The Geared Immortal 424 The Diversion

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Chapter 417


A few hours ago…

A figure can be found walking on the street while skipping every now and then. It was as if he is playing while looking at his own shadow. As the street light would illuminate his face one can see that the man is grinning from ear to ear as if he is happy on something.

Suddenly a person wearing a black suit stopped the figure.

"Halt! Who are you and what is your purpose in approaching this area?"

However, what greeted the man wearing a black suit was a sharp object protruding from his back.

"Such flimsy creature… Hihi…" the figure said with a grin.

"I am here to get that little missy of the Tang… and no one can stop me… Keke…" he added.

When the man fell lifeless to the ground, a group of black-suited men came jumping out from somewhere. They pointed their weapons to the figure.

As they look at him they noticed that the man is actually wearing a green martial arts robe and a funny half-mask covering his eyes with dead purple-colored lips.

"Everyone, get him!" shouted one of the men as they began to shoot and brandish their weapons.

However, before they can move a really fast shadow moved and began attacking them one by one. In no time all of the men in suits fell to the ground.

"Kekeke… is this all they can offer… this is too easy… Now… for my reward… Hehe…" the man said as he began dancing towards the villa of s.h.i.+n Jiao.

Upon reaching the tall wall surrounding the house, he suddenly stopped.

"Oh, what's this? Ah… I see, so this is what they call the barrier. Not too bad. However, I also have the key… Keke…" the man said as he moved to specific spots of the barrier and began to deactivate it.

He was too proficient in deactivating the array that it seems like he was the one who set it up. Then he began cheering up after he was able to remove the barrier surrounding the villa. He then leisurely steps towards the gate while dancing in glee.

Inside the villa, the unsuspecting Susan Tang and Marie Eleanor were sitting on the couch. They didn't know that a shadow is slowly looming and creeping through the wall as it peeks on the two beauties.

The man's eyes almost went out of their sockets as he ogled the two beautiful women wearing simple clothes that somewhat exposes a part of their snow-white and jade-like smooth skin. His eyes are particularly glued on Susan Tang as he began to scan her from head to toe while his mouth salivates in a desire to taste the beauty in front of him.

"d.a.m.n it! Those two women are too beautiful. Hehe… They didn't say that I cannot touch them, right? They just say to capture two women. If I play for a bit then it would not matter… right? Keke…"

The man's face slowly distorted into an evil sinister and perverted grin.

Then suddenly, he flashed and appears in front of the door.

Ding! Dong!

The buzzer echoed which woke Susan and Marie from their own thoughts. The two look at each other as Marie excitedly jumps up. She is aware of the rescue, and she is excited to see her father. But before she can walk further, her hand was grabbed by a smooth hand as she was suddenly dragged into the room.

"Susan… wait, don't drag me inside… I want to see my father." she complained while she felt helpless at Susan Tang's strength.

Marie did not expect that Susan has such strength that she can almost carry her towards the room.

"Don't make any noise… I can smell blood from outside. That is not s.h.i.+n Jiao. It's someone else." Susan Tang said in a low voice.

Upon entering the room, she immediately activated the barrier inside.

"Come here, we need to see what's happening," Susan said as she turns on the monitor.

The big screen was divided into six separate screens. On each screen, she can see portions of the house even outside. And from what she is seeing, she knew that someone is standing outside of the door.

The man is standing while waiting outside, he then presses the doorbell again and began to act like he was thinking. Then his eyes turn towards the camera.

As soon as the two women saw the eyes of the masked man, they both feel Gooseb.u.mps and a cold s.h.i.+ver running down their spine.

The scary and sinister look on the man's face made them feel afraid. Even Susan Tang who is now at the 3rd level of the novice mage is somewhat scared, how much more can a normal girl like Marie feel?

The situation has turned bad and the two women didn't know what to do right at this moment. Susan Tang can only try to call s.h.i.+n Jiao, but she soon finds out that she didn't have a dial tone.

"Signal blocker… d.a.m.n it… what should we do?" Marie muttered in panic.

