God Emperor Chapter 806

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Published at 22nd of July 2019 10:15:07 AM Chapter 806: 806

Zhang Ruochen retracted the Abyss Ancient Sword and glanced at Blackie . He was so done . “What are you doing?”

Blackie placed the Sun-moon Crystal Coffin on the ground . Seeming composed, he chuckled . “I'm obviously taking some nice treasures . It's hard to come to the netherworld . I can't go back empty-handed, right?”

Zhang Ruochen was honestly speechless . The netherworld was so dangerous, but Blackie actually became greedy . Didn't he know that a tiny mishap could kill them all?

But since Blackie had already stolen the Sun-moon Crystal Coffin, he couldn't just give it back . Furthermore, even if Zhang Ruochen brought the coffin back, the three Wuchangs and evil monks definitely wouldn't let them off .

Zhang Ruochen glanced at the Sun-moon Crystal Coffin . He could vaguely see the figure lying inside . However, the sides of the coffin were very thick . He couldn't see the features clearly, but he could tell that it was a woman .

Jialuo Yuan's eyes fell upon Zhang Ruochen and he let out a raspy laugh . “I finally see a living man after being in the netherworld for so long . Young man, I am Half-Saint Jialuo Yuan of the Death Zen Sect . If you give me the Sun-moon Crystal Coffin, we can have a good relations.h.i.+p . What do you think?”

Despite his words, Jialuo Yuan's hands hidden in his ca.s.sock were quickly solidifying Buddhist Qi . He was ready to attack and kill Zhang Ruochen at any time .

Zhang Ruochen stood with his sword horizontal . He seemed upright and handsome . “I'm sorry,” he said nonchalantly . “I don't need good relations.h.i.+ps with evil monks of the Death Zen Sect . Speak! Why did the Death Zen Sect enter the netherworld?”

When Zhang Ruochen had first seen the evil monks, he thought that they'd also come for the pill of resurrection . However, the appearance of Buddha Xinshu changed his mind .

Someone like Buddha Xinshu would never come to the netherworld impulsively . Once he came, he must have an unusual motive .

Jialuo Yuan chuckled loudly . “Since you don't know your place, I have no need to be nice to you . ”

“Thousand-ghost Prajna Palm!”

Jialuo Yuan had already gathered his power . A frail hand shot out of his sleeve and attacked powerfully . Then a huge black handprint arrived before Zhang Ruochen, carrying icy Qi .

There were thousands of ghostly prints on the handprint . They wailed .

The Thousand-ghost Prajna Palm was a superior-cla.s.s Ghost Level palm technique . It was evolved from the Dragon and Elephant Prajna Palm of the Thousand Buddha Way .

Jialuo Yuan had also entered the netherworld and refined 1,000 evil spirits into his arm to cultivate the Thousand-ghost Prajna Palm completely . One strike contained the power of 1,000 spirits .

If he'd refined 3,000 evil spirits into his arm, then the palm technique would be even stronger . It could become a Consummate Skill .

Now, Jialuo Yuan's right arm contained 1,748 evil spirits . As he sent the palm print forward, his entire arm turned black .

This evil monk's cultivation has already reached the peak of the second level for Half-Saints .

Zhang Ruochen wasn't intimidated though . After all, his cultivation had reached the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm . It was possible to defeat Jialuo Yuan .

“Sword Two, Yin-Yang Infinition . ”

Zhang Ruochen struck with the Abyss Ancient Sword . A gust of Sword Qi burst out, forming a huge ring of Sword Qi .

The Ancient Abyss Sword transformed into pillar of Sword Qi . It hit the black palm print, piercing it and stabbing powerfully towards Jialuo Yuan's chest .

“Hmph! You've actually completed Sword Two at your young age . You do have some skills . No wonder you could get to this point . ”

Jialuo Yuan put his hands together in prayer and chanted in Sanskrit . At once, the golden Sanskrit print appeared between the eyebrows of the dozens of Half-Saint puppets .

There were 34 puppets altogether . 34 rays of gold light surged from between their brows and converged on Jialuo Yuan's body . With him as the center, it formed an eerie formation .

Every Half-Saint puppet was an eye of the battle formation . They poured their Holy Qi and Corpse Qi into Jialuo Yuan's body .


Jialuo Yuan's aura rose continuously . The Buddhist Qi that he radiated grew stronger as well . Golden Buddhist light covered everything within a radius of several miles .

When the Abyss Ancient Sword was ten feet from Jialuo Gu, it was blocked by the powerful Buddhist Qi . It couldn't continue stabbing .

Jialuo Yuan's lips curled into a menacing smile as he struck the air with a palm .


The Abyss Ancient Sword trembled . Then the tip turned over and it flew backwards . Both the sword and Zhang Ruochen were hurt . He stumbled 17 steps back, leaving 17 deep prints on the ground, before he steadied himself .

Such powerfully evil Buddhist techniques, Zhang Ruochen thought . He can actually extract power from dozens of Half-Saint corpses and put them into his own body . Jialuo Yuan must be a top figure amongst the second level Half-Saints .

Right now, Qi and blood rumbled within Zhang Ruochen . Blood even clotted in some of the joints in his meridians .

This wasn't his first time going against a second level Half-Saint . Half-Saint Xuanlong of the Four Symbols Sect, Half-Saint Taixi of the Vampires, and Feng Han had all been in that level .

