My Stubborn Mistress 291 Her Strict Papa

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As the night went by; heavy arms have woken me up, then I gaze the face of my handsome hero.

Ah… my heart thumps till it made me drowned.

Although I have these questions inside my head; I will presume that everything was simply a dream as my heart yearns for him, and no meanings by this nightmare I had.

Said, thinking someone before you fall to sleep will visit your dream. And I did saw Quinn at that time I badly needed him.

But could he believe if I told him about that dream?

No. I shouldn't make him worry; especially now that I know of how a busy person he is. He had a big responsibility placed on his shoulder. Soon, when I become Mr.s Williams; I wanted to be a help to Quinn in every matter we must take care of.

Honestly, antic.i.p.ation overwhelms me for the day would come. By now, I am in no use to him, as I can do anything yet. Except in the coming years, I will be a great help to him is that I will a.s.sure.

As I remained to stare at Quinn: I nuzzle his face, then tracing his beard when I noticed the tiny hair; growing again. I may uncertain if he shaves them off every day, but these pa.s.sing days we are together, I could more see his cleaner face than those times we do a video chatting.

Startled, Quinn reached for my hand. He is awake, and just let me brush his face. I did wonder if he even sleeps last night?

Quinn clasps my hand, and brought to his lips; planted tiny kisses on the back of my palm. He then opens his eyes, and his gorgeous blue eyes gaze out at me.

"Hey. Still, too early to wake up," he told me.

I chuckled, then my cheeks flushed. How can I tell him that I preferred to stay awake to stare at his handsome face?

But, before I could reply, Quinn reaches for my lips and covers them with his.

Hmm... as I tasted them, it was sweet and sensual. Quinn deepened his kisses, and then his tongue began exploring inside of mine. I let him lead me, imitating how he did it.


I sighed as I could feel his palm ma.s.saging my collarbone down to my shoulder; trailing to my side down toward my hipbones. I gasped. He held me tight and pulled me closer; pressing our body.

"I cannot wait for the day we can be together every day and every night," Quinn whispered to my ear.


" I love you so much," Pa.s.sionately, Quinn looks me in the eyes while saying these...

"You are getting more beautiful each day pa.s.sed; never fades. It may be in the past, whether the future nor in my dreams or the real one."

Quinn complimented me; his words carved at the bottom of my heart. Although I tried to process the other means of these words; still, it was pleasant to my ears. To think of, it did overwhelm me.

And so, how could I bring up to him about the things I've decided? There is no way I can open it up at this time.

On the other hand, I absolutely look forward to marrying Quinn when I am old enough. Ah, my mind filled with this stuff.

"What are you thinking?" Quinn asked me.

"Hum?" I acted innocent.

"Yes. Tell me..."

"Oh, it's just random stuff," I said the truth anyway.

"About? Can you share it with me?"

"Don't want to," I pouted sweetly.

"Are you being silly now? Huh, future Mrs. Williams?"

I giggle as I shove my head toward Quinn's chest. For now, I will just forget the things that bother me and enjoy every ounce of the moment we could be together.

Later on, we both went back sleeping. After two hours or so, I could hear a commotion inside the room I am staying in.

"Quinn Williams!"

I could hear Papa's voice. Am I dreaming, again?

"You rascal! Get up!" His angry voice echoed inside my ears.

"Honey, tone down your voice. It was early in the morning, and your daughter was still sleeping."

I heard Mama Hannah telling this to Papa. What is happening then? I have to wake up to find out if this was happening in reality.

My eyes instantly grow wider seeing Papa Landon's reddish face of anger piercing at Quinn.

"Papa!" I sat up and parted from Quinn. He did not move an inch even Papa began yelling at him because he doesn't want to wake me up.

"How dare you! You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! We trusted you!"

Papa keeps shouting at Quinn which he just stayed silent even Papa almost slaps him. I could see a few of the chambermaids peeping at the door. Quinn's parents also rushed inside, follows Blaire and Meisha; even Larry and Loura.

This is completely embarra.s.sing!

"Papa! Don't make it wrong!" I tried to explain things to him.

"What is not wrong here? How dare he crawls his way to you when I was sleeping and not on watch!"

I am speechless. My mouth dropped open. Ugh. Papa was exaggerating. I need to calm him down; wis.h.i.+ng he will believe.

"And look at your clothes? Do you have to wear this kind of—"

Oh, he is so cute! I wanted to t.i.tter at Papa's reaction, but I must behave. I would love to giggle as how Papa cannot say the word 's.e.xy' or 'seductive' to my clothing. This nightie gown is a gift from Cara.

But everything is just a coincidence. I did not think Quinn and I would end up sleeping together last night. And, I honestly don't have a plan of seducing Quinn sooner.

Oh, I blushed as thinking the last three words.

"But Papa? I asked Quinn to stay with me because I have a nightmare before he got home," I reasoned.

Papa took silence before he spoke out. "Is that true?" there is a doubt in his voice.

Papa asked, and I nodded. I could see he is calming down a bit, but those glaring at Quinn were still there.

"Why did you not call us?"

"Um..." I glanced at Quinn and our eyes talked. "It's late. I rather not disturb you, and Mama."

Thus, my parents look at each other.

"And so, there's nothing happen, Papa!" I insisted. "Quinn has just accompanied me!"

I know I am trying harder to convince them.

Papa sighed then asked one more time. "Okay. What did you dream about last night?"

I looked at everyone, and I could tell how much they were intrigued to hear about it.

"It's just a random dream, Papa. Nothing to worry."

"I guess, we must go back to Hiryuu Island sooner. You were often having a nightmare if we go to other places."

"I'm okay, Papa. So far since we arrived, that is the first time I dream like that," I smiled as telling this to him, so he would stop asking about the dream.

I cannot tell him that Mama and he died in my dream, but Quinn arrived and save me.

"Okay. We better all have breakfast."

Aunt Katherine announced, and everyone began to leave the room. Papa then grabbed Quinn by the elbow and dragged him outside to separate us, but Quinn turned his head toward me and his lips forming 'I love you'. 

I wanted to squeal when he did that. Quinn quickly behaves when Papa glances at him then s.h.i.+fted his gaze at me. I giggle after everyone left, but only a maid stayed to help my bath.

It was the maid who told me how it began. Papa learned that I asked for medicine last night, and that made him marching toward my bedroom as he worries about me. But when he entered the room, he saw us embracing each other while we slept in the same bed.

So Papa did freak out seeing Quinn holding me around his arms. Honestly, when we're married, Quinn, and I normally shared a room and the bed. I wanted to reason that to him. But since I am still young for the marriage, Papa was definitely strict toward Quinn.

My Stubborn Mistress 291 Her Strict Papa

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