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Aero stand on the high areas of the caves. He had the urge to scream "I have the high ground. Surrender now Anakin" but he restrains that desire.

He looks at the group of people all intent in killing Helena. Thinking about it if it is anybody else that come to rescue Helena, they would have long be dead.

They were chased by hundreds of people all across the forest. And Aero has killed so much of them that even these chasers are afraid of him

Aero sighed and then declares

"How about this? You all go back to your master and we will forget what happened here. Right, Helena?" He said as he looks at Helena.

"Yes, we can forgive you if you all retreat now" Helena said nodding. For the tone both Aero and Helena is saying, it was like they are the ones that is surrounding these people.

Aero only laughs a bit looking at Helena. This woman has a lot of pride. As expected of the sister that Castor and Pollux raised.

Even at this juncture she wants to act like she is the one that has the upper hand.

Aero look at those people and he saw how those people look at each other. They nodded at each other and their eyes become determined.

Aero then knows that he will have to battle. He tilts his neck to the right as he relaxed his neck.

"Even we have our pride" One of the leaders of the replied. The other behind him nodded.

'Huh, I guess there is honor even among' Aero sighed.

And then he added

'Pity, you would all die here today'

Helena shakes her head and ready her stance, her dagger is brought out.

'Stupid! What does pride give you? A knife on your throat that's what' she said.

'Argh!' One of the shouted and then he broke from the ranks as he jumps to the high area and lunged for Helena. The other behind him follows.

Aero look at that and he could only pity him

Probably the is thinking that Helena would be easier to handle. After all, by now in the hearts of these people, Aero reputation and his b.l.o.o.d.y way is acknowledged and is also feared.

Aero and Helena is not the only one trapped in this forest. These people are also trapped here until they could kill Helena.

By now, they decided on one course of action. And that is to target Helena first as she is the main priority.

After that they will think of a way to kill Aero

'Hah, that is a mistake' Aero was thinking as he saw the is closely approaching Helena

She is as fast as a cat, agile and precise

He'd give her that.

In a way she is fast like Tatiana.

Aero heard the stories from her that she likes hunting with her brothers and she is blessed by Aphrodite herself.

Is that why her agility is off the charts?

She was cat quick; she stabbed the's arm that tried to hold her as she slides her dagger through that fingers as two finger falls down to the ground.

The screamed and in his pain tried to wound her as that slash toward her arm

Helena push her feet back but she gets nicked.

The's knife managed to get a cut on her forearm.

Enraged, Helena dashed forward with a sudden speed spurt and lowered her body as the tried to slash in front of him.

With her body slowly lower than the range of the attack she slid inside the area around the and then with a swift spin she slashed the's throat.

The fell with a thud sound on the ground, blood spluttering from his throat. All of this happen in just ten second.

Another one tried to run to her, to ganged up with him but Aero is not like wooden statue.

He grabs one of the running by the arm that is rus.h.i.+ng to Helena and twist that arms.

His sword falls from his hand and Aero grab that sword before it could fall down to the ground.

Then he pushed the in his hand as that person was hurled into the walls of the cave and his body collided with the hard wall of the cave before falling unconscious with internal injuries all over his body

He jumped in front of her and then with a sword Aero dispatched the by slas.h.i.+ng his body in two.

One part of the body falls to the right while the other fall on the left side. Blood is pooling inside the cave as the rain that has slowly slowed down outside once again pour down heavily.

The other gasped with fear and unease seeing how easy it is for Aero to split their comrade body into two.

Aero turn to look toward Helena and saw his forearm. He scrunched up his face and then asked


"I'm fine" She said gritting her teeth, a long cut on her forearm as blood slowly dripping from the wound

Aero look again and then asked again


"I said I'm fine didn't I?" Her voice raised.

She is holding back the pain and clenching her fist. Aero only smiles.

He swings the sword in his hand and the wind gales and the sound of air ripping is already enough to make the in the distance feeling fear.

"I guess if you have the energy to still get mad at me, I guess you're fine"

No tears, no screams. d.a.m.n, this woman is hard as stone.

But he knows something about her that she doesn't want others to see.

Aero knew she doesn't like this.

She doesn't like killing and truthfully Aero knew how scared she is right now, which just makes it even braver of her.

The only time someone can be brave is when they are scared. That's why it's called an act of bravery.

What he did is not brave. He felt no fear because he knew he would not die. There is no immediate danger for him.

But for her?

One wrong move and she could die. That's what makes this more beautiful. Why an act of bravery is beautiful is because it is rivaled by the risk that they undertake.

That is why Heroes fought in impossible odds and got everlasting fame for it.


Because not many dare to do it.

Aero shoved her behind him.

Protected as she could be.

"I said I'm fine didn't I?" she looked displeased to be protected

"Hmm. I don't know. Why do I not trust those words? Aero said grinning. If this lasts long, she'll get killed.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

And that is the last thing that Aero wanted.

One is running towards them again and Aero only smirks.

"Mine on the left." He took one blade on Helena left hip and threw his sword to another one that was rus.h.i.+ng towards them.

That sword sails through the air with an air ripping sound as it penetrated that head leaving a hole in the middle of that face as he falls face down.

That sword on the hand keep going straight until it stuck itself into the cave wall.

"Thanks" Helena said not aware of the and only now realized the danger she could have bene in.

Aero sighed and then said

"You're welcome" Aero said smiling.

'Another one down. Many more to go' Aero said. Helena only smirks as she bandages herself with some of the bandages Aero gave her the night before.

Then Helena began moving to the right.

Helena threw the other knives and daggers that she had. Some missed, some stuck to some unfortunate soul's throats or heads.

The air is filled with the scent of blood and the blood flowed from the cave to the outside but quickly were cleansed by the rain.

The battle inside has been going on for fifteen minutes and the scene in the cave is h.e.l.lish.

Decapitated bodies, headless corpse, crushed body organs and meat all around.

And Aero and Helena is surrounded. Aero had no choice but to protect Helena. Aero look at his surrounding and he knows there is only one way to get out of this alive for Helena.

Helena is panting in exhaustion but Aero is still like he was in the beginning. He suffers no shortness of breath and he doesn't even sweat.

"We have to charge, Helena"

"That many?" Helena pointed out the obvious.

"Why, afraid?" Aero is teasing her. Any norm la person would be afraid. But like always Helena would never admit that.

"No, I'm not. It just sounds stupid" Aero only chuckles as he deflected another flying axe as that axe is flung to the other side of the cave with one simple slap from Aero hand.

He then replies to Helena

"Well, that's me. Stupid ideas in times of death is my specialty Princess"


Part one fo the chapter. See you tomorrow

Age Of Adventure 131 His Shoulder 1

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