Lord Of The Magical Beasts Chapter 400

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Chapter 400: The Tears of G.o.ddess Venus

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

People would take the risk as long as there's a hundred percent profit, and people would go crazy if there's a three hundred percent profit!

“The are all Premium Fire Crystals. Let's fight them, brothers. Go!”

“Kill… Kill…”

The eyes of some greedy for money mercenaries and explorers sparkled as they looked at the glaring red Premium Fire Crystals on the ground. They jumped across the firewalls with sky-high flames and charged towards the Burning Fire Elves nearby without a care in the world. The Burning Fire Elves hovering above the ground had turned into Premium Fire Crystals and dancing Purple Crystal Coins in their eyes. There were more and more people charging towards the Burning Fire Elves under their reminder and lead. They exploded with a combat energy that they never had under the frenzy.

There were some of them who jumped high while gritting their teeth and crossed over the flaming firewalls to attack the Burning Fire Elves at close proximity. Some others growled and threw their heavy axes and spear in their hands at the Burning Fire Elves that couldn't dodge in time. There were also some of them that had grouped themselves up for the attack – the spellcasters were responsible for removing the fire blocking their way, the archers would kill the Burning Fire Elves while the warriors were in charge of grabbing the Fire Crystals…

Although the Burning Fire Elves had powerful attacks, they couldn't react in time when faced with the large number of frenzied mercenaries and explorers, together with their wild attacks. More than ten of the elves perished in their hands with a blink of an eye. The glaring red Premium Fire Crystals attracted more attention and brought about an even larger scale of frenzy. Soon, the major powers who were at ease and observing quietly joined in the frenzy camp.

A premium crystal was extremely hard to come by. It's able to strengthen the magic power of spellcasters, increase the rate of practise and quicken the speed of spellcasting…

Who would pa.s.s up such a fantastic opportunity when the dancing Premium Fire Crystals were placed just right before them?

The attack of the major powers was more a countless time more powerful as compared to the ordinary mercenaries and explorers! The Blade Storm of the Bellimore Family, the powerful collision of the Borg Family, and the Poisonous Fog of the Dark a.s.sociation… They instantly drowned the Burning Fire Elves that were unable to react in time to save themselves and their own kind. Even the Church that had suffered heavy losses from the Undead Army's attack also joined in the fun. They sent out five Dark Templars and three Light Templars to fight for the rare Premium Fire Crystals.

Under the protection of the Soul Slaughtering arrow, the Corpse Wizard King and Winnink got rid of the Burning Fire Elves surrounding the Sea Tribe and managed to get Mermaid Evelyn and her gang out safely. Ymort who was covering their backs reacted faster than anyone else and ordered his Scorpion Army to collect all the Fire Crystals nearby and leave none of it behind such that those mercenaries and explorers who came over to collect the remaining crystals wouldn't be able to gain of it.

“We are extremely grateful for your help, His Lords.h.i.+p!” After escaping from the danger successfully, Mermaid Evelyn thanked Yang Ling loudly as she looked at the major powers who were fighting with the Burning Fire Elves not far away, while still in the state of shock.

“Beautiful Miss Evelyn, this is our responsibility as an ally. Do not stand on ceremony with us!” Yang Ling smiled as he looked at the bright and beautiful Mermaid Evelyn by his side and continued, “Of course, I've heard that there are numerous Premium Pearls in the sea, such as the Tears of G.o.ddess Venus or some sort. I wouldn't reject if you would like to gift me a few boats of it!”

Evelyn who had managed to escape the trouble successfully had originally wanted to express a few more words of grat.i.tude. However, she couldn't say anything for a long time after hearing Yang Ling's words.

It was true that there are plenty of pearls in the sea, but they were mostly of normal standards. Besides the Sea Tribe, even the humans from n.o.ble families that had some status also paid no attention to them. Only the premiums that were picked out of the countless pearls would send people pursuing after them frantically.

The tears of G.o.ddess Venus were of the highest grade out of the premium pearls.

According to the legend, when G.o.ddess Venus was born and crawling slowly out of the sh.e.l.l in the seabed, the water droplets that fell off her body turned into pearls that are pure white and glistened. She later fell in love with a prince from the City amongst the Clouds, and they were deeply in love with each other. However, they were faced with strong objection from the queen.

The evil queen sent a group of Sixteen-winged Angels to attack the G.o.ddess and took away the prince who hadn't awoke his power forcefully, such that G.o.ddess Venus and the prince would never be able to see each other again for the rest of their life. G.o.ddess Venus couldn't stop crying as she longed for the price but was unable to with meet him, and every drop of tear was kept preciously by the Mother of Pearl Oyster that was guarding beside her. After some time, they turned into beads of glistening pearls, which people called The Tears of G.o.ddess Venus. They were not only beautiful and mesmerising, but could also significantly increase the speed of practise after one had swallowed it. It was an extremely hard to attain treasure, especially for the Water Element Spellcasters.

The Tears of G.o.ddess Venus were only found once every century and are scarce in number, comparable to the Forest Elf's Water of the Spring of Life. It was already hard for the n.o.bles of the Sea Tribe to come by, let alone the humans. Although the Siattu Sea Tribe Mermaids that Evelyn belonged to were part of the royals of the four seas in history, the precious Tears of the Venus were still extremely rare. Where would they find a few boats of it for Yang Ling?

It would be impossible to send him a few boats of pearls. How about a few boats of sand instead!

