Reborn As A Mom Chapter 194

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Published at 17th of July 2019 05:00:04 PM Chapter 194: 194
"Doctor . . . " A pair of moist eyes pleaded .

"The operation is risky, she could lose a life on the table . You have to decide . If not for surgery she would have less than a month . "

A month . . . Her mind blasted, her heart palpated, she grasped the desk . Reeya took a deep breath .

'No . . . no way . He won't rob a beggar . ' she prayed . She was a beggar . Everything that was dear to her was lost one by one . G.o.d won't be cruel to take away her last loved one .

A hand behind her shoulder hesitated and patted her few times . She turned and saw Praak's gentle smile giving her silent encouragement .

"Please save her life . I will arrange for everything . " Reeya said . She wiped a drop of tear from her eyes . Praak looked at her in reverence .

The girl who seems careless and carefree on outside was in fact determined and strong . The years she struggled in his house he had never seen her cry . With a big heart she used to forgive them all .

"Rest a.s.sured . I will do my best . We can perform surgery as fast as everything is arranged . " He patted her hand . "I had already added her on the transplant list . Family members at times become good match in blood type and other factors . If you wish check matching . "

"Yes . " She nodded .

"Thank you . " Praak shook his hand . Although his face showed no grievance, his limp shake gave away his conflict . After all it was his grandma's life on line .

When she went to the reception, the guy gave her a figure of expenses . "Miss we must pay a deposit before surgery . If in an emergency we get a liver of a diseased patient, we can operate immediately . Please arrange the expenses as soon as possible . "

"I understand . "

"How will you arrange so much money?" Praak asked . It wasn't a small number —5,00,000 .

She checked her balance from her cell phone . Her bank didn't even have one third of the figure .

"I will somehow . "

In the ward, she sat beside the bed . When she held her hand, it was so cold . Amma had closed her eyes and her face was lifeless and pale .

Thank G.o.d! She still had time!

"Reeya . . . " A faint voice came from the bed .

"Amma . How are you?" A hint of whimper filled her voice . She got her ear close to Amma's mouth to hear .

"Life has to end . . . . You are suffering . . . " Amma didn't want to drag down anyone's life . She knew they couldn't afford the treatment .

But this girl bought her here again . She held Reeya's hand and said . "Let's go home . "

This child had always been sensible from her childhood . Now she didn't have much time, it was better to be at home with her family .

"You don't worry . Amma I got money . " She lied and faintly smiled .

What was she earning for if she can't even save her Amma? These years she never had any complaints about her job . With the meagre pay was enough for her living expenses . But now she checked her bank accounts . It wasn't enough!

The elevator door opened . Reeya took a step to walk in the elevator .
"Hey . . " She heard a voice from behind her .

Reeya stood stuck to the ground as the doors were closing .

The man stuck his hand to stop them from closing . "Reeya . "

It was Victor . Reeya took a deep breath and stepped in the elevator .

"Are you here to see a doctor?" He followed her .

She ignored him . Her eyes focussed on the changing numbers, waiting to reach the ground floor and escape the small place .

Reborn As A Mom Chapter 194

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