Love At First Kiss 709 It's Just Kissing

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As we were driving to parents' home, we come not long after, and when we parked and walked out mom come out, and then she said: "oh you come".

"Yes mom," I said, and when I hugged her we did this for a short amount of time and then we come inside. As we were there, I followed mom and when we walked to the library mom said: "so you come earlier".

"Yes, somehow this happened," I said while sitting. While I did it Greg sit close to me and then mom said "oh you want something".

"No, mom we are after lunch," I said.

"Oh, ok so what you have in plans," mom asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"Your dad is in the office we have a guest today," mom said.

"Oh who," I asked.

"Uncle Tom he comes today," mom said.

"Oh, ok," I said and then my phone started ringing. While hearing it I answered and I said "yes".

"When you come and go to my office," dad said.

While hearing him I said "I will be there soon" and when I hang out, I looked at mom and Greg, and then I said, "Dad was calling".

"Ok," Greg and mom said, and at the same time.

"I will be going now," I said and then I started walking there. When I was walking I come to his room and while being there I could see that he and uncle was sitting and when I come inside I said "h.e.l.lo" and then I sit there. When I did it dad looked at me and then he said: "so you come earlier".

"Yes," I said.

"Ok let's do this and we can drink remember what day is today you don't need to be so stiff Roland," Uncle Tom said while looking at dad. When he was doing it dad smiled and said "and you are too easy-going,".

"Oh well it happened," the uncle said and then we started continuing why he comes here. As we were doing it, I could see that he come here for business purposes. As we were doing it we have done after some time and then he looked at me and he said: "so how it's going with Greg".

"Oh good," I said while looking at him.

"So when wedding," he asked.

"I don't know but we aren't in a hurry so we can wait," I said while looking at him. As I was doing it he started laughing and then he said "good girl remember to invite this old uncle," he said "of course," I said and then I added in mind 'when we will have a party I don't know when I will invite you' and when I looked at him while not changing my face to not let him discover something he smiled and then walked out. When he did it dad said, "oh well its second promise".

"Yes, I remember but still they are easy to go," I said while smiling to dad and then I looked one again on papers and I started making some changes. As I was doing it dad looked at me and when he checked them he said: "oh it's good but you know he will not agree on it".

"I know but it's only for us but you can propose to take a little more," I said.

"True, I will look at it," dad said and when I nodded I walked out. When I did it, I could see that mom wanted to walk inside and while seeing me she said "go look for Greg food is almost ready".

"Ok," I said to her, and then I walked out while knowing what he is doing. Hewn I come out I could see him and then I said, "It's your last today and come inside".

"Ok," Greg and uncle who I haven't seen said and when they started walking here uncle said, "She is strict".

"oh well I'm smoking much less than earlier so it's good let's go inside before we will hear her screaming on us," Greg said and while hearing him uncle started laughing, and then we started walking inside. When we come there, I looked at them and as I was doing it we come to the table and while being there dad said "ok thanks again for being with me and my product I hope all will be good now time to go and eat" and after he said it we drink a little of wine while Greg chooses water and then we started eating. 

As we were doing it I looked at him from time to time and as it was two dishes dinner, I know that soup is first and later something else. As I was doing it we had our chicken soup. When we were eating it I looked from time to time at Greg and when we have done, we have a little time to talk before the next dish comes. When we had it we started eating again. As we were doing it now we have meat cooked some sauce and potatoes to it. 

While seeing it I smiled as it probably Greg make when he will cook as he like this mix. Hewn we started eating it I needed to take a break in the middle of it and after using the bathroom I walked back to eating. When I did it, I could hear that men were talking about sport and mom was just listening to them. When I hear it I shake my head and then I come to eat. 

As I was not talking I done first and when I did it I looked at Greg who was now eating on peace as he almost frowned while talking with dad and uncle. As they did, I looked at mom and then I said "we will be going now".

"Wait for dessert and then you can go," mom said and when I looked at her, I smiled and nodded my head. When I did it I looked at her and then we were looking at each other dad filled with wine and while having it we drank it. When we did it we had cake and while seeing that its apple cake I started eating it. As I was doing it I have done as the fastest person and when I did it mom looked at me and then she said: "go to your room and take a break before going somewhere".

As I looked at her, I said "ok" and when I looked at Greg who was in the middle of eating, I take his hand and then I walked there. When we go upstairs Greg looked at me and when we come to my room, he said: "babe what are you doing".

"Oh, mom probably wants to give gifts to dad," I said to him. 

"Oh ok," he said and when he looked at me he started kissing me. As he was doing it coughing comes. Hewn we stopped I looked at is indoors and then mom said: "you could wait".

"Oh well, it's just kissing," I said to her.

"yea but still you should wait now I will tell you that I prepared gifts for Roland so let's grab them and give to him," mom said.

"Ok," I and Greg said at the same time and then we followed her to take them and see what she has prepared. 

Love At First Kiss 709 It's Just Kissing

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