God Emperor 1066 Unrivalled Divine Palm

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The higher the cla.s.s of the Saintly Source was, the higher its value was.

Inside the black Holy Flower, there was all seventh cla.s.s Saintly Source, whose value could be the sum of all the rest of the six Holy Flowers.

Now, three top figures of the Immortal Vampires, Feng Wanli and Huoyuan Elder and a large group of Sixth Level Savage Beasts were fighting violently around the black Holy Flower.

The Immortal Vampires only sent a dozen members to fight for the Saintly Source Spring. Each of them was a top figure. The weakest one was at the primary stage of the Ninth Level Half-Saint.

Their target was clear. They wanted the black Holy Flower and the Seven-colored Holy Flower at the center.

The three Immortal Vampires near the black Holy Flower were powerful. Each one of them could compare with Feng Wanli or Huoyuan Elder. Their strengths were no less than those who had pa.s.sed the First Pre-saint Trial.

Of the Sixth Level Savage Beasts, some of them were extremely powerful, giving out the power comparable to that of the beast kings.

Among them, a 30-meter-long black scorpion was the blood of divine beasts, having thick golden inscriptions on its sh.e.l.l.

It was the second strongest one among the black scorpions, called the Black Scorpion Commander, only second to the Golden Scorpion King.

"All humans and Immortal Vampires will have to die."

The Black Scorpion Commander screamed. Golden flames came out from its eyes. It's tail made a sudden swing to hit Feng Wanli and Huoyuan Elder.

Bang bang.

The two human pre-saints flew away straightly, cras.h.i.+ng into the beast crowds beside the crevice. Immediately, they were ambushed.

Not only were they severely wounded, but they also lost their chance to fight for the Saintly Source Spring.

Then, the Black Scorpion Commander stepped in the void and jumped to its front. It reached out two black pilers, trying to pick up the black Holy Flower.


The sharp sound of wind breaking was heard.

Zhang Ruochen turned into a cloud of red shooting light and reached the black Holy Flower. He reached out one hand to lift the bottom of the Holy Flower.

Seeing the Saintly Source being taken by a human monk, the Black Scorpion Commander was furious.

"Go to h.e.l.l."

Its black tail whipped upwards to attack Zhang Ruochen.

There were sharp barbs on its tail, and once it hit the monk, their body would be ripped in two.

c.r.a.p! Huoyuan Elder said to himself.

Huoyuan Elder knew clearly the destruction of the Black Scorpion Commander. It surely had the power of the one who'd pa.s.sed the First Trial of Pre-saint. Just now, he worked together with Feng Wanli, and yet failed to resist one strike of it.

Gu Linfeng was too close to the Black Scorpion Commander, and he had to spare power to protect the black Holy Flower. How could he get away from its attack?

Feng Wanli said, "Gu Linfeng had the Ten Saints Blood Armor on. He might not die, but surely he will be severely wounded."

Naturally, Feng Wanli and Huoyuan Elder hoped that Gu Linfeng could take the black Holy Flower, so they could have a share of it.

Not only them, but monks in the Yingsha City were all extremely nervous as well.

Up till now, only Gu Linfeng among the human monks had taken a Holy Flower successfully. And it was the most valuable one.

Once Gu Linfeng died under the attack of the Black Scorpion Commander, it would be a great loss for humans.

"Son of Deity, you must hang on in there!"

Monks of the Blood G.o.d Sect all prayed for Zhang Ruochen, wis.h.i.+ng that he could take the black Holy Flower and expand the power of the human monks.

Zhang Ruochen flew above the crevice. Even if he had put the Ten Saints Blood Armor on, he could feel that danger was coming to him.

"Seven-Apertures Blood Palm."

Strands of blood red Qi gushed out from Zhang Ruochen's back, condensing into an about 30-meter-tall giant shadow, which was the shadow of Pluto.

His palm pressed down and collided with the tail of the Black Scorpion Commander, making a loud boom and bursting the 40 times of attack.


The blood-red palmprint threw the Black Scorpion Commander's tail back. Cracks appeared on its hard sh.e.l.l.

With this strand of power, Zhang Ruochen soared faster to the sky and reached a safe spot.

Huoyuan Elder was shocked. "Gu Linfeng's palm is too great. It played at least 40 times of attack. The Black Scorpion Commander didn't hurt him, but was hurt by his palm."

"Without the help of the Ten Saints Blood Armor, he couldn't have done it. If I had it, I could have killed the savage beasts easily like he did," Feng Wanli said with some jealousy.

The Black Scorpion Commander roared.

Its belly turned golden red, gathering a strand of burning energy.

In a while, the Black Scorpion Commander opened its mouth to spit the golden red fire to Zhang Ruochen who was soaring to the sky.

Other than that, nearly 100 Sixth Level Savage Beasts were gathering power to attack Zhang Ruochen as well.

Now, Zhang Ruochen was a little scared.

It had to be told that the attack of almost 100 savage beasts who had the power of Half-Saints would make a saint hard to resist.

"Blackie, do it now." Zhang Ruochen pa.s.sed his words immediately.

