Love At First Kiss 335 Mom Has I

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After I get up I could see that Greg start getting up too. While I wanted to help him I stop myself and I start waiting for him. After he was standing we start walking down. While we come done I could see maid and I said to her "please put some drinks inside of my room."

After I could see her nodding we come out. While being there I have been observing Greg when he was smoking. After some time mom and dad start walking out. While seeing mom I said to myself 'about it you make so big ruckuses and then I could hear her words "we will be back late"

"Ok mom," I said to her. After it, I could see that they start riding away. After they did this I start thinking about dinner for us and while I been thinking I decided to have something light and I said to Greg "I will go and talk with the chef"

"Ok," he said. After it, I have been scared about living him alone but still, I go there. While I come inside of the kitchen I could see the chef and while seeing me he said "dinner will be in around two maybe three hours I know what to make for you both"

While hearing him I said "ok" while coming out. While going back to Greg who I could see and he been talking to someone I send a message to mom 'mom where you have angel wings'. After I send it I come back to Greg and after he ends his call I ask him "who was it"

"I don't care," Greg said to me while don't want to tell me with who he been talking. While I been looking for him I ask "what you planning for today"

"I have no idea you should choose," he said 'oh that's good' I said to myself and then I said with a testing voice

"I have no idea too and we can't do lovemaking for next few days". After what I said he hasn't responded and we were looking at each other. While I been looking at him it starts becoming colder so I ask him "when you will finish"

"Soon," Greg said and continues smoking. While I was looking at him I could hear my phone. While I move a little from him I could hear mom words "maybe I have maybe not" mom said

While hearing her I said "I hope you have it"

 "Yes they are in my hiding place," mom said to me. While hearing her I said

"Good I want to borrow it".

"ok but you need to buy me them you know how hard is to have them here and your dad loves them too ok I'm going he is coming by," mom said while ending our call. While listening to her I could know why she hides them while dad could eat them a lot and mom couldn't ask to do them here while dad's blood test hasn't come good and he couldn't eat a lot now so mom needed to buy them.

After a talk with mom, I come closer to Greg and I could see that he is looking at me and then I said to him "oh you will see"

"Ok," he said. After it, we start coming back to my room. After we were there I could see that Greg is focused on drinking I go out. While going around of mom places where she could hide it I found it in third that I know and while having it I start coming back to my room. While coming closer I have it behind my back and I come inside. When I did this I could hear Greg's words "what you have there".

While hearing him I said "its surprise" and I come closer and giving him a kiss. While I was doing it I take my hand from behind and I could see that surprise show up on his face. While seeing it he said "oh you have it but how"

"Mom has it," I said to him and then he said "ok let's eat some now" and he opened the package. While seeing him I lay close to him and while having it between us we start watching. While we were doing it time pa.s.s and we finish it the same with dinner. While night come I start looking at Greg and then I ask "so what now we will do"

"I'm bored and I'm thinking about only one thing," he said while looking at me. While we were looking at each other I could know what he wants but still, I don't want it. While we were looking at each other for like ten minutes and saying nothing he gets up. While seeing him I ask "where you going"

"To take shower," Greg said while going to the bathroom.

While seeing him I come after him with a bag from yesterday. While being there I start looking at him and while seeing that he started taking his things off I said "I will help you"

"With what," he asks while looking at me

"Don't worry I will not hurt you as I did yesterday" I said while starting the water.

When I did this I could see that he comes inside of bath while having his right hand away not covered. While looking at him I take off my things and come inside of bath too.

While seeing me Greg looks at me and he moves his hand to my chest. 'pervert' i said to myself while knowing what he wants but this later could finish in bad and I don't want it. While seeing him I said "I might let you play with them for some time but first let me wash you" 'i hope he will agree and then I will let him but he can play with them nothing more' i made a statement to myself while not letting him more until he will recover fully 

"You first," he said while looking at me. After hearing his words I start cleaning myself. At first, I start from my tors which take me some time while trying to clean all. when I ended with it  I sit on the edge of the bath and start was.h.i.+ng my legs.

While I was observing him I start was.h.i.+ng it more and more first right later left while still observing his reactions sometimes smile show up on his face bigger than earlier 'why' i ask myself while seeing a smile when I hide my private part but moving more my arms.

While I been doing it for some time I lay inside of bath to clean myself from the gel and then I said to Greg "get up"

"For what," he asked me while looking at my girls, not to eyes 

"To wash you how you want me to do this," I ask him

"oh ok," he said and when he somehow does this using one of his hands 'oh watch out to not fall' I said to myself while observing him and be ready to help him when he will fall.

When he gets up I move closer to him and I start cleaning his front. While I been doing it I have been careful while doing it but when I look at his face I could see a smile 'what you planning' i ask myself and while I wanted to continue I could hear that he is clearing his throat. While hearing it, I know he has some plan so I stop and start looking at him while waiting for what he will say.

Love At First Kiss 335 Mom Has I

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