Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 857 Titled Demon Sovereigns

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A s.h.i.+eld that s.h.i.+mmered with white light sat upside down above the Mystic Martial City. The surroundings were pitch black; this place was the only site with light. Looking from above, this Mystic Martial City seemed like a bright pearl in the deep sea, dazzlingly beautiful.

Palaces were neatly arranged in the city. Streets were wide and straight. The city looked mysterious because of the faint smoke which originated from nowhere. Courtyards were gold with jade-white pillars, which appeared amid lush forests. The golden and green colors lent each other radiance and beauty. Jiang Yi felt that he was in a blurry dream and a fairyland at the same time.

There were people, and they were the only people in the city. Of course, they were not pure humans. For example, some people had horns on their heads, some were covered with strange scales, some had colorful skin, and some were even born with four or five eyes or several arms. There were all kinds of humans. It was extremely peculiar.

These people were either in their courtyards, sitting under the small trees along the street, walking lazily on the street, or riding in luxury chariots and storming in the city. Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu took a casual glance and could find at least 100,000 demons. This was just a small corner of the entire city.


Black Deity's body flashed and turned into the 'human' Black Deity. He pointed at a giant golden palace far away and said, "Let's go and visit the Great Emperor first."

Chi! Chi!

Black Deity rushed down and stood next to the s.h.i.+eld. Black light glowed in his hand, and a slit slowly appeared on the s.h.i.+eld. Qianqian smiled and explained. "Please come in. A normal person can't open the Mystic Martial City's s.h.i.+eld. Even the DemiG.o.d martial experts can't go in. Among the tens of billions of demons in the Endless Deep Sea, only those that reached the demon thearch realm are qualified to enter the Mystic Martial City."


Jiang Yi sighed in awe and secretly wondered how many demon thearchs there were in the Mystic Martial City. Millions? Tens of millions? Or Billions? The battle scene of billions of humans and demons appeared in his mind. He couldn't help but have a deep longing for such a war.

After going into the s.h.i.+eld, Black Deity led them straight to the tallest and grandest palace in the city. Jiang Yi took Jiang Xiaonu and flew after him. Their human auras startled a lot of demons as well. The demons knelt respectfully upon seeing Black Deity and Qianqian. As Jiang Yi and Xiaonu followed Black Deity and Qianqian, no demon dared to provoke them. Of course… many gave them a hostile look as bloodthirsty red light even flicked across some demons.

Jiang Yi realized that Xiaonu was a bit frightened and grabbed her hand harder. Xiaonu let out a sweet smile and quickly calmed down.

"Eh? Qianqian, Mystic Martial City has very strong heaven and earth essence energy, at least five or six times stronger than that outside?!"

Once Jiang Yi entered the city, he felt very comfortable and casually detected the surroundings. Surprisingly, this place was similar to the G.o.ds Bestow Tribe with scarily dense heaven and earth essence energy.


Qianqian smiled faintly, pointed at the palaces below, and said, "All these palaces are built by celestial stone. How can heaven and earth essence energy not be concentrated? There is also an incredibly big divine vein underneath the Mystic Martial City and a spirit concentration array in the city. When you go to the Xuanwu Palace, you'll find the essence energy a lot stronger there—no different from the G.o.d Bestow City."

"Celestial stones…"

Jiang Yi rolled his eyes. No wonder Qianqian didn't even hesitate when she made a bid of 100 billion celestial stones for 'Pa.s.sion'. Celestial stones were no big deal to them. Even though demons also relied on heaven and earth essence energy for cultivations, they never refined celestial stones. The Endless Deep Sea was so big that they enjoyed an endless and inexhaustible supply of celestial stones.

"Eh? Is there a lake over there?"

After flying for a while, a blur lake suddenly appeared in front. Jiang Yi and Xiaonu were astonished by a lake in this Endless Deep Sea. Qianqian explained in a smile. "That's the divine lake which is created by Forebear. All the demons can go there to nurture their essence forces. Staying in the lake for ten years will strengthen one's body by two times."

"Senior Ao Lu is so brilliant!"

Jiang Yi gave a big thumbs-up. As compared to humans, demons paid more attention to their bodies. After all, demons had fewer treasures and had to depend on their powerful flesh and mysterious demonic arts.

"Huh, what's that?"

After going forward for some distance, Jiang Yi saw the colorful mire in front. Many demons submerged themselves in the mire. Their skin turned colorful and looked quite disgusting.

Qianqian showed a look of revulsion as well, looked away, and said, "This is the poisonous mire and will make one's body poisonous. The poison is also capable of corroding demonic strength and essence force, easily breaking the divine s.h.i.+eld! This is another creation by the Forebear…"

On his way, Jiang Yi also saw the soul lake which could nurture one's soul-spirit and other strange things. Ao Lu stayed in the Mystic Divine Palace for over 700,000 years. He either cultivated or comprehended all kinds of strange things, which benefited the demon races greatly.

They reached the Xuanwu Palace soon.

Looking at the magnificent palace in front and feeling the ancient aura, Jiang Yi faintly felt that he saw the spectacular scene that countless demons working together to build the divine palace 700,000 years ago.

"Come on in!"

Qianqian landed at the center of the palace gate softly. Her pretty green hair fluttered in the wind, and she was so beautiful that people dared not to look at her in the eyes. Jiang Yi flew down with Xiaonu and couldn't help feeling proud at the sight of a row of soldiers in black armor with mighty demonic auras and cold looks. He and Xiaonu were probably the only humans that could stand outside this palace since the construction of the Xuanwu Palace.

Jiang Yi didn't want to and couldn't resolve the grudges between the demon race and humans. He only did what he was capable of. He himself was in a precarious situation now; handling the relations.h.i.+p between humans and demons was an idiotic action.

He was not ashamed of letting out the great emperor of the demon races. Even the Mystic Thearch dared to release Ao Lu. What should Jiang Yi be afraid of?

"Kid, why are you so slow? Get in right now!"

Jiang Yi was awakened by a dignified and old voice. He hurriedly let out a bitter smile, took Xiaonu, and walked in after Qianqian and Black Deity. Once he entered, he saw a gigantic central hall.

The central hall had nothing but hundreds of totem pillars. There was one powerful demonic beast carved on every one of the pillars such as Bian Beast, Suanni Beast, Chiwen Beast, Jiaotu Beast, Kun Peng Beast, Paoxiao Beast, etc.

"These are all the ancient great demonic beasts that died in the battle back then. They are all peak-stage demon sovereigns!"

Qianqian explained before taking Jiang Yi to a corridor on the side. Jiang Yi was amazed. Peak-stage demon thearchs should be at the same level as Ao Lu. There should be at least a few thousand totem pillars in this place, which meant that there were a few thousand peak-stage demon sovereigns! In ancient times, the demon race was indeed powerful. However, basically, all these demon sovereigns were killed by Mystic Thearch, then how mighty should the Mystic Thearch be?

They walked along the corridor for five minutes before reaching a splendid central hall. Some people were already sitting there. At one glance, there were over 30 people, and Ao Lu sat on the ice throne on the top. Jiang Yi casually glanced these men and was immediately stunned. Their auras were even comparable to that of Black Deity; they were all Demon Sovereigns.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

All the Demon Sovereigns rose up at the same time and looked at Jiang Yi reverently. Black Deity also walked over, their actions following that almost made Jiang Yi freeze with shock.

The Demon Sovereigns genuflected uniformly and shouted in a deep voice, "Thirty-six t.i.tled Demon Sovereigns of the Endless Deep Sea represent trillions of demons, thanks to Young Master Jiang Yi's benevolence!"

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 857 Titled Demon Sovereigns

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