Rebirth Of A Villainess 93 Misgiving 3

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Published at 11th of July 2019 06:35:07 PM Chapter 93
Mortal Realm . . .

Things went on as usual for the Mou family, after the twins and their cousin returned from the fox clan to their home in Yiting town . Yan Xuequi was busy in the outdoor kitchen preparing for their afternoon meal when she noticed something amiss on seeing just one of her cousins .

"Zimu, where is Yidan?"

Yan Xuequi noticed that the older twin was not playing with his brother as he usually did, that made her to ask his younger brother where he could be, since the two were almost inseparable .

"I . . . don't know . . . "

The look of uncertainty in the eyes of the little boy made the fox princess almost panic at the thought that something must have happened to his brother .

Yan Xuequi reached out to pat the head of her cousin, as though to tell him that it was no fault of his that his brother was missing .

It was mid morning and Mou Yaxin their father had already gone out to fish for the day . Leaving the three of them in the house by themselves .

Closing her eyes, Yan Xuequi released a portion of her spirit energy to see if it will resonate with those of her kind, that way she could tell if her cousin was somewhere in the house . Mou Zimu stood quietly by his cousin as he watched the tendril of red spirit energy spring forth from the body of Yan Xuequi .

It was faint, but the fox princess could pick up traces of Mou Yidan's spirit energy in his human form, "It's okay Zimu, I've found your brother . Come, let's go see him . "

The fox princess had been warned not to use her powers in the mortal realm, but now that her cousin was nowhere to be found, she had no other choice but to break the rule if it meant finding her little cousin .

Mou Zimu responded to the soft voice of his cousin who held onto his hand, while tagging behind her towards the courtyard that was the room of the twins, they both pa.s.sed to a tree that had colorful flowers on them on approaching the entrance to led into the bedchamber .

The fox princess released the hand that held Mou Zimu and reached for the door of the twins room . On getting inside the clean, but simple room there was no one inside .

The younger twin eyes went straight to the bed, Yan Xuequi followed the direction of her cousin and saw where they landed .

"I sense Yidan is in the room, but why is Zimu looking at the bed when there is no one on it?!"

Puzzled by the way her cousin was acting, Yan Xuequi drew close to the bed by the wall and after turning over the covers and reaching down to look under the bed, did she eventually see a Mou Yidan lying there in a fetal position,having cried himself to sleep . This was why the aura of the half fox half human felt faint to the fox princess, because it was during sleep their aura was almost undetectable .

Yan Xuequi gently tucked him into the bed that she had pulled him from underneath, she turned to Zimu who was silently waiting by her side as he looked at the face of his brother .

"Zimu, thanks for helping me find Yidan . "

"Aunt Xuequi . . . . "

"Yes, Zimu?"

The fox princess waited to hear what her cousin had to tell her, he looked about ready to cry .

"Please don't tell father . "

"I won't tell him, as long as you promise to look out for your brother . "

Mou Zimu nodded at what his cousin said, while looking at the bed where his brother was sleeping, it wasn't long until the little child bursted into tears . It was then that, the fox princess knew that the little child had been trying to put a brave face while worrying about his older brother .

Yan Xuequi lifted Mou Zimu from the ground and held him in a soothing embrace .

"Would you like to keep Yidan company?"

When she saw him nod at what she said, the fox princess placed the younger brother by the side of his twin, who cuddled his older brother . The younger twin eventually fell asleep, Yan Xuequi watched both of them with a gentle smile on her face, before turning around to leave their room .

Rebirth Of A Villainess 93 Misgiving 3

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