“His Lords.h.i.+p, here is a bracelet that was weaved using the Tears of G.o.ddess Venus. It can improve the physique and increase the speed of spell practising. I hope you will like it!” After regaining her senses, Mermaid Evelyn took off a glistening bracelet from her right hand and pressed it lightly into Yang Ling's hands.

This bracelet that was weaved using the Tears of G.o.ddess Venus was extremely precious. Apart from improving the physique and increasing the speed of spell practising, it still consists of many benefits. It was a present from the Priest of the Siattu Sea Tribe Temple for Evelyn's twelfth birthday, and was also her most valuable and favorite present.

Although she really loved the bracelet, Evelyn was willing to pay any price to successfully attain the legendary Staff of Life, to quickly dispel the red tide that was wreaking havoc the territorial waters and to regain his father's healthy earlier.

“Thank you for your good intentions, beautiful Miss Evelyn. However…” As he saw how Evelyn lightly touched the bracelet longingly after taking it off and the thin layer of mist covering her bright and beautiful eyes, Yang Ling understood that it was a treasured present of the Sea Tribe's little beauty. He stuffed the bracelet back into her hands and said sincerely, “I was only kidding with you earlier. I do like trading valuable pearls, opal and other treasures. However, I admire the warriors of the Sea Tribe even more. If a group of ferocious Sea Tribe warriors would be able to join my army, it would be an easy feat to kill the One-eyed Dragon Pirate. I believe that it will also be beneficial to the different areas of our partners.h.i.+p in the future!”

“His Lords.h.i.+p, do you mean…” Evelyn was doubtful and stared at Yang Ling with her crystal clear and bright big eyes.

Fragrant, so fragrant!

Yang Ling could smell a fragrant scent as he got closer to Mermaid Evelyn. It was light, optimal and spirit lifting. His heart fluttered as she looked at her exquisite body beneath the long rob, and at her attractive chest that was white as snow.

“Do you mean to establish a dual partners.h.i.+p, His Lords.h.i.+p?” Evelyn blushed as she caught Yang Ling staring blatantly at her chest.

“That's right. We can establish a dual partners.h.i.+p after we kill the Pirate One-eyed Dragon!” Yang Ling regained his senses after being distracted for a moment, “My Magical Beasts Territory has collated every big a.s.sociations in the Tailun Continent, silk, potteries, spices and other materials that the sea lacks. You name it we have it. I believe that the large-scale trade would definitely bring both of us unimaginable benefits!”

“I will advise my father to consider your suggestion, His Lords.h.i.+p. I will definitely provide you with a reply no matter the conclusion!” Evelyn did not agree to Yang Ling's suggestion immediately as she remembered the hatred that many members of the tribe had towards humans. She deliberated for a moment before continuing, “I still have over a hundred followers by my side. After obtaining the Staff of Life successfully, I will be able to get most of them to stay behind and help you defeat the Pirate One-eyed Dragon. I will also be able to transfer a troop of warriors over if required!”

“Great. Thank you for your help, Miss Evelyn!” Yang Ling was pleased and nodded as he looked at the Sea Tribe Warriors beside Mermaid Evelyn.

The key to killing the Pirate One-eyed Dragon was not the lack of ferocious warriors but the absence of corresponding information such that they weren't able to acquire his exact location. Differing from the pirates under Margaret, it would no doubt be easier for the Sea Tribe warriors by Evelyn's side to snoop for the required information and provide the key details.

Besides, acquiring a group of Sea Tribe Warriors would be beneficial for the future, no matter for exploring the remains of the Ancient Wizard, or for establis.h.i.+ng an all-rounded trade. It would be much useful for the territory as compared to a bunch of pearls.

As Yang Ling and Evelyn were discussing their partners.h.i.+p plan in a corner, the others were fighting a b.l.o.o.d.y battle with the Burning Fire Elves far away. There were corpse lying all over the ground.

The Burning Fire Elves recruited an additional batch of elites to drive away the humans who invaded the tomb. They defended with the 'Burning Fire Divine s.h.i.+eld' by creating a flaming layer of protection around themselves, increasing a layer of amour and attacking all enemies within five foot continuously. They then used the 'Burning Fire Magic Wall' to trap every single mercenary and explorer that charged over and launched strings of explosive fireb.a.l.l.s. The mercenaries and explorers collapsed one by one under the ferocious attack.

However, no matter how critical the attack of the Burning Fire Elves were, the people continued to launch waves of attack frenziedly under the seduction of the Premium Fire Crystals. Elder Faern, Elder Brown and other experts of Siattu were in charge of beheading to remove the heads of the Burning Fire Elves that are of varying sizes. The mercenaries and explorers took the opportunity to charge forward and mess up the opponent's formation.

Under the joint attack of the major powers and the frenzy attack of the mercenaries and explorers, the Burning Fire Elves who were outnumbered had no choice but to retreat. The greedy for money mercenaries and explorers were so agitated to the point that their eyes had turned red from the glaring red crystals that were left on the ground, and started to chase closely after the Burning Fire Elves.

Attracted by the Burning Fire Elves, everyone was slowly getting further and further away from the entrance and came upon a piece of flat land that was filled with numerous stone tablets. The air was filled with an obscure energy wave, and a shocking concentration of active fire element spells. The temperature was getting increasingly hotter that even the air felt scorching hot, much less the ground.

Lord Of The Magical Beasts Chapter 400

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