Lord Of The Magical Beasts 19 Wager

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After toiling for a few days, the first weapons shop in Wissen Town successfully opened its doors.

With Fenlist and Gullit's advertising, the people of the town swarmed the shop on the day of the opening. There was a sea of people outside the shop.

"My G.o.d, weapons made by dwarves. These are all weapons made by dwarves!"

"Oh, am I seeing things, a beautiful elf server? Oh Yiblis, I dare say that the boss of this weapons shop must be someone of high status!"

In the opulently decorated weapons shop, Sofia lined up with her sisters. Their beautiful faces, perky b.r.e.a.s.t.s, slender thighs, and sweet smiles dumbfounded the guests around them.

The popular dwarf-made weapons and the captivating elf beauties. Shocking, too shocking.

Even though Wissen Town was near the Terras Forest, dwarves and elves rarely appeared in the town. Seeing the variety of exquisite weapons and the beautiful elves, the crowd engaged in whispers, all discussing Yang Ling's ident.i.ty and background.

"Hey, I heard that the boss of this shop is a very rich man, with businesses all over the continent."

"Tsk, how can he just be a rich man? No average rich man could set up this kind of shop." A young man sneakily observed the surroundings, then whispered, "It is rumored that this young man has frequently been seen near the palace of the Banto Empire…"

"Oh Yiblis, could he be royalty?" The people around the young man were shocked.

"Hehe, your words, not mine!" the young man whispered. "Don't try anything funny here, we can't afford to offend the boss. We won't have enough lives to enjoy the money we got!"

Hearing the guesses of the crowd, Yang Ling, who was leaning on his tiger skin chair, shook his head and took a sip of the jasmine tea Alice brought him. He thought about whether he should get a few fierce barbarians to stand guard in front of the store. That might attract even more attention.

The most important thing when running a business was attracting the attention of potential customers. Yang Ling was very satisfied by the turnout today. After all, as long as there was a flow of traffic, his business would definitely be bustling. Looking at the number of troops purchasing weapons and armor, he realized that he had come across a golden opportunity.

With his rich mineral resources and expert dwarf blacksmiths, Yang Ling was confident that he would be able to monopolize the weapons trade in Wissen Town. Even though there were not many people living in the town itself, troops and adventurers often pa.s.sed through this place. As long as he managed the shop carefully, he would definitely turn a monstrous profit.

Perhaps he could even invent chainmail; that would make his business boom!

Yang Ling took a sip of the jasmine tea and thought about the famous chainmail. After these days of observation, Yang Ling had noticed that the troops were either wearing weak leather armor or overly-large plated armor. If he could design a light yet st.u.r.dy chainmail, it would definitely appeal to the customers.

"You have the cheek to sell these broken toys to the public? Where's the boss? Get him out here!" Just as Yang Ling was thinking about his idea, a loud roar came from outside the door.

"Who are you, do you think you can meet our boss just because you want to?" Without waiting for Yang Ling's instructions, Fenlist spread his arms to block the unfriendly warrior in black.

Ever since Yang Ling brought over a large amount of dwarf-made weapons and a few elf beauties, Gullit and Fenlist had understood that they had made the right gamble. Yang Ling was definitely born into a rich family. As long as they got into his good books, a life of fame and money awaited them. Thus, they were particularly diligent when it came to their work.

"I am the Banto Empire's Great Swordsman from the royal family, Batiste Mayer. Hmph, get your boss to come out immediately!" The warrior in black gave a cold grunt, planting his foot into Fenlist's chest. A crack could be heard as Fenlist's ribs broke. The pain caused the thief to fall to the ground.

Seeing how unfriendly their visitor was, Casey quickly drew his sharp longsword and instructed the other warriors to surround Batiste. As a beginner swordsman, he understood how terrifying a Great Swordsman would be. Even he might be defeated within a few moves against this man in black, much less a weaker swordsman like Argus.

"Hmph, you're asking for death!"

Batiste let out a cold grunt and drew the longsword on his waist. A red light flashed as deep cuts formed on the chests of everyone other than Casey.

"Oh G.o.d, Red Blood Battle Energy!" Seeing the pulsing red glow on Batiste's sword, a few more experienced troops were shocked. They quickly stepped back, retreating multiple steps away from Batiste before they could calm themselves down.

Witnessing this scene, Casey understood that he was no match for his opponent. His opponent could use the Red Blood Battle Energy, and with abilities that powerful, how could he just be an ordinary Great Swordsman? He might already be nearing the level of Sword Saint.

"Exciting, bravo!" With a cold smile, Yang Ling slowly walked out. "May I ask your motive for coming here today?"

"Hmph, spare me the nonsense. If your weapons can cause a scratch on my s.h.i.+eld over here, I'll admit defeat; otherwise, don't try fooling the people here with such rubbis.h.!.+" Batiste spoke as he lifted his heavy s.h.i.+eld. The s.h.i.+eld emitted a red glow after he circulated the Battle Energy in his body.

"What do you want to wager?" Yang Ling was unmoved, secretly a.n.a.lyzing Batiste's background and motive.

After a cold grunt, Batiste calmly said, "If you win, you can take my head; if you lose, hehe, cut your own neck!"

A duel of life and death?

Batiste had just said this when the people around them erupted into commotion. Popular dwarf-made weapons, captivating elf beauties, a mysterious boss, and now a Great Swordsman; could this be an early April Fool's joke?

Seeing the confident Batiste, Yang Ling had a thought. This Great Swordsman had come to cause trouble exactly on the day he opened for business, and the man had asked for Yang Ling's head the moment he spoke. It was clear that he had come prepared, possibly under Ymir's instructions.

Well, this was bound to happen eventually. Yang Ling understood that only Ymir had animosity towards him, and only the powerful Anca family could quickly invite a royal Great Swordsman from the Banto Empire into town this quickly.

"Sir, the Red Blood Battle Energy in this Great Swordsman's body is incredibly thick. If you cannot break his protective aura, there's no way that you can scratch the s.h.i.+eld in his hands!" Casey swallowed and said fiercely, "This man was definitely instigated by someone, intentionally causing trouble on the day of our opening!"

There was no such thing as an unstoppable spear, nor was there an unbreakable s.h.i.+eld!

Seeing the nonchalant Batiste, then the heavy red s.h.i.+eld in his hands, Yang Ling came up with a great idea. Since the other party was being unreasonable and reinforcing his s.h.i.+eld with his Battle Energy, then he did not mind using tricks of his own and giving his opponent a surprise.

Lord Of The Magical Beasts 19 Wager

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