Omni-Mastery 55 'Sword Energy'

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It felt like something in my heart exploded, a flood of sword energy incomparable to the earlier thin stream gushed out of my aorta and into my blood vessels all over my body.

I could feel a churning pain controlling all my senses, a feeling similar to when I first got 'Sword Mastery' yet still beyond comparison.

[ Your body have been cleansed by 'Sword Energy (F)' ]

[ Const.i.tution +8 ]

[ Strength +11 ]

And the world turned black...


I opened my eyes as I hastily checked the time, I didn't expect this to happen, luckily I was still in the system s.p.a.ce, else my life would have been in danger.

[ 12h: 26m: 17s ]


I let out a sigh as I realized I only fainted for 3 hours, this was still a salvageable situation.

I felt a greasy feeling surrounding my whole body, there was a sweat like matter all over me. However, the surprise was unrelated to this, it was that I shed a whole layer of skin!

Instant shedding like this was normally something that only certain animals like snakes would do, human skin would normally shed and regenerate overtime, this was certainly an abnormal condition.

It looked like the effects of 'Sword Mastery' & 'Sword Energy' was not as simple as displayed, all of this was the result of leveling 'Sword Mastery' only to lv2….

"I suppose I can't get some clean water to clean myself here?"

[Oh, of course, the service in the system s.p.a.ce is as good as a five star hotel, and best of all, it's free!] (Zero)

A medium sized shower with a bathtub under it suddenly appeared in front of me, which even had some soap & shampoo to its side.

I rushed into it to remove this uncomfortable sweaty feeling, I even took my time and stayed for half an hour to enjoy this modern showering which wouldn't be available anytime soon.


Wearing a new set of clothing provided by Zero, I sat cross-legged once again, but this time I sat on my new comfortable bed instead of the cold white floor.

Starting with my outer appearance, my skin turned into a somewhat glossy baby skin. It felt somewhat ridiculous, but it felt comfortable to touch.

As for the inside, the changes were much more apparent. The sword flood had now subsided as it turned into constant flowing channels all over my blood vessels.

It gave a refres.h.i.+ng feeling as it flowed through my body accompanying my blood cycle. However, the main change lied in my heart.

A double or triple sized energy sword was situated in my left ventricle heart chamber, which was apparently the source of the sword flow.

My veins and arteries have also slightly thickened as if it was to endure the now less transparent word flow. It was like a change beyond the calculation of stats.

I summoned my [ Lightning Cloud ] out of the ring as held into it and started to perform the moves of 'Swift Swordsmans.h.i.+p'.

[ 'Swiftness' Integration +7% ]

[ 'Swiftness' Integration +5% ]

[ 'Swiftness' Integration +4% ]



[ 'Swordsmans.h.i.+p' leveled up! ]

[ 'Swordsmans.h.i.+p' reached level 2! ]

It was finally done, and all it took was one hour!

Omni-Mastery 55 'Sword Energy'

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