Age Of Adventure 197 Move On 1

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The gate of the Chancellor has opened as a person ride into the residence with her horse.

Just one look at the gate one could see the majesty of the person residing in it.

The gate is st.u.r.dy, made from solid cedar wood, and joined with wooden stake. It is varnished and look mighty and impenetrable.

The one riding it is the Countess of Berthold, Countess Raina. As she enters the residence she could see someone is waiting for her.

"Raina, you finally arrived" the woman greeted her happily. She nodded as she pulls the reign of her horse as it stopped in front of that woman

"Yes, I heard the stories and I saw the videos. I didn't think he would really go there." She sighs a bit

She then dismounted her horse. The other servants came and lead her horse to the stable. The woman that have been waiting for Raina is none other than Amy.

She has returned to Vanheim and she call all of her other friends that knows her and Aero to meet here in his residence

And it was the perfect place. His manor is large and could accommodate hundreds of people.

Considering that he is the Chancellor this is actually expected of him to have such a large residence

Amy did not idle the moment she returned to Vanheim. She had try to persuade the Court.

After her persuasion in the Court and towards the King some volunteer force has left for Veva, but they will try diplomatic approach before they do anything rash.

They did not want to wage war with Veva at this point not when they are still fighting Niovar.

And it is also thanks to her that the debate regarding Aero is debated in the Court.

Aero imprisonment by Veva King has created fierce debate, with the factions dividing on pro- saving Aero through diplomacy, while the other, you guessed it, through military force.

Both faction have compelling argument. But Amy knew this would not expedite his release. So, she decided to do it by herself since the avenue of the kingdom has been exhausted

"My lady" The Chancellor attendants greet her as they nodded at her.

Amy had ordered them to prepare dinner for the guest before Raina came.

The attendants also waited and have prepared for the arrival of Raina sufficiently.

"Let us adjourn inside" she said as she gestures to Raina.

Amy lead her to the grand Hall. There they sit while she ordered the attendants to bring some refreshments.

"So what do we do now?" Raina asked while sipping the drink. She was wearing her leather armor made of tiger skin and a bow strapped on her back.

"Can your soldiers be mobilized?" Amy ask, hoping for a favorable response. Raina nodded

"Mine can. But…if you ask for Dan help in mobilizing his soldiers then I'm afraid that he can't help you in this matter.

Amy nodded.

'Now Dan is still in the battlefield, helping Prince James. Prince James is almost succeeding in conquering Niovar.  Maybe after the war he could move his soldiers and if we win it would also be more favorable toward Aero in the negotiation table. We are not the only one looking to take down Veva"

Amy agree with this. Dan could help by ending the war early which will open up more options to help Aero.

"Then? Raina ask

"Then we go'

Raina put down her gla.s.s of drink and look at Amy. Then she sighed and said.

That is madness.

Amy shakes her head and then she said

'Aero said that we need only march the soldiers. We don't have to attack. Bring about one hundred thousand to march. His words. And the news alone would be enough for him, he said." Amy said

"Did he?" Raina raised her eyebrows. She knows Aero. If he had decided on this, then that means…he have a plan of his own.

"Yes" Amy said.

"So how do we raise that large an army?" Raina asked. Amy smiles and said

"I employed help"

Then as she was about to explain a servant came in the room and quickly reported to Amy

'My lady, a woman is outside the gates'

'Who? Did she identify herself?' Amy ask

"No, but she wears a red armor and she said she came to help."

And Amy smiles looking at Raina.



The underworld ocean is black. It is under a sunless sky and the fumes rising from the surface were no water vapor; instead they curled and eddied with a silvery-white luminescence.

He looked at the ocean, his new creation on this dark domain of his.

Of course, he is still here standing waiting for someone. His eyes can see everything.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

If any humans or adventurers fall into this ocean, even approached the ocean, their nose and throats will become blistered, closely followed by the rest of their skin.

It will be fire that didn't consume; it just kept on licking coldly.

He keeps on looking and then as he waited a blinding light fills his surrounding and the light solidified and form a figure.

And a voice greeted him as that figures walks out from the light.

'It is an honor to meet you Lord Hades. Heard a lot about you' Hades turned back and look at him.

"Prince of the First Rank, Michael" And Hades snorted. He has been waiting for him.

The Archangel of the Church of Light has come to the Underworld seeking audience with him.

After the Heaven always been pestering him to set a meeting he grant them audience.

Archangel Michael.

