Lord Of The Magical Beasts Chapter 37: Spirit Wizard

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Streaks of red blood vapor quickly emerged from within the body of the Nine-headed Snake Monster and crystallized to form a red orb on Yang Ling's palm. From far away, it looked like Yang Ling's hand was a machine that could absorb smoke, drawing the blood from within the body of the Nine-headed Snake Monster.

Condense, condense it further!

Yang Ling had emptied his mind and was trying his best to circulate the Wizard Power in his body. The smaller the volume of the blood orb, the more Blood Essence of the Magical Beast was condensed inside, making it more valuable. In normal circ.u.mstances, the higher the level of the Magical Beast, the more energy its Blood Essence would contain. Since the Nine-headed Snake Monster was a high level Magical Beast, Yang Ling was excited to see how different its Blood Essence was.

Back when he commanded his army of Magical Beasts to injure the Nine-headed Snake Monster severely, Yang Ling had wanted to tame it with his blood. But taming a dying Unicorn had already exhausted all of his Wizard Power and Blood Essence, so he did not dare imagine how much Wizard Power and Blood Essence he would need to successfully tame the Nine-headed Snake Monster, given that the Nine-headed Snake Monster was more powerful than the Unicorn. After some deliberation, he had decided to give up on that notion, just in case that he might lose his life if he was too careless.

Following the removal of the Blood Essence from its body, the corpse of the Nine-headed Snake Monster started to shrink. In the end, all that was left was a sheet of thin skin draped over its skeleton, as if all of the moisture in its body had been sucked out.

Some time later, Yang Ling sensed that he could no longer absorb any more blood. He slowly opened his eyes, only to see that there was a large pile of red Blood Orbs beside him.

Severing the heads of the Nine-headed Snake Monster with his sharp dagger, Yang Ling extracted nine Essence Crystals of varying colors from within. The Wizard Mantra had mentioned that cultivating it to the highest level would allow him to absorb the energy of all matter. Currently, Yang Ling was unable to absorb the energy within the Essence Crystals directly, but that didn't mean that he would still be unable to do it in the future. Keeping the Essence Crystals with him might prove useful in the future.

After a brief count, Yang Ling realized that he had about five hundred Blood Orbs. What he gained here was worth much more than what he got when he was in the Terras Forest for a month. Under normal circ.u.mstances, an ordinary Magical Beast could only create one Blood Orb, but the Nine-headed Snake Monster had produced five hundred. It sure lived up to its name as a high level Magical Beast. There was a ma.s.sive amount of energy within its body.

Grabbing and observing a handful of red Blood Orbs, Yang Ling did not hesitate to consume them. He was now at the later stages of the Blood Wizard, merely a step away from advancing to the stage of Spirit Wizard. With this many Blood Orbs, he might be able to achieve a breakthrough.

Yang Ling had just swallowed the Blood Orbs when he felt a wave of heat spread through his body. Wherever the wave of heat pa.s.sed, the muscles, bones, and nerves in his body became fortified. The Wizard Power circulating within his body also ballooned, and the speed with which it circulated became faster and faster.

Elatedly, Yang Ling instinctually continued consuming the Blood Orbs. One by one, slowly but surely, the Wizard Power within his body became increasingly ma.s.sive. If his Wizard Powers were a small stream at the start, then they had become a raging current, circulating within his body through a mysterious track.

Wherever the expansive Wizard Power pa.s.sed, Yang Ling felt a fiery pain, as if he had been burned. It was as if every bone in his body was broken, mended, then broken again in a cycle. Slowly, the pain gradually turned to numbness, and his consciousness became more and more hazy.

Some time later, Yang Ling slowly opened his eyes. Concentrating, he noticed that a large portion of the Blood Orbs beside him had disappeared, leaving him with a little more than two hundred orbs. At the same time, there was a ma.s.sive amount of Wizard Power within his body, raging without rest. It was completely different from the Wizard Power he had before. There was a thick layer of black stains on his body.

Destruction and regeneration?

Thinking back to the pain that sunk right into his bones, Yang Ling had a thought. He sent his consciousness into the mysterious s.p.a.ce where the Wizard's PaG.o.da was.

Within the s.p.a.ce that housed the Wizard's PaG.o.da, a large group of Horned Bee Beasts and Evil Eyes were devouring the mist released by the Wizard's PaG.o.da. Withered Tree Warriors all turned into giant trees, manically absorbing the mysterious fog that was releasing a pale green glow. Wherever the green light pa.s.sed, the bodies of the Horned Bee Beasts and Evil Eyes expanded slowly, as if the green glow brought them immense benefits.

Quickly, Yang Ling noticed that his two thousand and some Horned Bee Beasts had all evolved to the second level, gaining the ability of the poison stingers. As for the hundred Horned Bee Beasts that had evolved to the second level after consuming the Water from the Spring of Life, they had all evolved to the third level, growing another pair of wings. Not only had their speed been doubled, they could also now fly without leaving behind traces or sounds, easily catching their enemies off guard.

Furthermore, the injured Evil Eyes were not only fully healed, they had also evolved to the second level. They could now release a bolt of blinding light once every day, temporarily robbing the sight of their enemies. Yang Ling believed that making use of this new ability that the Evil Eyes had gained would make his army of Magical Beasts even more powerful.

