Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 964 Anger!

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Jiang Yi didn't get tricked!

The Wu Clan's people were too naive. Of course, they didn't know that Jiang Yi had a very mystical ability, the Divine Perception!

One had to admit that the Witch G.o.d was truly a genius, and the Divine Perception was a sorcery art that was too formidable, which allowed the divine senses to be limitlessly extended. The more powerful the soul spirit, the wider the range of scouting. In the past, Jiang Yi's Divine Perception was able to scout ten million miles, but after his soul spirit got enhanced in the Golden Crow Mystic Realm, his Divine Perception could easily extend to 15 million miles.

He didn't even have to approach the cities to clearly sense the situation in the nearby cities with his Divine Perception. In fact, he clearly knew that experts were mobilized to the nearby dozens of cities during the past few days.

On the fifth day, Jiang Yi extended his Divine Perception out again, and when he noticed that none of the cities had raised up any white flags, his heart sank.

The letter he wrote to the North King was very clear, for all the cities to raise white flags which indicated their willingness to exchange hostages. The Wu Clan had been mobilizing experts around for the past few days, and they didn't raise any white flags today. There were only a few explanations for this.

Either Su Ruoxue was dead, they were unable to hand over Su Ruoxue, or they didn't want to exchange hostages and didn't bother about the lives of Wu Ying'er and Hong Po. The Wu Clan's prestige didn't allow them to compromise.


Jiang Yi sat on a small mountain peak and was currently in the appearance of an ape in order to prevent anyone from using special abilities to scout him. His body trembled intensively because he was afraid. Even his hands and lips were s.h.i.+vering involuntarily because he was unable to accept the fact that Su Ruoxue was dead!

"Ruoxue, you must not die; you must not die!"

His hairy ape hands were covering his face, and his head was bent over deeply. He had been sitting on the mountain and quietly waiting for a miracle to happen.

As time ticked by, the sun gradually set in the west and night had arrived. Jiang Yi scouted with his Divine Perception again and made sure that none of the cities in the vicinity had raised any white flags, causing him to close his eyes with pain.

"Ah, Ah—!"

He howled with rage towards the sky while his hands were pounding his chest like an ape. He was afraid that Su Ruoxue was dead. His mind was filled with terror and concern which quickly turned into astounding rage and boundless anger!

"Since you don't care about the lives of Hong Po and Wu Ying'er, why should I care? Since you aren't afraid of my—Jiang Yi's revenge of blood, since you aren't afraid of raising fire in your regions, then we shall have a war! Wu clansmen, don't blame me—Jiang Yi—for being ruthless. It is your Wu Clan that provoked me first. It is your North King that doesn't care about your lives! Kill, kill, kill!"

Jiang Yi was standing on a mountain peak and roaring with rage. His appearance was transforming gradually, and he had reverted to his original appearance. His delicate face was completely twisted, and his red hair was fluttering in the wind. His eyes were blood red and bewitching!


The Thearch Palace flashed in his hands, and two individuals were teleported out. When Hong Po and Wu Ying'er noticed they had been teleported out, they were suddenly shocked. When they saw Jiang Yi's appearance which was like a demon from h.e.l.l, they were so afraid that their bodies were trembling incessantly.

"Jiang Yi?"

As the eldest young master of the Hong Clan, Hong Po had seen many big occasions and quickly calmed down. He looked at Jiang Yi with mockery and said, "You dare kidnap us? You dare to cripple this Young Master? Keke, just you wait for the pursuit from the Wu Clan and my Hong Clan. All your close relatives will also be killed and die without burial grounds."

Once Hong Po spoke, Wu Ying'er had also sobered up. Her beautiful face was filled with hatred, and a sharp and ear-piercing voice echoed. "Jiang Yi, you demon, you d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Hurry up and release us, and then wait to be captured. Otherwise, once my king father arrived, you will beg for death, you will…"

Chi! Chi!

