God Emperor 1073 Kill Without Mercy

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Wei Longxing didn't escape very far. Zhang Ruochen, with the Ten Saints Blood Armor, easily caught up even without using the Luan Phoenix Deity Print Speed.

"Where do you think you're going?"

A shadow of Pluto, hundreds of feet tall, stood behind Zhang Ruochen. He performed the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm.

Since he had nowhere to hide, Wei Longxing stopped running. He clenched his jaw for his last fight.

"Fire Battle Technique."

Wei Longxing clenched his fists and red flames spewed out of him. He attacked, releasing 36 times the combat ability.

Zhang Ruochen struck with a palm. He broke through the fire palm print and hit Wei Longxing's chest.


Wei Longxing flew backward and was tossed through the air. The blood from his lips spattered in the air too.

Next, Zhang Ruochen struck with a second palm on his back. He scattered the light from the Five Elements Saint Armor. With a crack, Wei Longxing's spine broke. His body practically cracked in half as he flew back.


Zhang Ruochen rushed into the sky and flew above Wei Longxing. Using his hand like a blade, he sliced down at the man's chest.

Crack, crack!

Wei Longxing's ribs all shattered and his organs were turned to mush. He crashed onto the ground. Lying in the ditch, he couldn't move at all.

His vitality was slipping away quickly. His eyes stared up at the sky, dimming gradually.

Zhang Ruochen walked over. Standing beside Wei Longxing, he looked indifferently and stepped down, ending his life.

The other human Monks were watching Zhang Ruochen's every move. When they saw him kill Wei Longxing with one foot, they all shuddered. Chills ran down their spines.

He's intimidating us, Shangguan Xianyan thought. He's telling everyone that anyone who dares to become his enemy will die.

Even with her status and mindset, she still felt a chill.

Zhang Ruochen was still calm after killing someone. He felt like a gentle jade. Looking up, he stared in the direction that the Blue Eagle Beast King had flown in.

It hadn't escaped far and he could still catch up. It had been hard to injure a Beast King. How could he let it escape?

Zhang Ruochen took out a saint decree. Activating the saintly power within, he burst forward with saintly speed. Transforming into a streak of light, he chased after the Blue Eagle Beast King. 

The beast naturally perceived Zhang Ruochen appearing behind him but didn't feel any fear. It wasn't this human's match, but it wasn't hard to escape.


Holy light flashed and Zhang Ruochen appeared out of thin air, blocking the beast.

"You said that you'll devour me sooner or later?" Zhang Ruochen asked. "Now, I'm telling you that you won't have the chance."

"What, you want to kill me?"

The Blue Eagle Beast King huffed coldly. "I must remind you that if you really force me into a desperate situation, we'll die together. Do you know why those two Heirs couldn't kill a Beast King? With their cultivations, they aren't completely confident that they could block a Beast King's final desperate attempts."

The Blue Eagle Beast King believed that this human could weigh the pros and cons. Continuing to fight wasn't beneficial to anyone.

"Really? I'd like to see just how aggressive your final desperate attempt is."

Zhang Ruochen didn't show any sign of retreating. Instead, he strode forward, getting closer and closer to the Blue Eagle Beast King.

"Blood G.o.d Sect Deity, I admit I'm impressed by your courage. You're fierce enough."

Seeing that this man wasn't intimidated, the Blue Eagle Beast King immediately activated the power within the bone sharira. It formed blue wings and flew forward with speed comparable to a saint.

As long as it could escape, no one would use kamikaze tactics. Now, the Blue Eagle Beast King's speed was even faster than Zhang Ruochen with the saint decree.

"You think you can escape?"

Zhang Ruochen smiled. He used the Spatial Move and disappeared from the spot. He immediately crossed dozens of miles and appeared before the Blue Eagle Beast King. Using the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm and 40 times the combat power, he slapped forward.

The Blue Eagle Beast King crashed right into the palm print. Its huge head turned b.l.o.o.d.y and the bones shattered completely. It dropped from the sky.

Zhang Ruochen didn't even give it a chance for a final attack. Powerful sword intent burst out, melding with his body.

He put his hands together and raised them above his head.


His body like a sword, he used Sword Five and dragged out a blood-red streak. He cut through the bone sharira's defense and pierced the Blue Eagle Beast King's body.

By the time he stopped, he was holding a blue pearl in his b.l.o.o.d.y palms. It was the bone sharira he'd dug out of the beast.

With a thud, the Blue Eagle Beast King dropped onto the ground as a dead body.

Wan Huayu rushed over with her fiery-red phoenix wings. She was extremely shocked to see the Blue Eagle Beast King's body.

"You killed another Beast King. How did you do it?"

When Zhang Ruochen had killed the Firegold Raven Beast King, Wan Huayu had seen the b.l.o.o.d.y light flood out of the Life-Death Mirror and kill it. Thus, she knew that Zhang Ruochen had killed the Firegold Raven Beast King.

Wan Huayu was very smart and attentive. Zhang Ruochen feared that she would guess his true ident.i.ty, so he put on a flirty smile. "If you agree with my proposal, I'll tell you immediately."

Wan Huayu knew that he was teasing her. Instead of getting angry, she put her sword away and puffed up her chest. Smiling, she said, "Sure."

This time, it was Zhang Ruochen's turn to be shocked. He didn't expect Wan Huayu would agree so easily. However, she wasn't done speaking.

"However, my father said that anyone who wishes to be his son-in-law must block three of his strikes without dying."

"What if I can't?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

Wan Huayu smiled, showing her white teeth. "Naturally, you die."

Who could take three of Wan Zhaoyi's attacks without a few hundred years of cultivation?

"Are you sure your father isn't trying to ruin you? Does he want you to be single for life?" Zhang Ruochen shook his head and changed the topic. "How's the battle over there?"

"After the Blue Eagle Beast King escaped, the two Lion Camel Beast Kings naturally knew that they couldn't wipe out the humans either. They led their groups and escaped to the northwest."

"Okay. Since they've retreated, there's no need for me to return."

Zhang Ruochen turned to leave.

"You want to leave just like this?" Wan Huayu asked, raising her voice.

"Any problems?"

Wan Huayu rolled her eyes. "All the humans of Yingsha City worked together to fend off the beasts. If you take the black saint flower away now, are you trying to take it for yourself? Don't you remember our agreement from earlier?"

"Oh, you're talking about this?"

Zhang Ruochen nodded as if remembering. It was just a black saint flower and didn't contain that much of the Saintly Source Spring. It wasn't that big of a deal to share it. Plus, many humans had died indeed. Zhang Ruochen felt bad about taking it all for himself.

"Let's go!" Wan Huayu said. "We'll go regroup with the Blood G.o.d Sect, Cai Family, and Shangguan Clan. The two Heirs should arrive soon too."

Wan Huayu was indeed worried that Gu Linfeng would try to take the black saint flower and Saintly Source Spring. That was why she was using the two Heirs to repress him. After all, this guy never acted logically. He could do anything.

Zhang Ruochen and Wan Huayu returned to the camp with the Blue Eagle Beast King's body. This immediately stirred up a commotion. Yet another Beast King had died. This could lower the egos of the 12 beast groups for a while.

Half a day later, the two Heirs, Wan Family, Feng Family of the south, Xuan Sword Clan of the middle region, and Black Market Excellence Hall of the north gathered together. They were prepared to divide the Saintly Source Spring in Zhang Ruochen's hands.

God Emperor 1073 Kill Without Mercy

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