Rebirth Of A Villainess 94 Misgiving 4

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Days after the a.s.sembly came to an end, life continued at the other sects. At the GuBaiJin sect, morning lesson was one of tension rather than the usual hilarity that came from the mischief maker of the sect. Although, most of the cla.s.smates of Jin Tieguai did not get along well with him, but they secretly looked forward to what he would do each time they were in cla.s.s. Rather than his usual highly spirited self, he was more mellow and wasn't talking as much or getting their head teacher worked up with his antics.

"What is wrong with Jin Tieguai? I she sick?!"

The disciple named Jin An asked no one in particular while he spoke in his usual timid way.

"Isn't it a good thing?!"

"I didn't say it wasn't, but I think something must have happened to him. You know the saying that where there is smoke there's bound to be fire!"

Jin An looked expectantly at the faces of his fellow junior disciples, who sat close to him and the young master of the GuBaijin sect.

"I don't care for Jin Tieguai, the quieter he is the better!"

"Yes! That's true! I agree with Jin Xiangu! Him not speaking in cla.s.s is a good thing! By now, head teacher Jin would have stopped his teachings to punish him, thereby delaying us for another hour or two. I don't miss those days I tell you!"

Jin Xinze spoke with pa.s.sion as the others listened with keen interest to what he was saying.

"That was hars.h.!.+ He looks like a puppy that has been kicked around too many times, Haahaaa!!!!"

The young master of the GuBaiJin sect stepped in to take sides with Jin Tieguai, he was the type that looked very nice and chose his words carefully so as not reveal the resentment he held for the bane of the sect.

"You are too kind Young master Jin, I wish everyone was like you. That Jin Tieguai should be left to himself, I don't know of anyone that likes him. If only he could be more considerate of others!"

Jin Xinze shook his sad to show how pathetic he thought Jin Tieguai was to the rest of them. The Head teacher had stepped out to speak to their sect leader, leaving them with a compulsory study time, which they turned into one of gossip.

"I'm just waiting for the day when he would be kicked out!"

"Don't say that, we are not to bear ill will towards the less fortunate."

There was a veiled jab in the words of Jin Dongbin towards Jin Tieguai while reprimanding Xiangu for bad mouthing another disciple.

"I'm sorry young master Jin, but you always speak well of him! He doesn't deserve to be treated well!"

The disciple looked as though he was pouting, while the others that listened to their conversation looked somewhat uncomfortable at the way Jin Dongbin was not showing any animosity towards the troublemaker of their cla.s.s.

As they spoke, Jin Tieguai kept quiet and pretended not to have heard all the things they were saying behind his back, because he was in fact sitting directly in front of them, hearing all they were saying about him!

Rebirth Of A Villainess 94 Misgiving 4

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