The minute his voice went out, a Sixth Level Savage Beast suddenly imploded its lower abdomen among the crowd, bursting out the destructive power.


The giant 7-meter-tall surf of fire was seen rus.h.i.+ng to all directions, shaking away all 100 Sixth Level Savage Beasts.

The 20 Sixth Level Savage Beasts that were closest to it were broken into parts. Their bodies burned to black ashes.

Luckily all Sixth Level Savage Beasts had giant bodies and strong body structures. The Sixth Level Savage Beasts on the outer circle survived.

The Black Scorpion Commander was close to the imploded Sixth Level Savage Beast, and it was thrown back. Its sh.e.l.l was broken and filled with blood, looking pathetic.

"The Sixth Level Savage Beasts are as clever as humans. Why have they committed suicide one by one? And they attacked their own...?"

Who would choose to kill themselves if they had other choices?

Even if they had come to the state that they had to make the move, those who had the courage to kill themselves with the enemies were little.

"There must be a human Beast Tamer who had controlled a few Sixth Level Savage Beasts and used it as a secret trick to make the savage beasts pay dearly," someone guessed.

The Beast Tamer was a natual enemy to savage beasts.

Of course, there were few Beast Tamers. And even fewer Beast Tamer Masters who could control the Sixth Level Savage Beasts.

Under certain situations, the destruction of a Beast Tamer could surpa.s.s that of a saint.

For example, now that all savage beasts gathered together, with one imploded, the destruction would kill lots of them.

It was truly destructive that a Sixth Level Savage Beast had imploded itss lower abdomen, but the Saintly Source Spring was under the protection of all powerful figures onsite and wasn't harmed at all.

Other than the black Holy Flower taken by Zhang Ruochen and the azure Holy Flower taken by Blackie, the other five had all been taken by powerful savage beasts.

In the central area of the crevice, s.h.i.+zu Bird Beast King, Blue Eagle Beast King, the Immortal Vampire Elder and Wan Huayu fought intensely. Any creature approaching them would have been killed immediately by the waves of their attack.

Therefore, the attention of all savage beasts were on Zhang Ruochen. They wanted to take the most valuable black Holy Flower.

Blackie made another command, asking other Sixth Level Savage Beasts to implode their lower abdomen in order to rescue Zhang Ruochen.

But, before the Sixth Level Savage Beasts could do so, the Firegold Raven Beast King noticed it and killed them all.

The perception of savage kings were sensitive. They could feel the surging Holy Qi inside the savage beasts and resolve the danger in advance.

Especially because the Firegold Raven Beast King had been hurt by it once, it wouldn't make the same mistake again.

Blackie hid carefully among the savage beasts, looking at the Firegold Raven Beast King in distance. It said secretly, The Firegold Raven is just a descendant of the divine beast, it's not a Taigu Remain and has no pure blood, how could it recover so quickly? Zhang Ruochen, I've done my best. You have to rely on yourself now!

The Firegold Raven Beast King was severely wounded by the implosion of the first Sixth Level Upper Savage Beast, and all its feathers were destroyed. Even now it had many wounds and kept bleeding.

But as a beast king, even if it was badly wounded, its power was still terrible.

The Firegold Raven Beast King shouted, "All savage beasts, stop the attack now in case you destroy the black Holy Flower. He's just a human, I can kill him with one hand."

The Firegold Raven Beast King spread its wings to soar into the sky like a golden shooting light. It reached out a golden palm to grasp Zhang Ruochen above it.

Zhang Ruochen didn't dodge, but threw a palm at it.

Behind him, the giant shadow of Pluto threw a giant palm as well, making the 40 times of attack.


The two strands of power crashed into each other.

The Firegold Raven Beast King fell down quickly. Its body crashed into the desert, leaving a giant pit.

Zhang Ruochen stood in midair, and laughed. "A heavily wounded beast king should have wanted to kill me with one hand! Do you really think that all human monks are weak?"

Standing in the Yingsha City, people could see Zhang Ruochen's handsome appearance in midair. With one palm, he had pressed a beast king down.

All monks of the Blood G.o.d Sect were thrilled. They looked at monks of other clans with pride, and shouted, "Son of Deity! Unrivalled divine palm! We, the great Blood G.o.d Sect!"

"Son of Deity! Unrivalled divine palm! We, the great Blood G.o.d Sect!"

Standing in the air above the crevice, Zhang Ruochen could hear their shouts. He put on a bitter smile.

Defeating the Black Scorpion Commander and the Firegold Raven Beast King, he looked impressive, but he was hurt as well, though it couldn't be seen.

But that didn't affect his great image in those human monks' eyes.

From now on, the name of "Unrivalled Divine Palm Gu Linfeng" spread up among the human monks.

By now, Zhang Ruochen noticed that the battle among the four powerful figures in the central area had changed a bit.


The Immortal Vampire Elder wielded the Kaiyuan Broadsword to chop off a black wing of the s.h.i.+zu Bird Beast King and severely wounded it.

Then, the elder rushed to the Seven-colored Flower with the fastest speed. He spread open his arms, forming two clouds of Holy Qi, enveloping the Holy Flower in two ways.

God Emperor 1066 Unrivalled Divine Palm

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