I Am Really A Superstar 1663 The International Hosting Qualifications Examination!

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Promotional footage.


The publicity efforts were in full swing.

The countdown to Man vs. Wild's premiere officially began. There were only four more days left to the broadcast of the show, and all preparations for it were ready.

At Zhang Ye's Studio.

In the early morning, everyone had gathered for a meeting.

"It's time to get ready to shoot the next episode."

"Ah? So quickly?"

"Who's signing up to join the film crew this time?"

"Director Zhang, can I not go?"

"Tong Fu, you have to go."

"I lost three pairs of shoes the previous time around."

"Then bring four pairs this time."


"Where are we going to shoot the second episode, Director Zhang?"

"I've already decided on the destination and am in contact with them right now."

Zhang Ye had always been very efficient when it came to planning his work. The first episode was just a pilot that he lined up to be broadcast on Sat.u.r.day. But after that, he didn't want to broadcast just one episode a week. His original plan was to have two episodes a week, with one episode on Sat.u.r.day and one episode on Sunday. Therefore, the filming plan involved a heavy workload with a huge time crunch.

At this moment, a call arrived.

It was from Yu Yingyi.

Yu Yingyi said in a hurry: "Zhang'er!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said: "What's up, Yingyi?"

"Hurry down to Central TV! Something has happened!"

"OK, I'll be right there."

At Central TV.

Central TV International.

When Zhang Ye and his staff from the studio arrived, he saw a panicky Yu Yingyi together with the staff from CTV International. Even the channel's Director Meng was here as well.

Zhang Ye asked, "What's the situation?"

Yu Yingyi hurriedly said, "Zhang'er, do you have an international hosting license?"

Zhang Ye was taken aback. "What?"

Director Meng said, "An international hosting license!"

Zhang Ye threw his hands up. "I only have a hosting license for China."

Ha Qiqi was also taken aback. "Why does he need that?"

Director Meng immediately said, "It's not us who require you to have it. All the different countries have their own host qualifications exam. Even at Central TV International, we don't usually have to worry about this. But it's true that many of the other countries do require their international channel hosts or announcers to have this certification to be able to work. We also request this from our hosts and announcers. Before Yingyi came to our channel, she also spent a year earning her international hosting license. But we didn't originally need you to have it since this type of show doesn't truly have a host."

Ha Qiqi said, "That's right, Man vs. Wild doesn't have a host."

Director Meng said, "But there are people finding trouble with this right now. They're questioning Zhang Ye's lack of international hosting credentials. In their minds, Teacher Zhang's role in Man vs. Wild is as a host. India, America, and Canada have all suggested that if they do not see Zhang Ye's license, they will unilaterally halt the broadcast of the show.

Ha Qiqi's face sank. "Halt it?"

"How can they halt it at this time!" Zhang Zuo said angrily.

Little w.a.n.g said in a rage, "This was clearly targeted at us!"

No one had expected this to happen when the show was about to be broadcast.

Zhang Ye said, "Is there any way to remedy this?"

Director Meng said, "The worst case scenario is that we have to give up on broadcasting the show in America, India, Canada, and some of the other countries. But if we give up on premiering it in those countries, the impact on our show will surely be fatal. The viewers.h.i.+p ratings will be greatly reduced, and all of the previous publicity efforts would have been for naught. This loss will be difficult to bear for us. Our people are still negotiating with the relevant authorities in those countries, but it seems like it will be very difficult to reach an agreement."

Zhang Ye asked, "What's the best way to deal with this?"

Director Meng looked at him. "The best way would be for you to obtain an international hosting license."

Zhang Ye asked, "How often is the exam held?"

Yu Yingyi knew about this. "Once every half a year."

"When is the next time they're holding it?" Zhang Ye asked.

Yu Yingyi said, "Uh, tomorrow."

Zhang Ye nodded. "Is it too late to register for it now?"

Yu Yingyi hurriedly explained, "The designated exam center in China this year is in Shanghai. There's still time to register for it, but the international hosting exam is different from the one we took for the domestic license. They're aimed more at the professional international news broadcasters, so the topics tested are slightly biased on their profession. International geography, international history, and topics regarding politics are all tested. It basically doesn't have anything to do with what we've studied before. Moreover, it is also separated into an interview segment and a written test and requires a very high score to pa.s.s!"

Next to them, another male host from CTV International smiled bitterly and said, "That's right, I prepared for it for a year and took the exam three times before I pa.s.sed. The questions are extremely difficult. Yingyi managed to get it faster than me, but even she took two tries. Many of the other professional hosts in the country can't pa.s.s the exam even after many attempts."

Zhang Ye smiled. "No problem, just help me register for it."

Director Meng glanced at him. "Can you handle it?"

Zhang Ye said indifferently, "Don't worry, Old Meng."

Yu Yingyi clenched her teeth. "I won't be going anywhere today. Let me guide you on how to study for it."

Zhang Ye said happily, "No need for that. Just recommend me the relevant books to study for the exam."

Director Meng sighed and said, "We're depending on you."


Purchasing the books.

Booking tickets to Shanghai.

They could only do this. The rest was up to Zhang Ye himself. No one else could help him with this matter.

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On the same day.

The international news started spreading.

"Man vs. Wild faces a broadcast suspension?"

"Zhang Ye doesn't have an international hosting license!"

"Multiple countries demand the halt of show's broadcast!"

"China's show faces an international stranding!"

"China's show gets besieged by multiple countries!"

"Zhang Ye applies for this round of the International Hosting Qualifications Examination at the last minute!"

On the Web.

People from all over the world were watching the commotion.

An Indian netizen: "Hahaha, he deserves it!"

An American netizen: "Zhang Ye's new show is done for!"

A UK netizen: "Someone must be deliberately targeting him, right?"

A French netizen: "Many of the program and talk show hosts in America also broadcast their shows internationally, but why don't I see anyone asking for their international hosting licenses? If it's not something they themselves can enforce, what gives them the right to demand a Chinese host have it? Handling matters in such a way is shameful."

A Dutch netizen: "That's right. The famous American talk show host, Jeff, has not been able to earn his international hosting license in two years. However, he's still doing great in his job as a host."

A German netizen: "I heard that this is the most difficult exam for a host to take."

A Finnish netizen: "Zhang Ye has already registered to take the exam?"

A Thai netizen: "The exam is taking place tomorrow. Even a G.o.d couldn't pa.s.s it if they decided to take it on a whim."

A Korean netizen: "Not necessarily."

A j.a.panese netizen: "Yeah, I agree."

An American netizen: "Haha, do you guys really think he can pa.s.s?"

Many people around the world were waiting to see China make a fool of themselves.

At this moment, the Chinese netizens came forward.

"f.u.c.king idiots!"

"You guys are trying to mess with Face-smacking Zhang again?"

"Hur hur!"

"It's just the International Hosting Qualifications Examination, isn't it? Just wait and see!"

"Just watch Zhang Ye pa.s.s!"

Zhang Ye.

Man vs. Wild.

For a moment, these two names were pushed into the headlines again!

I Am Really A Superstar 1663 The International Hosting Qualifications Examination!

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