His first role is the leader of the Army of G.o.d and leader of Heaven's force. In his conversation with Michael, he has a virtue of a spiritual warrior.

His second role is an angel of death, carrying the soul that believes in the Church of Light to heaven, which can be entered if you have done good deed.

In the Seven Celestial, there is no heaven.

There is the Isle of the Blessed, but it is only reserved or people who do great things, not good things.

At the hour of death, Michael descends and gives each soul the chance to redeem itself before pa.s.sing.

Hades look at Michael as the light has subsided and he notice the scale on his hand.

"You brought your scale"

"Yes, forgot to left it" he said his tone serious

Hades just smirk

In his fourth role, Archangel Michael is the Guardian of the Church of Light; it was thus not unusual for the angel to be revered by the military Knights of mortals.

Not to mention in Armagnac, he is their patron saint popularized by Ariana.

Hades conversation with him has been long and they correspond with each other, well, considering that they both work in the same field, which is death, it is no wonder they into each other.

Of course this correspondence between them is a secret to Olympus. If Zeus knew that he is meeting his enemies, Hades don't think that Zeus would be pleased.

Hades look at the Archangel and he nodded. The Archangel is das.h.i.+ng and fierce, his wing is large like the heaven itself if he so desire.

He notices the scale but he seems to left something.

"Where is your flaming sword, Michael?" Hades asked, curios of the sword that he always brought with him

 "I left it at Heaven under Gabriel" Hades snickered and then inquire

'Slaughtering minor G.o.ds I presume?'

'Pagan G.o.d' he replied while his eyes leered to me.

'Blasphemy to my father name' Hades only chuckles at this. His loyalty to his Creator is commendable

Fanatical even

'If we are to talk business, let us sit down first Michael'

Hades wave his hand and a table is formed between them. Another wave and chairs are formed

Michael sat himself down and then as Hades has seated himself he asks Michael.

'What is your purpose for asking this meeting?' Michael sighed and then he said

'My father has an offer for you'

'An offer?' Hades eyes narrowed and then he gestures for Michael to continue


'And what's that?'

'He offered you to become one of his Four Horseman'



Then Michael gives him a parchment. The parchment is a proposal of some sort

He read it carefully

In the parchment if he agrees to become one of the Four Horseman he will still retain his dominion over the death and hades don't have to answer to him as long he didn't interfere with destiny or predestined events.

Hades also will take the role that the Church had a.s.signed to Michael.

Though considering that he is older than the G.o.d of the Church of Light, why should he listen? He will change this agreement later, if he so desire.

Then he read about the New G.o.d Gift to him if he decides to join his camp.




Well, that is not really his concern. Because of his attribute, death for him will never cease to be possible.

He is Death. He scanned below and saw more.






Hades laughs a little bit. To be honest even now he has that kind of power and abilities

G.o.d, he chuckled. He is quite the funny guy. Hades continued reading






Hades did not read the other because he could guess what the other would say. He put down the parchment and then said

"Tempting offer" he said while Michael just waited for Hades decision

'Laws and order' Hades said

'Yes. Do you not like it?' Michael asked. Hades smile and said

'I love laws and order'

'Will you accept?'

hades held up his hand

'I will see. For now, you can return to Heaven and tell G.o.d I'm thinking about it'

The Archangel nodded. It must not be easy for that angel to defer to him Hades thought.

G.o.d and him has been corresponding in secret longer than the moment he had been corresponding with Michael.

For a long time, they have spoken to each other, even before the Pope was chosen. Honestly for a new G.o.d, he is quite mature.

And the creation of the Church? It was a brilliant masterstroke. Well, when you have lived as long as him, G.o.d to him is a child.

But he is quite insightful and he has given free will to the people that believe in him. Which means NPC do not have to worry that their hearts being turned by G.o.ds and G.o.ddesses.

He is also quite generous and his wrath is almost the same as him.

Not to mention G.o.d will not interfere in his business. The doc.u.ment says he only need to appear during judgment day.

That doesn't sound like a bad gig for him. He can sit here lazing around, taking soul and only take mortal form when judgment day arrives.

But Michael…... Hmm…...Michael

Hades fear he will be an obstruction to this offer. Yet, he is loyal to his father.

All of his angels are loyal to him.  Hades finally nodded at Michael.

Michael nodded and then he spread his wing and like light the angel disappeared.

Hades stand back and the chairs and table crumbles to dust as he will think on how to handle this matter


Age Of Adventure 197 Move On 1

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