Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 864

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Published at 25th of May 2020 10:50:06 AM
Chapter 864: 864

Jiang Yi had been telling himself that this was an illusion realm, that this was an illusion—that this was fake, all just to make himself no longer afraid .

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 The fact was…

He had been misguiding himself . A person with a truly powerful heart would be firm as a boulder even if everything was real, and there wouldn't be any wavering . Even if a ferocious beast was going to tear him to pieces, there wouldn't be a trace of fear even at the moment of death .

 A martial artist's heart was very important!

 The path of the martial dao was to go against the heavens and change destiny . In order to go against heavens, there would definitely be endless sufferings and setbacks . If one's heart wasn't strong enough, what made one think one could surpa.s.s the billions of martial artists and reach the pinnacle?

 If one were to cower during a battle, the first idea one would have when encountering an expert was to flee . When one was facing challenges, one wouldn't be able to welcome it and would only be thinking of fleeing and retreating . How would one surpa.s.s oneself? How would one go against heavens and skyrocket above the Nine Heavens?

 Jiang Yi's heart wasn't bad, but he was still in the first stage . Right now, he had achieved enlightenment, causing his heart's cultivation to reach the second stage . As such, his soul spirit was able to promote and successfully evolve!

 However, Jiang Yi was oblivious to everything that was happening in his soul spirit . His eyes were currently looking straight into the icy cold eyes in front, and he had subtly understood some quintessence of the Mirage Divine Ability .

 “Everything in the world is just like this mirage . It might be genuine or fake, and it will be hard to discern it . Life is just like a dream, and we might all be in a dream right now, but we are just unable to wake up . Since we could all be illusions, then physical forms didn't have any meaning . I should be able to change into any forms, and the soul-spirit aura presence which is even more illusionary could be changed as I will!

 “The soul-spirit aura presence is colorless and odorless . It is just a sense, and since it is just a sense, it can be deceiving—it can be misleading . As long as the illusion isn't seen through, then the senses could be deceived; and the enemy would be unable to recognize me! Genuine or fake, faintly discernible . It seems like this is the quintessence of the Mirage Divine Ability!

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 “Huff… I finally understand . I can alter my soul-spirit aura presence now, but how am I going to alter my physical body?”

 Jiang Yi had a flash of doubt in his mind as he paused for a moment, and his eyes were flas.h.i.+ng with radiance . He looked at the Mammoth Beast at the front and said, “I have already seen through you, and you still want to intimidate me? Get lost!”


 The Mammoth Beast flashed with radiance and gradually dissipated . There was another giant boulder that appeared at the front, and Jiang Yi was pleasantly surprised as… there was this bizarre multi-colored energy which slowly condensed before turning into a divine rainbow and entering his body . He carefully sensed that bundle of rainbow energy and was instantly delighted .

 His body was no longer trembling, and his breathing had gradually stabilized while his heartbeat was back to normal . Due to the excessive rupture of his blood vessels, his body still couldn't move; and his seven apertures were still bleeding .

 He used his inner vision to check out his body and didn't really bother . After the Dest.i.tute Dragon Gra.s.s had reformed his body, his physical body had terrifying regeneration ability . Blood was no longer gus.h.i.+ng out, and his blood vessels were slowly closing up . It was just a matter of time .

 “Eh… why did my soul spirit become like this?”

 Jiang Yi took a look at his soul spirit and got a slight shock . His main soul spirit was currently more than twice in size, and his original sword-shaped soul spirit and turned into a shape of a three-legged cauldron .

 The increase in the size of the soul spirit was very normal as it would always expand during evolution, but why did the shape change? It had actually changed into a bizarre three-legged cauldron?

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 “Three-legged cauldron? Three legs are the most stable . Could my soul spirit have changed in shape because my heart had strengthened and become stable? This three-legged cauldron is indeed very stable, and nothing will be able to waver my heart and my soul spirit!”

