My Stubborn Mistress 111 A Thousand Times Our Paths Cross

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Levi was left in wonder. He clasped his hands and let his chin rested on it. Are they on that kind of relations.h.i.+p already? He asked himself.

Shun used the private elevator for executives instead of his secret elevator. He walks the hallway towards his suite and hi security bowed when they spotted him coming out of the lift.

He walks past them and he entered his suite. He saw the two women talking on the long sofa and discussing something.

"Brother, are you alright?" Blaire asked worriedly.

"Ssh..." he gestured. "I'll go check on her."

"Okay, we will go to your office then... I want to talk to Meisha," Blaire announced. He nodded.

After the two women leave, Shun went to his bedroom. He found Ca.s.sandra lying above on the blanket. He quickly reaches her hand and its cold.

"Hey, why you didn't cover yourself?" He gently combs her hair and softly squeezes her hands.

Ca.s.sandra felt his presence and she quickly hugs him and pressing herself into his body to get his warmth. She must be cold already, his talk with Levi did take awhile.

"You are done with your meeting?" she asked him.

"Kind of... are you still sleepy?" he kisses her forehead and continues combing her hair.

"A little... I will be awake soon."

Shun chuckled. She sounded so cute and he was tempted to kiss her and he did. Ca.s.sandra responded to his kisses. He parted his lips from her after that long kiss. He kissed her nose.

"Tell me, have you recognize me way back at Larry's Academy?" he was excited to ask this to her. He glances her face and she was blus.h.i.+ng then partly smiled. He whispered something to her and Ca.s.sandra was flus.h.i.+ng more, she reaches his hip to pinch him. He laughs.

He leans back away to have a full view of her face when she slowly opens her eyes and their gazes meet.

"I did always remembers your voice after that day and I could also remember after seeing your back while you are leaving from Mr. Bastien's Academy," her cheeks are so red now.

"Are you saying that you did finally stare at me after I got clothes on?" he teases her one more time. He received another sweet pinch on his hip. He chuckles and kisses her again.

Who would have thought? The night before, he drowns himself with alcohol after he offers some flowers for Ca.s.sandra's 14th birthday. Since he was told they died on a s.h.i.+pwreck, he will throw a bouquet of flower in the ocean each year.

He felt astounded to hear, that the one who helps to make him a hangover soup that day, is the person he mourns for a couple of years then.

Ah... what a long way they have been walking before they got here and be together again.

That is why he won't allow anyone to take her away from him once again.

Shun kisses her hand and let them intertwine. She stared at him then told him about five years ago.

"I think, you also don't know yet... that I saw you when I was 13 years old."

"Really?" he was stun. "When? How?"

"In the traffic light, Mr. Bastien and I have a little conversation, then he was also scolding you because you were still drunk," she giggles.

Wait, it could be? That's right, it was the first year death anniversary of the Young family. He was still mourning and alcohol he found a way to forget for a while. Ah... he holds not to cry at the moment. How cruel fate they have.

They have met countless times, but destiny always has a way for them to not cross paths... no, they had cross paths a thousand times but then, their fate playing on them for thousand times as well.

"Ah, before I forget... we almost met at the Mainland International Airport," Ca.s.sandra told him.

He was shocked again. Hearing this did not hold his tears from falling down his cheeks. Ca.s.sandra was a bit of surprise and worry seeing him suddenly teared up. She lovingly wipes his tears. He holds her hand and shoves his face on her palm.

Later on, he began hearing Ca.s.sandra sobbing. He stared her face and wipes the tears that come out from her eyes... now they both cry.

After calming down, they stayed embracing each other. He is softly patting Ca.s.sandra's back and she contains herself on pillowing on his shoulder.

Ah... someone is waiting for them to appear, but forget it. He doesn't want anyone to spoil their moment right now. Let them wait.

He felt Ca.s.sandra staring at his neck then she blushed.

"Hmm... is something wrong?" he asked her. She shook her head then shove her face on his chest.

"Is this painful?" she looks up then asked him.

"What is it?" he felt Ca.s.sandra's fingers tracing that part. Ah... her bite mark on his neck.

Meanwhile, at President's Office...

The Directors discussing matters regardless of their jobs on the long table while their boss is away. Blaire places a coffee in front of Levi who stays on the sofa and waiting.

"Ca.s.sie was still sleeping, probably my brother waiting for her to wake up."

"It's alright. I am not in a hurry," he said then smiled.

The truth is, he has been disturbed about something. When he came back inside to resume their conversation, President Crow already took off his business coat, then loosen his tie and that he notices the bite mark on his neck.

He was confused about whether it is possible. He doesn't want to believe, that Ca.s.sie and the President are on that kind of relations.h.i.+p already. How possibly could it be?

If it wasn't, then, are the President actually cheating on her? Ah... he is curious to know. If President Crow is only playing with her, he would hold back no more on taking Ca.s.sie with him and become his enemy.

My Stubborn Mistress 111 A Thousand Times Our Paths Cross

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