Before Wu Ying'er finished her statement, a flexible sword appeared in Jiang Yi's hand which flashed with radiance. Her head flew high up in the sky, and there was a violent spurt of fresh blood. Her voice went silent. Until death, her eyes were wide open.


Hong Po exclaimed and retreated with terror. Jiang Yi's body flashed, and his flexible sword drew across, causing another head to fly up into the sky. His neck was spraying fresh blood, dying Jiang Yi's body red.

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

Jiang Yi used a single hand to keep the two heads into the ancient divine essence ring before he soared into the high alt.i.tude. His hands brandished as he absorbed the astral winds and flew rapidly towards the cities in the distance.

A thousand miles ahead there was a small city. Jiang Yi had scouted there was one Four-Star expert in the city along with more than ten high-stage Heaven Monarchs, but Jiang Yi didn't hesitate and headed over.

Death wasn't terrifying!

It didn't matter if Su Ruoxue was dead, but if the Wu Clan wasn't willing to hand her over, he was prepared to teach the Wu Clan a lesson with blood. He was going to let the world feel his—Jiang Yi's wrath.

He was willing to risk everything, even if he had to die in battle inside Wu Clan's four regions. Su Ruoxue was the woman he loved the most, and she had been suffering for all these years. He had to do something for her!

He had flown hundreds of meters into the high alt.i.tude, and during nighttime, this distance was absolutely safe as not even regular DemiG.o.d Realm experts would dare to fly up here. Even if they attacked from below, it would be blocked by the countless astral winds. Before the attacks reached his position, it would already be extremely weak.

He was going to cleanse the four regions with blood, but he wasn't going to throw his life away. He knew that the city had a Four-Star expert, but he still went without hesitation because nighttime was… the best battlefield to him!

Swis.h.!.+ Swis.h.!.+

He took just 30 minutes to travel across a thousand miles. Before Jiang Yi was even near the city, he had already formed the Astral Winds Divine s.h.i.+eld and was accompanied by ten astral wind blades. When he was a few thousand meters away from the city, he noticed that divine senses were scanned over.

"Jiang Yi is here!"

Concurrently, an astounding burst of yell echoed in the city. A message secret array swiftly lit up, and a message was immediately sent to the North Thearch City. Thousands of people flew out of the city and started to form their attacks and prepared to stall Jiang Yi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

They were very fast so was Jiang Yi. Ten astral wind blades whizzed down, and the city's barrier instantly ruptured. When everyone below was about to release their attacks, a terrifying sound echoed; and a divine thunder from the Nine Heavens above drew across the sky and struck at that Four-Star expert.


How could ordinary Heaven Monarchs withstand the Divine Sound Heaven Skill? Those thousands of Heaven Monarchs had mostly prepared their attacks, but because of the intense pain in their soul spirits, their attacks had dissipated. Their bodies suffered the backlash while they tumbled in mid-air with agony.


That Four-Star expert also met with tragedy. Jiang Yi's Fury of Thunder was only locking onto him, and his divine s.h.i.+eld had instantly ruptured. He couldn't even release an attack as his entire body had been charred.


A demonic icy voice echoed as the astral wind blades whizzed down and sliced up thousands of people like harvest rice straws. Jiang Yi even controlled one of the astral wind blades to a.s.sault the city lord residence. Right at this moment, there was a slight s.h.i.+ver from the teleportation array which lit up with radiance. His eyes contracted as he immediately stopped his attacks. His hands lit up with white light before he tore the void and escaped.


As the teleportation array lit up with radiance, ten figures gradually appeared inside. The Wu Clan's DemiG.o.d experts had arrived rather quickly, but the message secret array's message required time to arrive at the North Thearch City while they also required time to teleport a few times. Jiang Yi only spent a few breaths of time to invade the city and kill. No matter how fast they were, they wouldn't be able to arrive instantly.

Once the ten DemiG.o.ds appeared in the teleportation array, they immediately flew up and scanned with their divine senses. However, the sky was already empty, and Jiang Yi had already vanished without a trace. Only blood mists were left floating in mid-air.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 964 Anger!

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