Crashing Into You 132 His Woman

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Ho Min Lin gave the cup of coffee which she bought from the coffee shop at the hospital ground floor to Tan Ji Nan who was silently sitting at the bench nearby the hospital premises. She seated next to him. She wanted to comfort him but she did not know how to start. She often took glances at him but she couldn't utter any words.

She may have known Tan Ji Nan for so many years but she doesn't have any idea on what was on his thoughts. She wanted to know that and know him deeper.

"Speak." Ji Nan told her that made Ho Min Lin almost jumped on her seat.

"Huh?" She asked innocently.

"If you have something to ask me then do ask" Tan Ji Nan told her as he looked deeply into her eyes.

She met with his gaze. It was soulful.

"Are you okay?" She asked nervously. She wasn't sure if she made the right question but that was really something that she wanted to know.

Ji Nan did not answer her but rather asked her a question.

"Are you disappointed when you found out how muddle-headed my mother was?"

She was caught off guard by his question. She don't know how to answer him.

"Just be honest. I won't be mad if you feel that way." He said in a cold voice

"I cursed her in my thoughts when she called my bestfriend a leech." She bravely confessed. "I'm sorry"

Ji Nan nodded.

"Why is she still blaming Mor Tee for what had happened to your sister? I thought Jan Nin was already over him."

"We all thought so but my sister can hide all her emotions if she wanted to. I really didn't know that she's suffering into some emotional stress. If I only knew, I should have come back sooner."

"What should we do now? How can we help her?" A genuine concern was evident on Ho Min Lin's voice.

"I don't know. I don't really know. We cannot tell her to stop loving Yan Mor Tee because it's always have to be her own decision. Her own free will. n.o.body can help her forget Yan Mor Tee other than herself. She will never forget him if she's unwilling no matter how many times we told her that it would be the best thing to do" Tan Ji Nan responded hopelessly.

Ho Min Lin was lost for words. Tan Ji Nan was right.

Tan Ja Nin owns her emotions so they cannot dictate it.

"Let's just be with her and made her feel that we understood her emotions and we're not misjudging her. I think that's the only thing we can do now"

Tan Ji Nan looked at her and was pleased with her suggestion.
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"You really have a good head on your shoulder Min Lin. That's one of the reasons why I love you so."

He said as he patted his hand on her head.

Ho Min Lin blushed.

Did he just say he love her?

When Tan Ji Nan saw her reaction, he suddenly felt shy and was embarra.s.sed when he realized that he had confessed his love for her.

He didn't expect that he can say it naturally it front of her like he always wanted to tell her how she made him feel.

When he initally planned to make her suffer first and gave her back all the pain that she gave him before but his heart betrayed him.

He cannot afford to hurt this woman.

His woman.

He love her too much that there's no room for hate anymore.

And it felt good.

Crashing Into You 132 His Woman

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