 Jiang Yi's mind flashed with an indistinct thought as his eyes flickered . He suddenly recalled the Golden Crow Race that was outside the mystic realm, who all had three legs . Could it be due to the fact that members of the Golden Crow Race were three-legged that it was easier for them to comprehend the Mirage Divine Ability in this mystic realm?

 “Uh… my soul spirit has changed in shape . I wonder if after I return to G.o.ds Bestow City, would more soul swords split out during G.o.d's Sob? My current main soul spirit is no longer sword-shaped and had turned into a three-legged cauldron . Could there be smaller cauldrons that will split out during G.o.d's Sob?”

 Jiang Yi didn't know, and he didn't go think about it for now . He simply laid down quietly as he had suffered severe injuries—he couldn't even move his fingers . He had no choice but to wait for his body to recuperate by itself .

 One day, two days… three days!

 Jiang Yi's hand could finally move . He took out an elixir from the ring finger's spatial ring and flicked an elixir into his mouth . He then closed his eyes and recuperated . After revolving his essence force for a few cycles, his body recuperated swiftly . Half a day later, he struggled to crawl up and recuperated while in a cross-legged position .

 He didn't exit the mystic realm in a hurry as Jiang Xiaonu would surely be worried if she was to see him so frail and bloodied . He simply sat cross-legged and recuperated for an entire day, only standing up when his injuries had mostly recovered .

 “Hehe, let's try this Mirage Divine Ability!”

 He revealed a smile before his body flashed with white light . His appearance was transforming at a speed that was visible to the naked eye while a bundle of rainbow energy was roaming inside his body . His body had turned obese: his legs had turned thick, his tummy was bloated up, his face had turned round, and his tiny eyes were filled with radiance .

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 The body transformation took only a few breaths to complete . He changed into a new set of clothing from his spatial ring and strutted towards the teleportation array .


 The walls of the ravine suddenly lit up with black golden light as a dark gold gate gradually opened . Qianqian, Black Deity, and Jiang Xiaonu sitting opposite were immediately alerted . They all ran out of the castle and looked at the dark gold gate .


 The trio's eyes contracted at the same time while Jiang Xiaonu had this expression that she saw a ghost . There was fatty that flew out from the teleportation array, and it was actually Qian w.a.n.guan?

 Jiang Xiaonu glanced a few times and after making sure she wasn't seeing something wrong, she yelled out delicately, “d.a.m.n fatty, why are you here? Where is Young Master?”

 Qianqian's divine sense swept at the person in front and was certain that this person's soul-spirit aura presence was exactly the same as Qian w.a.n.guan, and that dantian was no longer Jiang Yi's strange dantian . His strength was no different from Qian w.a.n.guan . Her charming face had this shock while she sighed with overwhelmed emotions . “Truly brilliant!”

 She naturally knew that it was impossible for Qian w.a.n.guan to be here . Without them, not even DemiG.o.ds could enter the depths of the deep sea . This person must certainly be Jiang Yi's transformation .

 Black Deity's grim expression revealed a rare smile as he nodded and praised . “Hehe, kid, not bad!”


 When that fatty flew over, he reached out to pat on Jiang Xiaonu's head and didn't say anything . He simply smiled and looked at them . Jiang Xiaonu had noticed something as she pulled his hand and said, “This isn't right, you are not fatty . You are Young Master!”


 Jiang Yi's body flashed with white light as his body quickly squirmed and transformed, restoring his original appearance . He rubbed Jiang Xiaonu's head with drowning pamper and said, “Silly la.s.s, you can't even recognize your own Young Master?”

 Jiang Xiaonu had a blus.h.i.+ng expression, which gave Jiang Yi even more confidence . If Jiang Xiaonu who had grown up together with him couldn't recognize him and if Black Deity—who was such a powerful Demon Sovereign—couldn't recognize him at the start either, it meant that this Mirage Divine Ability was truly heaven-defying . This also meant that he could finally… go to East Imperial Continent .

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Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 864

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