Omni-Mastery 54 'Swordsmanship'

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There were only a few things that are left to be done with the limited time in my hand. First thing was…...

['Omni-Mastery' Lv2

'Lv.0' - you can achieve skill acquisition much easily through knowledge acc.u.mulation & understanding.

'Lv.1' - you are able to acquire Mastery skills through skill & knowledge acc.u.mulation.

'Lv.2' - you are able to combine & Integrate skills of related nature through understanding.]

The freshly leveled up talent ability, which I didn't have time to look at. It was time to consider its use and see if my guess was in place.

Most of my skills that were of related nature were already combined, meaning that I had limited choices. But that wasn't the only thing that needed to be considered.

I could easily understand skill combination, but what exactly did integrate exactly mean? That is what I'm trying to test.


I sat down cross-legged as I closed my eyes and started feeling around my body with mind power, which I wasn't skilled at using yet, though simple probing was still possible. It was a very weird but exciting experience to see inside your body, being able to see the blood vessels and even the blood cells itself wasn't impossible on earth but it was incomparable to this.

What's more was that I was even capable of controlling these blood cells, which I found myself able to do after my const.i.tution pa.s.sed 75 points, of course, that was with the a.s.sistance of 'Wisdom'.

A small transparent sword like shape suddenly appeared swimming in the oxygenated blood carried from my heart, I immediately captured it and isolated it using my mind power. This was sword energy.

I didn't know much about sword energy other than it was very hard to achieve, and most people can only have it as a hereditary ability. However, my sword energy originated from 'Sword Mastery', unlike most people, but it was still quite thin and mostly gathered in my heart chambers.

Holding that small sword, which pa.s.sed through my body like a harmless ghost, I started performing the moves of 'Swift swordsmans.h.i.+p' the only sword art I had at this point, using my mind power as my mean of control.

It was a very clumsy performance in the end, I was still a noob at this form of control...

I was trying to incorporate it with sword energy and at the same time make a different for of skill combination. I took my time trying as I tried to perfect my control through mind power.


5 hours later…...

[ You have created the special skill 'Swordsmans.h.i.+p'! ]

[ 'Sword Mastery' leveled up! ]

[ 'Sword Mastery' reached level 2! ]

[ 'Swordsmans.h.i.+p' Lv1 (Special)

Description: the culmination of your sword art, a unique style of your own!

Skill acc.u.mulation:

'Swiftness' Intermediate lv1, 0% (Integration 0.13%).]

I was truly capable of achieving this, it was mostly thanks to 'Sword Mastery' which was made out of incomplete sword knowledge.

Unlike its lackl.u.s.ter name, the skill itself was something else, I only had to continue integrating more suitable sword arts in order to perfect it. And that wasn't all….

['Sword-Mastery' Lv2

Skill type: Pa.s.sive

*Attacks' Strength & Damage increase by 20% when wielding a sword.

*you acquire an affinity 'Sword-Affinity (F)'

*you acquire an energy ability 'Sword Energy (F)'.]

Omni-Mastery 54 'Swordsmanship'

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