After walking around the Wizard's PaG.o.da, Yang Ling realized that the green sprouts on the bodies of the Withered Tree Warriors had grown to become leaves. He understood that the warriors had also evolved, their abilities becoming more powerful. Regrettably, the most powerful creature in his a.r.s.enal, the Unicorn, did not show any obvious transformation. It might have been because it needed more energy to undergo an evolution. After all, compared to low level Magical Beasts like the Horned Bee Beasts and Evil Eyes, the battle capabilities of the Unicorn were many times more powerful.

Even though it was a little regrettable, Yang Ling was still incredibly excited. Just based on the evolution of the Horned Bee Beasts, Evil Eyes, and Withered Tree Warriors, his abilities were now much more powerful than they had been. Also, he believed that with the improvements to his Wizard Power, the Unicorn would also one day undergo an evolution. As long as he had enough Water from the Spring of Life and Blood Orbs from Magical Beasts, he believed that day would not be far off.

After taking in a few breaths of the fog, Yang Ling felt refreshed. The Wizard Power in his body quickly started to circulate. Through the explanation on the stele, Yang Ling understood that the fog released by the Wizard's PaG.o.da was useful for boosting the evolution of the Magical Beasts. The deeper his Wizard Powers, the thicker the fog, and the denser the energy it contained.

After circling the s.p.a.ce that housed the mysterious Wizard's PaG.o.da, Yang Ling did not stay any longer. With a thought, his consciousness slowly exited the s.p.a.ce. Standing up and testing his movements, Yang Ling was surprised to realize that his body felt as light as a feather. He could now leave a deep imprint of his fist on the st.u.r.dy basalt wall with just a punch. At this point, he could finally confirm that he would successfully advance to the level of Spirit Wizard after he absorbed all of the energy in the Blood Orbs.

Absorb the blessings of heaven and earth, grab the essences of the sun and moon!

There were two large differences when he advanced into the level of Spirit Wizard. The first was that he could now set up a spell to rapidly absorb the spiritual energy in his surroundings, accelerating the speed of his cultivation. The second was that he could now attack by using incantations.

Blood Wizards, other than their ability to tame Magical Beasts with blood and crystallize Blood Essences, had no means of direct attacks. But after cultivating to the level of Spirit Wizard, this problem had been solved. According to what was written on the stele, high level Incantation Techniques could not only attack the physical body of an opponent, they could also directly hit the mind and soul of the other party. The ability was incredibly powerful.

Chaos Incantation Technique?

Thinking back on the various weird Incantation Techniques on the stele, Yang Ling could not help himself. He was raring to give them a try. He took large steps outside and was prepared to instruct the old butler Murbaqi to gather various materials for him. Unexpectedly, he had just stepped out of the secret chamber when he saw a group of people pacing anxiously outside the door.

"Yang Ling, are you okay? There were no signs of you for a good half a month, and we were all so anxious!" Sofia pounced forward without care when she saw Yang Ling's figure, her eyes red.

It's been half a month?

Yang Ling shook his head. He had not expected half a month to have pa.s.sed while he was unconscious. There writing on the stele said that cultivating the Wizard Mantra at the later stages would require sessions of half a month, sometimes even a few years. He had not believed that before, but it looked like those claims were true.

"Haha, my beautiful lady, you're missing me so much even though we haven't seen each other in just half a month?"

"Miss you, my foot!" Sofia blushed, shy. Seeing that no one was noticing her, she extended her hand and pinched Yang Ling's back before walking hurriedly to the side.

"Yang Ling, I would have run out of wine to drink if you had come out any later!"

After charging forward with large steps, the dwarf Rumi had wanted to pat Yang Ling on the shoulder. But he was too short, even though he was tiptoeing. All he could do was pound Yang Ling's chest. Unexpectedly, a thump could be heard, as if the dwarf had struck a hard slab of stone. Yang Ling was nonchalant, but the dwarf's hand had become red and swollen.

"You drunkard, are you looking for death!" Seeing Rumi grimace in pain, Yang Ling laughed. After advancing into the level of Spirit WIzard, his body seemed to have improved in all aspects. Furthermore, he had intentionally circulated his Wizard Power at his chest just now. It would be weird if the touchy dwarf had not been injured.

Seeing Rumi fall silent and gasp in pain, Sofia broke out into laughter. "Yang Ling, if you had come out any later, Rumi would have finished the last bottle of the Raphael Red Wine, that drunkard!"

"All I did was take a small sip. I'm not working for you for free! Hey Sofia, when did you become so petty?" Rumi denied loudly. He blinked, then said, "You forget about your friend now that you have a lover. I'm so pitiful!"

After saying this, Rumi ran away. Sofia was an expert in Natural Magic, and Rumi did not want to find himself hung from a bunch of branches. Rumi did not notice that Yang Ling had silently summoned a Withered Tree Warrior. Rumi did not come across any branches, but ran head first into the leg of the Withered Tree Warrior. He fell flat on his back, groaning continuously.

Lord Of The Magical Beasts Chapter 37: Spirit Wizard

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