Though Jialuo Yuan was also a second level Half-Saint, his power was far above the others .

Just then, Jialuo Yuan had combined dozens of Half-Saint puppets . The power that had burst from it far surpa.s.sed Half-Saint Xuanlong and Taixi . Even Feng Han was a bit weaker than he was .

While Zhang Ruochen and Jialuo Yuan fought, the three Wuchangs also attacked Blackie to s.n.a.t.c.h the Sun-moon Crystal Coffin . Mu Lingxi and Han Xue rushed over at once . They were only in the Fish-Dragon Realm, but working together, they activated the Void Sword's power and forced the three Wuchangs back .

Since the Void Sword was known as a supreme saint weapon, it naturally contained boundless power . Even a bit of the Sword Qi could kill a Half-Saint .

There weren't many swords this incredible in all of Kunlun's Field .

“Young man, what do you think about my palm's power?” Jialuo Yuan asked, smiling .

Zhang Ruochen quickly dissolved the blood clots and recovered . He chuckled . “You're quite powerful indeed, but you can't stop me . ”

“Ha! Unfortunately, these Half-Saints are only puppets instead of battle corpses,” Jialuo Yuan said . “Otherwise,my power would multiply five or six times . I'd be able to dismember you with one strike . ”

“That is indeed unfortunate,” Zhang Ruochen said calmly .

“Young man, you're quite brave . But sadly, you're not skilled enough . ”

“If we compare our cultivations or power, I am definitely far from you, senior . But in a true life-or-death fight, the one with higher cultivation isn't always the one who survives in the end . ”

Jialuo Yuan laughed loudly . He released his Saint Soul Territory . Combining it with the Half-Saint puppets, he moved at an unprecedented speed and clapped his hands .

Two golden five-fingered clouds hovered above Zhang Ruochen's heads and plummeted . If Zhang Ruochen was. .h.i.t by the palm prints, he would be close to death, if he didn't die immediately .

At the most critical moment, Zhang Ruochen grasped a principle of the world . He dodged with an extraordinary technique . He actually pa.s.sed through the lock of the two palm prints and escaped .


The two palm prints. .h.i.t the ground, creating two giant craters close to 100 meters wide . They shook the ground, sending all the tombstones flying .

Zhang Ruochen stood unharmed on the side of the two craters . Even he was amazed .

“I just…seemed to comprehend a principle of speed . ”

The Way of Speed was only a small branch of 100,000 Minor Ways . Usually, speed was only auxiliary . Most Half-Saints would purposefully try comprehending it because knowing some speed principles could raise combat ability incredibly .

However, barely any Monks in the Fish-Dragon Realm could comprehend any principles of speed .

In the aspect of speed, there was the Way of Flying Sky and the Way of Fleeting Light .

The Way of Flying Sky was a Major Way . The Way of Fleeting Light was the Supreme Saintly Way . If one continued up, there was the Way of Time .

Basically, there were 72 Supreme Saintly Ways, 3,000 Major Ways, and 10,000 Minor Ways . They had all evolved from the Nine Ancient Taiheng Ways .

For example, the Way of Speed had evolved from the Way of Time . Without time, there was no speed .

On the other hand, Zhang Ruochen had comprehended a principle of speed . This could actually help him induce principles of time . Thus, this was a huge achievement .

Jialuo Yuan was a bit surprised too . Smiling, he said, “You have high abilities of understanding . I didn't expect for that palm print to help you comprehend a speed principle instead of killing you . However, it's only a Minor Way . It's not the Way of Flying Sky or Way of Fleeting Light . ”

“Since I've already comprehended the speed principle, Flying Sky and Fleeting Light won't be too far off, will they?” Zhang Ruochen laughed in return .

Jialuo Yuan didn't speak further . He manipulated the power of the 34 Half-Saint puppets again . With extreme speed, he appeared before Zhang Ruochen, pointing between his brows .

His ancient face was right before Zhang Ruochen's eyes . It was menacing . His sharp and golden finger was about to stab through Zhang Ruochen's skull .

“You've finally acted brashly . Good, I can send you on your way now . ”

Zhang Ruochen had been purposefully angering Jialuo Yuan this entire time just for this moment . If Jialuo Yuan didn't get close, how could Zhang Ruochen kill him?

“Instant Traceless . ”

Zhang Ruochen's arm twitched and the Abyss Ancient Sword transformed into shapeless and shadowless light . It beheaded Jialuo Yuan, sending his head flying 30 feet in the air . Like a b.l.o.o.d.y watermelon, it fell to the ground with a thud .

Jialuo Yuan's last attack also hit the spot between Zhang Ruochen's eyebrows .

Just as Jialuo Yuan's finger drooped down, countless divine prints whooshed out from between his eyebrows . Transforming into various apparitions, they sent Jialuo Yuan's corpse flying back .

Zhang Ruochen walked to his side and searched through his ca.s.sock . He wanted to find some clues and deduce the true reason why the powerful members of the Death Zen Sect came to the netherworld .

He searched for a while without finding any valuable clues . However, he received something unexpected . He'd actually found a drop of divine blood on Jialuo Yuan .

This was strange . Why did a Half-Saint of the Death Zen Sect carry divine blood with him?

God Emperor Chapter 806

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