Age Of Adventure Chapter 175

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Published at 30th of September 2019 08:59:06 AM Chapter 175

The prison that houses the most dangerous criminal in Veva history is full of whistling today .

And in this prison tower there is only one person that could whistle this care freely . It is none other than the sole occupant of this large prison, Aero .

Aero is in his prison whistling like he had no worries in the world . He is actually smiling right now .

His level is already 500 . It seems that his private keep training and a part of their EXP is still transferred to him . This is probably why Lizhu Gerard could become a legend .

And it also helps that he killed forty thousand people a few days ago . He could still smell their blood on him even after he logged off and logged back in

While he doesn't seem to be doing anything inside his cell he actually did plans a few things to expedite his escape from this prison .

He knew he could not do it from inside . So, he is relying on the outside .

He has contacted Dan so that he could inform people like Raina and the kingdom of his imprisonment .

Dan already got the news from Amy . So, he was not that choked . Dan also tell him about the recent happening in the Brave World right now .

War in Niovar that stalled before has progressed into a positive thing for Vanheim .

Niovar side made a blunder in their defenses and Vanheim pounce and tears through their lines without mercy .

It also helps that Bradheim is leading the charge of the battle

Bradheim and Gruk seem to reap many benefits in this war and they work well together in their attack .

With Gruk strong cavalry and Bradheim leaders.h.i.+p this is to be expected . When the line was broken, the path to Niovar was open wide .

And Bradheim and Gruk did not hesitate to take cities after cities

They have conquered Cavol, Brevad and Bladesit .

Now they are resting and began creating supply lines to the city that they have conquered .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntWhile the final plan of the war is not yet finalized, Dan think that probably Gruk and Bradheim will attacks Cuvar from two sides, capitalizing on the flat terrains to use Gruk cavalry, while Prince James and his generals will attack Lenis .

Dan and Raina will then only will be left with Daroy state .

It is three p.r.o.nged attack to scatter Niovar forces or probably weaken some of their state before going in for the kill .

It is a smart strategy depending on the situation .

When Aero heard the news he chuckles . He could see that James wanted a swift victory and to parade his triumph as his qualifications for the throne of Vanheim .

He is young and bold…and reckless .

That does not exclusively refer to young people but for someone like James there is nothing else to describe his behavior other than being reckless .

But sometimes being reckless have its advantages

Dan also informed him that many players have begun volunteering for the wars on both sides . Niovar players take pride in their nation and the same could be said for Vanheim players .

Wars have become a festival it seems, Aero mused when he heard about it

Everyone wants to be in one . Instead of offering a toast they offer their life .

Niovar is fighting boldly but since Niovar has no alliance with no other nations around them they have to depend on their own strength .

Vetten is no longer exist and Gerad has bene dismantle by Greater Veranis .

Aero advises Dan to told the other General not to drag the war too long or it would be bad for the kingdom in the long run .

Vanheim forces doesn't have to conquer every state in Niovar to bring them down .

They just need to capture the King and force him to surrender .

After that call, now he is staring at the prison wall again . He then sighed looking at the wall .

This d.a.m.n wall . He tries to jump to the top of the ceiling but the prison weakened him .

'This prison walls are too much' he complained internally . The G.o.ds favors Zeus too much .

Where is Athena when he needed her? Aero is really complaining right now .

But he did not show his dissatisfaction in any way, acting like everything is under his plan, looking calm and dignified to the eyes of even the prison warden .

Reputation must be guarded and as such it is also a burden in some ways .

He rested his body back to his stone bed until his ears perks up as he picks up a sound of footsteps coming to his cell

Aero tilted his head . Zeus and Eric would not come again would they? Aero got up from his stone bed and walk to the bars .

Then he smiles and chuckle a bit, looking at the person that is coming .

That person come closer . A familiar face stood in front of the cell .

