Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 858 Get The Mystic Divine Palace!

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Thirty-six Demon Sovereigns were equivalent to 36 Lei Banxian. Probably, some powerful Demon Sovereigns were even stronger than Lei Banxian. They all genuflected at him right now?! For the first time, Jiang Yi didn't feel proud but terrified. He trembled and almost fell. He was afraid that he was unworthy of this.


When Ao Lu sitting on the ice throne and saw Jiang Yi's frightened look, he burst out laughing. He waved his hand and said, "Alright, don't freak this kid out. Leave us. I'm going to chat with this kid. Qianqian, take the little girl around the Xuanwu Palace."

"Yes, Great Emperor!"

Thirty-six Demon Sovereigns stood up, cupped their fists at Ao Lu, and strode away. Qianqian smiled at Xiaonu and said, "Little Sister Xiaonu, let's go. I will take you to eat some delicious food that I mentioned to you last time."

Jiang Xiaonu looked at Jiang Yi who nodded in agreement. Then, she left obediently with Qianqian. Ao Lu waved his hand and said, "Kid, sit wherever you want! This Xuanwu Palace is like your home. If you can get used to living here, don't go back to G.o.d Bestow City and put up with those horrible people. You can just stay here."

Jiang Yi smiled bitterly and couldn't decline his invitation blatantly. After all, he was still human; how would he get used to living with a bunch of demons? For example, if Qianqian had to stay in the G.o.ds Bestow Island for a few years, she would also never get used to it.

Humans were humans, and demons were demons.

Even if this Mystic Martial City looked no different from the G.o.d Bestow City, Jiang Yi was afraid that he would also lose his human nature and turn into a human-shaped demon if he stayed here for a long time.

Ao Lu didn't impose the invitation on Jiang Yi. Instead, he squinted and asked curiously. "Kid, how did you see through the Mystic Thearch's arrangement back then? Moreover, why are your dantian and soul spirit different from those of an ordinary human? Did you pa.s.s the Yellow Springs Path because of your peculiar soul spirit?"

Jiang Yi paused, recalled for a while, and answered with slight confusion. "I don't know the details either. I was at my wits' end and took the risk to try. It worked, surprisingly. I was thinking that… the Mystic Thearch wouldn't let a group of human elites come in and die here. Thus, there must be a door of life at every level. As long as I can find the door of life, I will solve the puzzle."


Ao Lu nodded, let out a deep breath, and said, "Even though I was trapped by the Mystic Divine Palace for over 700,000 years and am dying to eat his flesh and drink his blood, I have to admit that he is indeed an unparalleled prodigy. The Mystic Divine Palace is the no.1 cardinal treasure in the Stellarsky Domain!"

Something suddenly occurred to Jiang Yi, he asked curiously, "Senior, are… the Mystic Divine Saber and the Mystic Divine Armor really in the Mystic Divine Palace? Are those two cardinal treasures the legendary divine artifacts?"

Jiang Yi heard that the Mystic Divine Palace was at Mt. Mystic Divine right now. Even though he didn't know what had happened recently and why the Mystic Divine Palace appeared in the Mt. Mystic Divine now, every martial artist dreamed of obtaining the most powerful weapon and armor. Therefore, he couldn't resist the temptation of asking.


Ao Lu smiled faintly, shook his head, and said, "It's not that I don't want to share with you. I have promised the Mystic Thearch that I won't leak any information about the Mystic Divine Palace. In fact—the reason that I ask you to come here today has something to do with the Mystic Divine Palace."


Jiang Yi appeared shocked. He cupped his hands and said, "Senior, please tell me."

Ao Lu suddenly got up, and a smug look flickered across his eyes. However, he said coldly, "I want you to go to the East Imperial Continent and get the Mystic Divine Palace!"


Jiang Yi quaked with shock. He paused before quickly shaking his head and saying, "Senior, it's not that I lack confidence. I heard that the Mystic Divine Palace has been in the Mt. Mystic Divine for five or six years. All the Nine Thearch Clansmen can't go to Mt. Mystic Divine; how will I be able to do so? Besides, I have offended a few clans of the Nine Thearch Clans. Once I arrive at the East Imperial Continent, the Astrologers will locate me immediately. I will be hunted down and killed by the Nine Thearch Clans."