"We need to call the police…" she added with a bit of a hysterical tone.

"Calm down, that person cannot enter this room." Susan Tang said in confidence.

However, right now, she is really afraid. She didn't know how the man was able to enter the ground with the barrier up. This is what she is afraid of.

Suddenly, she heard a loud explosion outside.


Then the two immediately turn their sigh on the monitor. And from there they saw the man was lying on the sofa they were sitting a while ago. It from his position it seems that he was sent flying inside the house. Then the two saw a silver Mech Frame walking towards the villa's door.

"Who is that?" the two muttered together.

Their question was not answered because the man suddenly stood up and an angry expression can be seen on his face.

"You f*cker! I will kill you for that sneak attack!" he shouted as he began to fight against the Mech Frame.

The two began to exchange blows and wreak havoc in the villa and its surroundings. However, from the look of it, it seems that the Mech Frame is unable to defeat the man wearing a funny mask. This is because the Mech Frame hasn't even landed a hit to the man while it is already bombarded with many punches making the metallic surface of the mech looks deformed.

Then suddenly the man kicked the mech's head as it flew away.

"Haha… Let me destroy your toy." He shouted as he began to peel off the armor one by one until the c.o.c.kpit was pried open.

When the man saw who the pilot is, his eyes seemed to glow in pleasure.

"Oh, my! Another beauty!" He said as he suddenly drags the unconscious figure inside.

When Susan and Marie saw who the woman is, they felt alarmed, because it was s.h.i.+ Anne Li.

"s.h.i.+ Anne! How? When did she come back?… I thought…" Susan muttered in disbelief.

She didn't expect that s.h.i.+ Anne Li would turn to their rescue, but was caught by the enemy. She could not let her friend and sworn sister be in danger. Hence she turns towards Marie.

"You stay here… I will help s.h.i.+ Anne, okay?"

"Wait, no! How can you fight that… that monster?" Marie protested as she held Susan Tang's arms.

"Don't worry… I'm not a normal human." Susan Tang said as she gave Marie a confident smile.

She then walked out of the room and activates her magic on both hands. A ball of raging air began to form on her palms as she cupped her hand to hold them as she began to approach the man.

"Unhand her now…" Susan Tang said in a cold tone.

"Hehe… Oh my… You truly are beautiful… Oh, what is this? What is this? You have powers?" the man said with a joyful smile as he held s.h.i.+ Anne Li on one arm while turning his lecherous gaze towards Susan Tang.

"Haha… I want three women now... Ohhh… I know well all play, basketball… Hehe… I can't wait to shoot my b.a.l.l.s… Keke."

But Susan Tang didn't let the man talk anymore as she felt irritated by his lecherous words. But the man was too fast as he dodges her attacks while easily holding s.h.i.+ Anne Li on his other arms.

"Ohhh… I like feisty women… they can make me feel more excited in bed. Keke…"

His taunting work as Susan began to lose her cool and rages while trying to hit the man.

However, a sudden change of expression appears in the man's eyes as he suddenly threw s.h.i.+ Anne Li to Susan Tang. He then turns to s.n.a.t.c.h the large Mech Frame, while jumping towards the darkness.

"s.h.i.+ Anne! s.h.i.+ Anne!" the frantic voice of Susan Tang cried out as she tried to wake s.h.i.+ Anne Li in her arms.

Within the rubbles, Susan Tang carefully laid s.h.i.+ Anne Li after clearing the half-destroyed sofa.

"s.h.i.+ Anne… wake up…" she said while carefully checking s.h.i.+ Anne Li's condition.

Suddenly, a figure appears on the huge hole of the villa. When Susan Tang saw the person at first she was afraid, but then she immediately cried.

"s.h.i.+n, help! Sister s.h.i.+ Anne is unconscious… we have to take her to the hospital." Susan Tang cried while looking pitifully at s.h.i.+n Jiao.

Her cold aura and fighting spirit turned into a pleading look upon seeing the man she loved. It was as if, all her pent up worries and anxiety immediately banished.

The Geared Immortal 424 The Diversion

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