The person is a man Aero used to know as he smirked a devious smile, looking at Aero current situation

"The mighty Aero of the East, Hero of Vanheim, how have you fallen . HAHAHHAHA" he laughed maniacally

"Kyle, you are really a very generic villain if you spout words like that . Do not disappoint me that much" Aero said as he smiles calmly

Of course there is many question in his mind right now . How did Kyle is here in Veva . And how does he have the authority to enter this prison .

'You… . how did you know where I was?' Aero eyes narrowed because he have a bad feeling about this the moment he saw Kyle face .

"I knew you would come" Kyle said, with that smile still on his face . Then Aero quickly put it all together . He nodded . Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting .

Everything makes sense now

"You planned all this right?" he said as the realization struck Aero

Kyle smiles clearly relis.h.i.+ng the moment

"Yes, I did . I know of the rumor of you and Amy . You have your spies, I have mine . And I know you view her more than just some companions . " he smirked and then he continued

"Imagine my surprise when I found her in a shelter center for the Asgaroian . I knew that this is my chance to rise up once again . I capture her, betting that you will save her though I never thought you would win against Zeus . Truth be told, I thought you would be stomped to death by him . The event that happened in the entrance gate of the Capital City is quite shocking and unexpected . But nothing ever gone as expected when one faces Aero of the East right?"

He said, smiling bitterly no doubt reminiscing his defeat at Coro .

Then everything else Aero could already guess .

Aero then continued

"I get it . You wanted to destroy my reputation . You wanted to pit me against Zeus, and killed in the process, which is a bonus to you, though there is a flaw in that plan . I'm still alive" Aero said as his frown expression slowly turned back to that usual mysterious expression where people don't know whether the is pleased or displeased .

He looks at Kyle and then he sneered at him

'Elementary, Kyle'

"I can remedy that" he said anger flashed in his face as he slams his palm on the bar of the prison .

It startles the guard and they look at Kyle but they decided not to enter whatever charged conversation these two powerhouses are having .

"Come in then . Finish the job yourself… . if you dare" Aero challenged with a smile on his face as he back off from the bar and gesture him to come inside

Kyle then seems like he wanted to open the cell but then he thought better of it .

"I will not be baited again, Aero . I've learned my lesson . The hard way, the painful way . "

"Is that so?" Aero said looking bored

'You fancies yourself wise' Aero said as he sighs .

"You do know it's not my fault you were tortured by your King right?"

"You were the cause" Kyle said

"Am I?" Aero said weakly began feeling tired taking blame for Kyle own incompetence .

"You said you have become smarter . So, think carefully who is really responsible or whether is it really matters . This is a game first and foremost . The grandest and most tragic game of them all . This is politics and it governs everything in this world . Even wars and peace . Those who hated it and decided not to play the game would only become the chess pieces . You should know what could happen to you the moment you enter this game and decided to move your pieces . Think carefully of whose fault it is and Then come and see me again . After all I do have all the time in the world . " gesturing to the wide prisons and smiles .

Then he continued

"I can be the most dependable ally or your worst enemy Kyle . See your King, talk to him, look at his people and then choose"

Kyle then somehow was shocked as he realized something .

"You mean to persuade me?" Aero smile and he nodded

"I am"

Kyle has hatred for him . Aero knows that but that what makes him the perfect ally . If he would listen to reason this can create a form of emotional reconciliation .

Aero knows about the torture Kyle suffered but he didn't care that much .

After all Kyle is exiled to the North so far from Vanheim to be any threats . Who would have thought he would once again regain power?

But now Kyle is his chance for escape if he can persuade him . His relations.h.i.+p with Kyle will be a mutual interest benefit .

Whenever he can, he try to bury the hatchet with his enemies not because he fear them but it's better not to have too many people whispering behind your back plotting your death all the time .

"Even after all that happens to me?" he asked


Kyle gritted his teeth and walk away . Aero smiles looking at Kyle back . Kyle did not answer immediately . That means he can still be persuaded .

'He will come again' Aero mutter in silence

And the loneliness continued as he lay his body on his stone bed again


Age Of Adventure Chapter 175

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