Ao Lu snorted and ridiculed. "Kid, if I ask you to go, I have my reasons to do so. As for why the others can't go to Mt. Mystic Divine, I know the reasons better than others. I won't hide the truth from you. Actually… I did something. Even the Nine Thearchs can't climb up Mt. Mystic Divine in five years, let alone the men of the Nine Thearch Clans. Five years later, the restrictions of the Mt. Mystic Divine will weaken, and then a lot of people will be able to go up. You have to be the first. You are very smart and have a thorough grasp of the mind of the Mystic Thearch. You have the greatest chance of getting the Mystic Divine Palace!"


Jiang Yi rolled his eyes. It was said that countless members of the Nine Thearch Clans tried to climb Mt. Mystic Divine days and nights, and so did numerous people on the East Imperial Continent. Even the Nine Thearchs were only able to climb to the hillside. Everyone thought it was the Mystic Thearch's doing, but it turned out to be Ao Lu!


Ao Lu let out a cold look and talked to himself. "The Mystic Thearch decided that the next master must be a human elite. There are myriads of strange treasures. Getting the Mystic Divine Palace means coming into the inheritance of the Mystic Thearch and having a significant rise in combat power. The Nine Thearch Clans slaughtered countless great demons in the past. I, naturally, don't want them to get the Mystic Divine Palace. If the Nine Thearchs have the Mystic Divine Palace, it will be a disaster to the demon race. You share some history with the demon race, and I owe you one. Therefore… I naturally wish you will get the Mystic Divine Palace."


Jiang Yi swallowed mouthful saliva and said, "Senior, the aura of my soul spirit is already locked by the Astrologers of those clans. Once I show up on the East Imperial Continent, I will be hunted down. With my little strength, any ordinary old man can easily slaughter me. I am afraid that I can't even get near Mt. Mystic Divine, let alone going into the Mystic Divine Palace!"

Jiang Yi used to think that his Heaven Evasion was invincible, and he could run away as he wished. After the battle on the Sky Ascension Peak, he realized that there were so many powerful martial experts and so many strange divine skills in this world. Spatial dao patterns were not exclusive to the mighty figures in the G.o.ds Bestow Tribe. If he was chased by those old folks on the East Imperial Continent, they could easily wobble him out of the spatial zone and then kill him.

In addition, who could guarantee that there wasn't any martial expert that possessed the time dao patterns that Lei Banxian had a good command of? If someone could reverse the time and let him enter the s.p.a.ce slit, he would also be easily pinched to death.

The East Imperial Continent stretched as far as the eye could see and was said to have 108 regions. Every region was as big as the G.o.ds Bestow Tribe. Jiang Yi had no idea of how many martial artists, and Half G.o.ds there were on the East Imperial Continent. He only knew that the Nine Thearch Clans could stand proud on the continent for over 700,000 years and suppress the G.o.ds Bestow Tribe and Endless Deep Sea on their owns. Sure enough, they possessed unimaginable power and strength, whoever that underestimated them would end up in a miserable death.

"Soul spirit aura presence? Why is that a problem?"

Ao Lu smiled unworriedly, "There are tens of thousands of demon races in the Endless Deep Sea, at least hundreds of demon races are capable of changing the soul spirit aura, and plenty of treasures that can alter the soul spirit aura. However… it's better for you to not to use the objects of the demons. Otherwise, you will let out a demon presence, be easily spotted by the old folks on the East Imperial Continent, and killed for being demon race's spy."

He pondered for a while before quickly coming up with an idea. "That's right, there is a natural mystic realm in the Golden Crow Race's territory 50 kilometers away from the south of the Mystic Martial City. The Golden Crow realize their Mirage Divine Ability there. You should go to the mystic realm and try to realize the Mirage Divine Ability, too. If you succeed, you will only be able to change your appearance as you wish but also alter your soul spirit aura. Even the Nine Thearchs can't trace you!"


Jiang Yi trembled in excitement. If he mastered such divine skill, he could return to the East Imperial Continent publicly, rescue Su Ruoxue, and find Yi Piaopiao!

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 858 Get The Mystic Divine Palace!

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