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Wu Clan's four regions had over two million cities, and they had all raised white flags over a single night. The four regions were filled with white flags; that was a magnificent sight which caused an uproar among the citizens of the continent.

White Flag!

It was especially used for surrendering. One man was going against a clan, and it was a colossus clan that had been occupying the East Imperial Continent for over 700,000 years. This city had used their entire clan's strength and couldn't kill a single person who was a young man at the age of 23. They were finally forced to raise white flags in the four regions and request for negotiation.

Such humiliation!

One the white flags were raised, even the other Eight Emperors Clans felt their faces burning hot. One of the formidable Nine Thearchs Clans was forced to this degree. It was truly humiliating, and the Wu Clan's reputation was completely tarnished.

Of course, some intelligent people had sensed something fishy. The great clans valued reputation the most, and Jiang Yi's killings were just like a light drizzle for the Wu Clan. Even if he was to kill ten times or a hundred times more people, it still wouldn't waver the Wu Clan's foundations. Why was the Wu Clan behaving without integrity?

Without a doubt, something was amiss!

The Wu Clan might have a scheme and intentionally set this up to lure Jiang Yi for negotiation, but it was actually to kill him. As long as they could kill Jiang Yi, the world wouldn't say that the Wu Clan didn't have any integrity but would praise the Wu Clan to be clever. After all, if Jiang Yi continued killing like this, it would also be a very humiliating matter.

After the Wu Clan raised the white flags, Jiang Yi had stopped the sieges as expected. Furthermore, it was abnormally peaceful for the next three days as he didn't appear again.

On the fourth day, the teleportation array of a large city in the North Snow Region lit up. A black-armored and masked man had appeared in the teleportation array, and when the Wu Clan's experts scanned with their divine senses, they were all astonished.

The face below this mask was filled with scars that intersect one another. No one could recognize who he was as the face was entirely disfigured. Many guards surrounded him, and he didn't even fl.u.s.ter. He spoke in a deep voice, "All of you, get lost. I am Young Master Jiang Yi's envoy. Didn't your Wu Clan want to negotiate?"

"Jiang Yi's envoy?"

The guards outside the teleportation array instantly unsheathed their blades and were overflowing with killing aura. There a few who had already started to circulate their essence force. Their eyes were filled with hatred, and to the Wu Clan, Jiang Yi's name represented humiliation.

"Thinking of killing me?"

This black-armored man was obviously Qi Tianyu. He took a cold glance and spoke with mockery, "Try to make a move if you dare. My Young Master said that if I die, he will swear to kill a million of your Wu clansmen to be buried with me."

"You must be tired of living!"

One of the Wu Clan's commanders was infuriated and was about to make a move, but right at this moment, a few figures flew out rapidly from the city lord residence. An elder wearing a splendid robe roared, "Everyone, stop. When two armies are in a battle, the envoys must not be killed. Does our Wu Clan not have this bit of magnanimity? We will be a laughingstock for the world."

The elder descended with a group of men and cupped his hands. "I am North Level City's City Lord, Wu Meng. May I know how to address you?"

Qi Tianyu replied coldly, "I am Nameless. Wu Meng, send a message to your Wu Clan and ask the influential people to come out and negotiate. You are definitely not able to make a decision."


One of the commanders yelled with rage. Qi Tianyu's meaning was too obvious, and he was saying that Wu Meng wasn't qualified to speak with him.

Wu Meng raised his hand to restrain the commander and said in a heavy voice, "Nameless? How about going to North Thearch City with me? Young Master Ni has given the message to everyone. If Jiang Yi or his envoy was to arrive, they can go to North Thearch City to negotiate."

"Not going!"

Qi Tianyu spoke resolutely, "If we are to negotiate, we will negotiate here. If you are not going to negotiate, you can either kill me or your father. I am going to leave."


The commanders in the vicinity were all filled with rage. Wu Meng's expression had also got immense. This negotiator's temperament was exactly the same as Jiang Yi and was extremely overbearing. Did he actually have to invite Wu Ni over to negotiate?

"Allow me to ask for instructions. Nameless, how about taking a seat inside the city lord residence? It wouldn't be good to negotiate here."

Wu Meng paused for a moment and responded. This time, Qi Tianyu didn't refuse and simply strutted into the city lord residence under the fierce eyes of a group of experts. He even sat on the host's seat in the main hall. He was as arrogant as he could be, and many of the Wu clansmen were so hateful that they were gritting their teeth.

