilderment. However, when he recalled the countless divine senses which scanned over, he got an extreme headache again. If his ident.i.ty had been exposed, he would probably have to escape using the Heaven Evasion again.

Jiang Yi sat restlessly for a moment and decided not to think about it. He asked Feng Luan to protect him while he sat cross-legged and started to cultivate. He decided to fuse the six low-grade dao patterns first before thinking about anything else.

Jiang Yi's worries were actually unnecessary as everyone was simply drawn over by his loud laughter earlier. Moreover, he had the Illusion Moon Stone and used the appearance alteration elixir. Even if someone was able to see through his Illusion Moon Stone, they still wouldn't be able to see his true appearance.

Even if someone managed to see his true appearance, no one would bother about him. Since his incident had already pa.s.sed for such a long time, most of the people who had the information had already forgotten about him.

The rest of the journey was smooth sailing as they were no longer obstructed by any bandits. The Green Bird Merchant a.s.sociation was one of the three largest merchant a.s.sociations in G.o.ds Bestow City. Many powerful bandit legions had already made negotiations with them, and those weaker bandit legions wouldn't even dare to intercept them.

Jiang Yi's seclusion took more than a month, and the Heaven Fate s.h.i.+p had already entered G.o.ds Bestow Island and was making its way towards G.o.ds Bestow City. Once they entered the G.o.ds Bestow Island, Feng Luan and Qing Yu felt a difference. This place was just like the immortal world as heaven and earth essence force was frighteningly condensed, at least twice of the G.o.ds Bestow Sea.

Because of the thick heaven and earth essence force, the plantations in this place were especially verdant; and the pleasant scenery in this place made the heart untroubled.

Pong, Pong, Pong!

After entering G.o.ds Bestow Island, everyone was able to see regular battles. It would either be a group chasing after an individual or a few hundred or thousands of people in a chaotic battle. When they saw the Green Bird Merchant a.s.sociation's Heaven Fate s.h.i.+p, they would all tactfully fly away. As one of the three largest merchant a.s.sociations of G.o.ds Bestow City, they had a huge deterrence in the G.o.ds Bestow Island.

"I succeeded!"

Nine days later, Jiang Yi opened his eyes suddenly with an ecstatic expression. He had finally fused six dao patterns together flawlessly. Even if he didn't fuse the three other dao patterns together, his currently fused dao pattern should also be very powerful as it was an offensive type, but he didn't have any chance to test its prowess!

"There are still three more types of dao patterns. If I can fuse them in as well, the power of the dao pattern will certainly increase by several folds!"

Jiang Yi was overwhelmed with emotions. He scanned around with his divine senses and saw a few tens of thousands of people whizzing over causing his heart to be startled and nervous. Among those tens of thousands of people, there were over 3000 Heaven Monarchs.

"Qing Long of the Green Bird Merchant a.s.sociation is here. Get lost this instant!"

An aged but forceful voice echoed, which sent tens of thousands of people to change their direction and fly away. Jiang Yi let out a long breath and asked, "Is the G.o.ds Bestow Island so chaotic?"

"En, we can see slaughter almost everywhere we go. We will encounter at least ten powerful bandit legions every single day, and that group earlier was already considered a small group." Feng Luan nodded and replied with a serious tone.


Jiang Yi took in a breath of cold air. This was still outside G.o.ds Bestow City; how many more experts would there be in the city? Was this G.o.ds Bestow City truly as wonderful and peaceful as he heard from the rumors? After they bought their courtyard in the city, would they truly be able to live in peace once and for all?The name of the island is Taotian Island which is the same as his name.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 757 Gods Bestow Island

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