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Aero enter the room and the moment he enters the room and saw the person waiting for him, Aero could not help but smile in delight

Finally, there is some good development for his side.

The man waiting for him is unbearably handsome. It is a man with jet black hair, and not too oversized muscles. He is perfect in proportion and his face is flawless and looking almost like a beautiful statue

One would call this kind of person beautiful

Aero smiles because he knows who this man is and he is happy seeing this man again.

After all, he has been searching for this man for a long time. Now, that he come here himself, it makes Aero job easier.

Looking at that man again, it seems nothing has changed. He is still as handsome as ever.

Aero then looked at himself. Comparing himself with this man is really agonizing. His robe is filled with dirt and mud and some stain of blood.

There are leaves sticking out of his trousers. Thinking about it, he still didn't take any showers. Drenched in the rain is not counted as taking a shower.

Aero approached the man and hugged him. The man hugged him back and then he pat Aero shoulders.

Aero exclaimed

 "Deria, my brother" Aero said heartily

"Aero" his expression is happy while patting at Aero back

Aero also notice He looks healthier and livelier than before.

But Aero guess that is just common sense. Before they were both in the Underworld.

The stink alone is enough to make you feel sick. And it is the realm of the dead. It is hard to see a lively expression there.

Now they are on the realm of the living. Lights and laughter all around. Of course it would change any man.

Not to mention Aero at least was just there sightseeing. While Deria lives there for almost hundreds of years

Though liveliness and light in this world will not be for long.

War is beginning. No, to be more accurate it has already begun. Aero then release his hug and ask

"How did you know I'm here?" Aero asked while sitting down on the cus.h.i.+oned chair and gesture for Deria to sit as well.

Deria take his seat and then he reply

'It is quite a funny story when I think about it' Deria said recounting his experience.

'A week ago, I captured a scout that I realized was following me. After I interrogated him, I found out that his master is you. Hearing that I rushed to Vanheim immediately" he said telling the story.

Deria only knows one person in the world of the living and that is Aero. When he emerged from the Underworld, the world he saw is no longer the world he used to live in, everything seems new and interesting and strange

He is also happy to see a familiar face.

Aero nodding hearing the story. He then clapped his hands.

The servant from the outside came in and served the drink. It is red tea. Deria waited until the servants is out before he said

"Red tea? That's an exquisite delicacy. From Duvar isn't it?"

Aero nodded and smile. Deria laughed. Then he took a sip of the red tea and savor the taste. While he is strong he does not have money that the people of these continent used.

Even the clothes on his body is gained by robbing a bandit that tries to rob him. And it has been a long time since he has a proper meal.

He sipped the tea and just like that all the hards.h.i.+p he suffered seems to dissipate slowly with each breath taken. That is how exquisite the taste of the tea is.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

He clearly likes it

And now is the time Aero thought to himself.

He then said

"You do not know how happy I am to see you here, Deria. I've been wanting to give you a position in the Court" Aero said while also taking another sip, looking calm and dignified

"The Court?" Deria put down the cup and began listening intently

"Yes, the Court. I need someone I trust to protect me. And there is no one I trust more than you. And truthfully the work is not that hard" Then Aero sipped another sip of the red tea.

"I heard" he said

"Chancellor, huh?" Deria when he came here was shocked to hear that the man he met in the Underworld is such an influential person in the world of the living.

From his understanding Chancellor is like the advisor of the King.

In his era that is a very important position.

And someone in that kind of position must be wise and knowledgeable.

But then again, Athena would not choose someone dumb to send to the Underworld. After all, she is the G.o.ddess of Wisdom…. among other thing

Deria sighed and said

"I didn't know you are a part of the n.o.bility" Deria in his life while he is a demiG.o.d, no one knows that other than Hephaestus since he was hidden from the eyes of the G.o.ds.

The moment Zeus found out, he sent him to the Underworld.

All of his life on the living world, he was just a smith and he had to bow and grovel in front of n.o.bility no matter how strong he is.

Even though he himself is the son of one of the G.o.ds, he was not allowed to boast about it or to reveal it to anyone.

To be sitting in the seat near n.o.bility and the person with the highest office in the land other than the King, it will be a lie for him not to be a little awed.

There is no story about him, there is no glorious victory in the story of his life. He could not reach Elysium even if he wanted to

Aero then shakes his head and said

"Why does it matter? You, yourself are the son of a G.o.d."

He smiled and he nodded.

"I guess that's right" He thought to himself this time he would surely build a better life for himself.

He would make people remember his name and his story would be told in the Halls of Olympus.

Aero clapped his hand again and the attendants came in again. This time Aero told them to prepare a room for him and give him clothes and anything he wanted

It is clear Deria journey here is not as easy as he mentioned.

"Rest in my residence for a while. I need to settle something in the Palace" Deria then was reminded of the scene he saw coming here.

He looked at Aero and then said

"Is it about the war?" He asked. Aero smiles bitterly and nodded

"Yes, the war. I guess you saw it coming here"

Deria just nodded in understanding. Aero look on as Deria is escorted to the residence as he got up from his seat.

He walks outside and the carriage is already waiting for him outside the gate

Aero walk and climb into the carriage

And he thought to himself.

'George really needs a scolding. But first I need to write a letter to James and Duvar.'


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Age Of Adventure 138 Old Friends

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