Wu Meng had asked someone to send the news through a message array to the North Thearch City. Soon enough, there was a reply, and Wu Ni was personally coming over to negotiate. He had asked Wu Meng not to act recklessly and make this envoy stay.

The Wu Clan was currently very lively now. Countless people were silently mobilized to the North Level City's vicinity, and many martial artists with special abilities had been gathered as well. Ji Tingyu had guessed that this envoy wasn't Jiang Yi for sure, but she suspected Jiang Yi should be in the vicinity. If their luck was good, they might be able to immediately capture Jiang Yi; and there would be no need to even carry out the later part of the plan.

The result of the search had disappointed Wu Ni as there was no one suspicious in the surroundings. There wasn't even a suspicious situation. He had no choice but to personally teleport to the North Level City.

Wu Ni had obtained all the authority given by the North King, and he was able to mobilize all the clan's manpower. Hence, he had brought along a DemiG.o.d and teleported over. He then entered the city lord residence and met with Qi Tianyu.

Qi Tianyu was still seated on the host's seat and didn't have any intention to stand up. Right now, not even someone with Wu Meng's tactfulness could take it, and he was about to say something. However, Wu Ni shook his hand apathetically and looked at the DemiG.o.d behind him.

"This person is not Jiang Yi!"

The DemiG.o.d expert took a glance at this person and transmitted a firm response. It didn't matter if a person could alter his soul spirit aura or change his appearance; there was still something that couldn't be changed. That would be the life aura presence. Qi Tianyu was 45 years old, and he had an aged life aura presence, which was something Jiang Yi couldn't imitate.

Wu Ni's eyes flashed with a trace of disappointment and locked his eyes on Qi Tianyu and said, "Are you Jiang Yi's envoy? Did he ask you to bring any message?"

Qi Tianyu immediately recognized Wu Ni, but he remained calm and spoke in a deep voice, "Can you represent the Wu Clan?"

"This servant is one of the Wu Clan's consecrators, Wu Zu. This is our clan's Young Master Ni!" Before Wu Ni could speak, the DemiG.o.d expert behind had interrupted. "The Clan Head had personally given the order that Young Master Ni can represent the Wu Clan and has full authority to deal with this matter."

"Wu Zu?"

Qi Tianyu's eyes withdrew as this Wu Zu was very famous. He was the North King's younger cousin brother, and he was a very famous individual in the North King's generation. He had already reached the DemiG.o.d Realm ten years ago and had extreme influence in the Wu Clan.

Qi Tianyu stood up and cupped his hands towards Wu Zu. It didn't matter if he was an enemy or a friend; respect must be shown to the pinnacle experts. It was respect to the martial dao. He then said, "My Young Master said that if you hand over Su Ruoxue, he will never attack your clan's cities again."


Wu Ni sneered and said, "Jiang Yi had besieged sixteen of our clan's cities and killed seventy thousand of our men. A simple statement saying he wouldn't attack our cities, and that's it? If he isn't going to pay any price and if we are to hand over Su Ruoxue like this, how is our Wu Clan going to raise our heads in front of everyone in the future?"

Qi Tianyu stayed silent for a moment and said, "What do you want? You can state the terms, but I cannot decide. I can convey the message to Young Master."


Wu Ni's eyes lit up. What he needed was exactly this conveyance. Qi Tianyu didn't have the Mirage Divine Ability, and their clan's Astrologer could track him anywhere, using him to find Jiang Yi and plan for the kill.

Wu Ni quickly spoke, "Our demands are simple, and we can release Su Ruoxue, but our losses must be compensated. At the same time, Jiang Yi must make an announcement to the world that he will never be enemies with our Wu Clan every again and never take another step inside East Imperial Continent."

"Compensate your losses?"

Qi Tianyu's eyes flashed with radiance. The Wu Clan were ma.s.sive and accomplished, were they lacking anything? What didn't they have? He thought for a moment and immediately understood. The Wu Clan was trying to make a way out of this humiliating situation. At the very least, they had to gain back their reputation. Qi Tianyu inquired, "What do you want?"

"Ancient artifact!"

Wu Ni replied firmly, "I want the ancient artifact that Jiang Yi obtained in the Purgatory Ruin!"

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven 968 I Want The Ancient Artifac

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