Omni-Mastery 135 Path & Ques

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After burying the demon's dead body within the range of the illusion formation, borrowing its power to conceal what occurred as to not leave behind any suspicion.

With that, and after cleaning the signs of the battle and the black blood that was spurted by the demon, I quickly confirmed that all the evidences were erased.

At this point, my tension relaxed a bit as I laid on the gra.s.s while staring into the bright blue sky, now that the important battle that actually only went on for a few minutes only had ended, it was time to plan my next move.

After all, I ended up raising my level by a grand total of 41 levels, while the increase in my fighting ability was even more terrifying, albeit incurring a fatal danger in the very end which was resolved in the very end, this meant that my grand leveling plan had mostly shown outstanding success, but this also meant that my planned ahead has finally caught up with my present, it was time for another deep thinking session…

'Should I enter the concealed gate regardless of danger with my current strength and put my life on the line to further develop my level and abilities?'

'Should I return to Starry Night City and lead a leisurely life as the savior of the genius party?'

'Or should I just go seek some hiding place to live through the next 9 years? It does seem quite possible with my current strength…'
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Soon, after 5 minutes has pa.s.sed,I opened my eyes.

Countless thoughts pa.s.sed through my head, even useless ones, or plainly stupid ones that indulged in escapsim…..

However, I had already decided on the cornerstones of my following path!

My number one purpose in the game as an overall is obviously survival, which lead to another purpose, namely 'becoming stronger', but even then, a life that only moved on these wheels would only be the life of battle maniac, while I wanted to be a survivalist, my whole life simply couldn't be a life of running around to find ways of getting stronger while risking my life that I initially wanted to become stronger to protect, I didn't want to be such a paradoxical being!

So I decided to follow fate and opportunities! Slightly risking a bit to gain more along the way is okay as well, I also didn't want to become a coward as much as I didn't want to become an extremist!

Similar to how I used the opportunity of the oppression directed to Starry Night City to my own advantage, hatching the leveling plan of mine, transfering danger and tyranny into an EP pack, I wanted to follow through with my 10 years game life in a similar way!

It might seem like quite the normal option that usual players choose or something that just seems right without thinking, but to me I needed to reaffirm my stance so as to only take firm footsteps into my future path!

Of course, the Two-Floor Gate seems like quite an opportunity, but at its current danger grade, it's more like a honey trap, so I decided to put it as the second choice in my list of opportunities.

While the first choice would of course be the only quest on my quest list…

[ Sudden quest! 'Join the Lightning knight brigade' is now in progress. ]

The quest that I had received due to the recommendation scroll that I obtained from the mysterious 'Blue Beard' who no longer had a beard the last time I saw him, was in actuality a major opportunity!

[ Quest: Join the Lightning knight Brigade!

Description: you have been granted a recommendation scroll from a person of authority, the first step is already cleared for you, join the 'Cla.s.s' trial and attain a 'Cla.s.s' of at least special rank.


1. Unlocking a 'Cla.s.s'.

2. Officially granted a general position within the brigade. ]

Cla.s.s trial!

Unlike normal games, there was no cla.s.s a.s.signing option at the very start of the game nor there was a cla.s.s a.s.signing quest in the tutorial village, however, I had encountered a cla.s.s a.s.signing quest right off the bat at the very beginning in the normal phase, yet I didn't actively start it for two reasons.

Firstly, I was busy with the other leveling plot which threw itself at me. And secondly, there was actually a standard time at which one could truly start the quest.

[ Quest Initiation period: 30 day

Time pa.s.sed: 22 days

Time left: 8 days ]

Consequently, the time to start this quest still had more than a week before it expired, which I had already put in my mind as the most possible target after I was done with the leveling plot.

The rewards were quite lavish after all, so it was time to head to the Lightning Capital!

Omni-Mastery 135 Path & Ques

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