This Time You Are Mine 338 Projects And Meetings 2

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"Will Sylvan take a longer time? I can stay with you until he arrives." Lester asks Yve without minding that his voice is clearly heard by her secretary via phone.

Yve only nods in response and carefree manner but Sylvan isn't delighted to hear Lester's voice. Ever since meeting the man yesterday, Sylvan can sense that Lester is feeling something more than friends towards his Lady Boss. However, without evidence, he can only watch them from a far. Unease that he's far from Yve and Lester, he calls on Eybelle.

"Are you going to be late in picking the Young Madam?" Eybelle asks as soon as she answers the phone call. 

"Yes. But I need you to come out and be at the café now." Sylvan tells her.

"Why? I don't see any threat around. That man, Lester, is still there and is a close friend of Young Madam. If something happens, he can protect her to buy us time to approach their location." Eybelle explains to Sylvan. 

At times like this that Sylvan knows that Eybelle is still young deep inside. Even though she easily understands the intent to kill of other people, she doesn't understand feelings like love and Sylvan knows that no words will make Eybelle understand its meaning. 

"I have no evidence but I got the feeling that Lester is a threat." Sylvan plainly replies however it alerted Eybelle.

"What kind of threat?" Eybelle instructs her team to be on standby as she walks to the café and listen to Sylvan's explanation.

People might argue not to trust a conclusion without any evidence but Team Alpha would gladly obey Sylvan's hunches. They are always correct even if evidences are discovered after they made their move. 

"I can't put it into words but something is really odd with Lester especially on how he looks and talks to Young Madam when left alone." Sylvan vaguely explains.

"Okay. I'm on my way to the café." Eybelle ends the phone call as she enters the place and walks straight to her Lady Boss. 

"Eybelle!" Yve is shocked to see her in front but she was able to instantly hide it from Lester who looks curious in finding out who is the young girl in front of them.

"Yve, this is?" Lester asks.

"Oh, I'm sorry. This is Eybelle, a family friend of Vince. Eybelle, this is Lester." Yve makes the necessary introductions.

"I'll order you your favorite, Eybelle. Just sit here for a while." Yve stands up leaving Lester and Eybelle on their table. 

All through out the time they spend waiting for Sylvan in the café, Eybelle sips the smoothie and eats the cake ordered by Yve for her. Not only that, she continuously observes Lester trying to figure out why did Sylvan categories the former as a potential threat to Yve. But she ends up with nothing. Everything seems normal to her. Lester and Yve work on some projects and have their occasional laughs on the matter. 

'I still don't understand but I'll trust his instincts nevertheless. I'll keep this in mind during their future meetings.' Eybelle mentally takes note of it.

Because Lester is still watching them, Eybelle gets inside the car as well and guards Yve while sitting beside her. 

"I'm sorry for being late, Young Madam." Sylvan apologizes.

"It's fine but have you fixed the problem with the tickets?"

"Yes. We were able to obtain the materials and printing has resumed as we speak." Sylvan reports to Yve.

"But something's bothering me. Why did Eybelle guard me inside the café?" Yve asks both Eybelle and Sylvan. 

"There are lesser people with you inside the café so the probability of you being targeted is quite high. So I decided to guard you up close." Eybelle makes up the lie as she catches Sylvan's eyes from the mirror. 

'I'll make sure to get the truth from your mouth later, Sylvan.' Eybelle makes a promise to herself to know the exact reasons from Sylvan when they have the time face to face.

Once back in the office, Eybelle goes back to her previous a.s.signment and Yve heads to her office to change out of her school uniform. 

"Sylvan, prepare the agreement just in case the investors are interested. Include also copies of our proposal and future plans." Yve instructs him before walks into her private room in the office. 

"I have already prepared them. I also placed a copy of the agreement and proposal on your desk for review."

"Do I still have time?" 

"Yes, about an hour."

"Then, let's leave as soon as I change my clothes. I'll review the files on the way or in the restaurant." 

"As you wish, Young Madam." 

In just a few minutes, Yve and Sylvan are on their way to the restaurant. True to what she said, Yve reads the files inside the car. Sylvan has provided her with portable lights to serve as her lamp and drives in the most stable way to help her. 

"Thank you for all your help, Sylvan." Yve is truly grateful to have a capable right hand man in Sylvan and expresses it every time she gets the chance. 

They arrive earlier than the promised time in the restaurant but Yve finds it better. She remembers that her father would always tell her mother that it's the proper etiquette to be earlier than the promised time especially when you're on the lower side. She uses this time to be more thorough and calls on the staff regarding the food to be served but to give freedom to the investors she only ordered the soup for fast delivery. 

 Once she finishes the final instructions she resumes the review of the files needed for the meeting. Before long though, Yve receives a call from Vince. 

"How are you?" 

"I'm fine but I'll be in a meeting in a short while."

"I see. I'll be in the office and read some files until you pick me up." Vince teases her a bit to calm her nerves down.

Without any information on what is really going on from Yve's side and with the answer 'I'm fine' Yve gave earlier, he can still hear the a subtle change in her usual tone. 

'She must be meeting the investors alone. I know you can do it. They just need a.s.surance that you can perform well even without my presence. You can do it.' Vince cheers her with all his heart even if just silently. 

This Time You Are Mine 338 Projects And Meetings 2

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