Hentai God System 14 The Trail Pt.2

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Ryu Lang walks through the main golden gates of the Academy. The Academy building looked like a fantasy style prestigious Nihonjin gakkō, with forest trees entangled around the cracks of the modern building. He was still thinking about Garry's hot busty supermodel mom, he juicy long s.h.i.+ny thighs, plump smackable a.s.s, sapphire eyes, and long flawless black hair and face was really a treasure to have for Ryu Lang.

'Asami needs that glorious thick a.s.s spanked,' Ryu Lang pervertedly stares at Asami's thick bubble-a.s.s as she seductively walks away with her injured son Garry. Each s.e.xy step she took her plump b.u.t.t cheeks jiggled and wiggled ever so wonderfully inside of her skin-tight black stylish Chinese dress.

"Brother what are you looking at?" Elza naively asked him with furrowed eyes.

"None of your business," He quickly replied as goes through the main entrance stone doors of the Academy.

"You are being a meanie!" Huffed Elza with cute puffed up cheeks.

Ryu wasn't being rude or a jerk to his young sister, he just didn't want his sister to figure out what f.u.c.ked up s.h.i.+t he was thinking about doing with Garry's busty bombsh.e.l.l hot mom. He wanted to f.u.c.k her voluptuous thick athletic body in every position possible. He wanted to devour her p.u.s.s.y with his dragon d.i.c.k while her stupid weak son watches.

Ryu images all of this and rubs his hands together with a wide grin.

More young cultivator girl students pa.s.s by Ryu and think he is crazy as he stands in place with a smile on his young face and thinks about all the lewd things he would do to Asami.

Ryu looks up at the Academy building and sees a sign that says Cultivators Academy.

"I am going to use all of my cultivation powers today," He cooly puffs the collar of his black and navy blue combat jacket and flips back his long dark brown hair with a sinister smirk.

Ryu Lang makes his way into the Academy building that most of the staff members were all young woman around their 20s. They all looked like maidens wearing different s.e.xy outfits such as nurse dresses, skimpy security guard s.h.i.+rts/tight leather pants, and of course seductive young cultivator teachers who had sleek gla.s.ses and ponytail hair. All of the women looked well-educated and drop-dead gorgeous.

's.h.i.+t this really is a p.u.s.s.y paradise,' Ryu Lang l.u.s.t was overflowing his body. He wanted to bang every beauty in sight, but he knew he mustn't think with his d.i.c.k. He had to use his mind to its fullest potential if he wanted to conquer every beauty in this new world. After all, he was still young, but he didn't want to stay this way forever. No woman would ever take him seriously. Yet at the moment it didn't matter to him. He would f.u.c.k any alluring maiden and G.o.ddess regardless of his age.

Ryu was still a f.u.c.king deviant at heart and nothing would change that, this was the life and soul of a Hentai G.o.d. No beta bulls.h.i.+t. Ryu was determined to take everyone's woman at any and all cost.

He was even waiting for his sister to grow up so he could experience a great taboo with her. Morals didn't matter to Ryu. All his life was spent searching for hentai and now he finally had the chance to create his own hentai in real life! He wasn't going to waste his new life being a f.u.c.king weakling and virgin. No. He was going to become the greatest Hentia G.o.d ever.

"Come this way oni-chan!" Elza cutely waves at Ryu and points over to a staduim room. This was the room where The Trial would take place. Ryu Lang's destiny lied within that room. He walks through the wooden doors and sees a line of cultivator students. Garry was seen with his group of bullies and some cute doll-faced girl students. Every cultivator student was wearing prestigious academy uniforms.

Asami was s.e.xily standing next to the school princ.i.p.al with her long legs crossed. She was now wearing black pantyhose stockings that pressed tightly against her thick creamy thighs and a navy blue officer jean-s.h.i.+rt. It seemed that was a secerutiy guard.

The school princ.i.p.al was just as seductive as Asami and was even more bustier! She was also younger than Asami by four years, 17 years old and she was already a Headmistress!

"Its Headmistress Asuka!" Gasped most of the cultivator students with shock in their faces. They knew how insanely strict and important she was. The Headmistress could ruin any of the young cultivators lives by not pa.s.sing any of them today at The Trial. Every young cultivator feared Asuka who only chose the most powerful cultivators to graduate in this prestigious academy.

"Everyone get in line and get ready for the trial! If you fail today you are expelled!" Asuka said with no mercy in her scarlet-red beaming eyes. She truly was a fearsome woman for her short height. But even though she was short her b.u.t.t was ma.s.sive and thick and her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were the size of watermelons! Almost on the same level as Ryu's mother's b.r.e.a.s.t.s!

Ryu Lang powerful Primodrial Dragon senses sensed that Asami and Asuka were related to each other. He wasn't sure if they were sisters or cousins. Garry is looking angrily at Ryu Lang, he didn't like Ryu looking at his mother in a l.u.s.tful way.

'Tch I can't wait to have fun with the a.s.s Sisters,' Ryu Lang glares at both Asami's and Asuka's fat juicy a.s.ses. He wanted to spank them so hard and make them beg and cry for his c.o.c.k.

His inner Hentai G.o.d was just rising. This whole world will soon feel his wrath.


This chapter needs to be edited. More chapters coming sorry for the delay I was just planning this story and trying to edit past chapters. More epic R-18 coming. Every fetish will be in this story accept the bad ones like the NTR that happens to the MC. f.u.c.k that s.h.i.+t. MC will always be alpha.

Let me know what things to add in this story.

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Hentai God System 14 The Trail Pt.2

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