Rebirth Of A Villainess 95 Misgiving 5

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Published at 11th of July 2019 06:35:04 PM Chapter 95: 95
Demon Realm . . .

Prince Zhurong entered into the room where he held Xu Hui hostage in the demon realm, after the meeting with his soldiers and Genreral Hei came to an end . On entering in, he saw that she was now awake and was looking around the room, he wouldn't have put it past her to have tried the door to escape out of the room .

"Prince Rong!"

There was hardly any sound when the demon lord came through the door, it must have been that she caught a glimpse of him through the corner of her eyes, before going inside, Demon Lord Zhurong changed his robes and crown to what it was when he came to see Xu Hui at the YuanLi sect . This way his clothing would not give him away as one from the demon realm, since he had been able to convince her that he was from the fox clan, at least that was how it looked to the demon lord .

"You're awake, would you like me to show you to the most beautiful spot in the fox clan?"

Demon Lord Zhurong, took a detour after his meeting with soldiers from his army to use his demon energy to create a garden of purple plum flowers out of the desert-like grounds of the demon realm . After he was done, did he return to see Xu Hui in her room .

"What is it like?"

Xu Hui had a look of curiosity which caused her midnight eyes to light up, to her this was a chance to break free from where she was and see something that didn't resemble the four corners of her room . Although, it was done in a way that wasn't too lavish, she could see that the colors and fabric used in furnis.h.i.+ng was not made cheaply .

"I'll show you when we get there, but first, I have to cover your eyes, because I want it to be a surprise to you . "

Hei Zhurong smiled lazily at the look of sudden distrust in the eyes of Xu Hui, "How great could it be for him to ask that my eyes be covered?! I guess I'll have to wait until he brings me there to find out . What is he smiling at?!"

The BaoXu disciple's eyes narrowed further when the smile of the demon lord was starting to cause her a bit of an irritation .

"Xu Hui, do you want to remain in your room, or come with me to see my secret hideout in the fox clan?"

Demon Lord Zhurong drew closer to her with only a little distance left between them .

"I'll go, but I wouldn't stand for any tricks! Don't touch more than what is deemed acceptable!"

The demon lord roared in laughter, he thought it funny that his captive was laying down rules for him to follow .

"If I decide to go against all you said, what would you do?!"

Hei Zhurong threw the BaoXu disciple a challenge, who looked quite shock at the shameless way that he was acting towards her, unable to hold it in, Xu Hui pointed at him in anger and stammered, "Y . . You!"

Looking at her made the demon lord question if he was digging his grave with all the lies that he had told her . This made him wonder if the day would come when he could no longer separate truth from deception .

Rebirth Of A Villainess 95 Misgiving 5

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