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"How about you marry into and live with her bride's family and have no worries about food and drink all your life."

In the little girl's teasing words, I didn't laugh and drive her out of the room.

I am not reluctant to leave Duanmu house, nor do I want to covet anything in Duanmu. The main reason is that my problems have not been solved. This is the most headache thing for me.

I don't care about the injury, the physical recovery ability is abnormal, three days, if not fully recovered, at least action or something should be no problem.

The main reason is that my strength in my body has not shown any sign of recovery so far. This is indeed a very troublesome thing.

Ming Hou fell asleep, I can't get in touch with the power of Lanling Pavilion and the things that can save my life. Now all that remains is the white Lanling pavilion in my mind.

How useful is a strong soul?

Accustomed to using my own strength to solve problems, I am still relatively unfamiliar with the control of the spiritual power of the soul.

When I think about the lightning ball that I used my soul to dissolve before, I can't help but get lost in thought.

Before the strength is restored, it is better to consider the skills of using soul strength, which is the only relatively tough method I can rely on now.

Three days pa.s.sed quickly. The ointment in the small porcelain bottle given by the big lady did have a good effect. My injuries recovered a lot these days, and at least I was able to move without help.

The little girl also knew about my expulsion by the big lady, and she was very unhappy these days.

On the third day, the little girl was depressed and helped me pack my backpack. There were some change of clothes and a box of golden leaves in the backpack, which were all given by the big lady. I can't say what others have done.

The little girl took me out of here and headed for the gate of the mansion.

Look at her moodiness appearance, I wry smile speechless, rubbed her head, want to comfort also don't know what to say. After leaving Duanmu House, there may not be any intersection in the future. After all, I do not belong here, and they are not people of the same world.

Just as we were approaching the gate of the residence, a loud noise came from one direction of the residence, accompanied by a roar.

Fubo is guiding the cultivators again?

It doesn't seem like much!

That direction is not the courtyard where Fubo lives!

Besides, the air of fluctuation is much stronger than when Fubo guiding those people a few days ago.

"Over there at the arms drill?" The little girl beside me looked at the direction of the voice with a face of surprise, wondering and curiously said: "What happened at the arms drill?"

No matter what happens, it has nothing to do with me.

When preparing to leave the gate of the residence, I saw several servants hurrying towards the so-called arms drill. The little girl stopped them and asked the reason.

"w.a.n.g is in trouble. Two cultivators of the middle rank have come ..."

After the servants hurriedly finished speaking, they ran towards the other side with a face of anxiety and nervousness.

The little girl's face changed, a little pale, directly handed the baggage to my arms, hurried said: "I won't help you now, I have to go and have a look!"

Say that finish, the little girl ran towards the arms drill.

When chatting with my girl these days, she also told me about Duanmu's family, and I also learned a little.

The, like Duanmu's, belong to a large family in Hengyang City, but their strength is much better than Duanmu's. Duanmu's family can only be ranked the bottom of several big families in Hengyang city, while the are in the top three.

In the past, the relations.h.i.+p between Duanmu family and the was quite good, with frequent contacts. Until the high rank cultivator died, Duanmu house gradually less than before, w.a.n.g also broke up with this side.

Not only that, but I heard the little girl say that the have been spying on Duanmu's estate in Hengyang city over the years, often making troubles in business secretly.

On the whole, the just want to swallow Duanmu.

These things have nothing to do with me. Anyway, I was booted out. why bother about this?

One foot has already stepped out of Duanmu's residence gate. I stepped forward with a slightly wry smile and a self-deprecating smile.

Meng Zichen ah Meng Zichen, others saved your life, also said before what kind of grat.i.tude, now in somebody else's a difficult time, you are leaving, isn't it too immoral!

Although I am a bit cheeky these days, I am not one of those ungrateful people!

The young lady kicked me out, although I was more or less uncomfortable in my heart, this is not an excuse!

With a light sigh, I retracted the foot that stepped out of the gate of the residence and turned and headed for the arms drill.

Go check it out!

If I can help, I will do as much as possible. Who lets me owe somebody else such great kindness?

Looking for a noisy voice, I came to the arms drill in Duanmu House.

It is a very wide area, with a square meter area of more than 1,000 square meters. The surrounding area is full of people. Most of the servants and maids in the government are gathered here. In addition, dozens of guards in the residence are also here, all with a face of tense long knives gripping the waist, gritting teeth and staring at a group of people in the field.

The field was divided into two sides, facing each other.

On one side were Fubo and other cultivators. Nearly half of the 10-odd people were injured, but fortunately, the injury was not very serious and they stared angrily at the people across the street.

On the other hand, is also more than ten people, they are all with mocking disdain, the overall strength of these people is better than the cultivators in the Duanmu mansion. The leader is two middle-aged men, one fat and one thin, the fat smiling like a Maitreya Buddha, while the thin one is a face of gloomy.

These two guys should be the two middle-ranking cultivators of the, and Fubo exists at the same level.

However, only from the perspective of breath, both of them are better than Fubo. It is also mainly because Fubo is getting older and his body functions are declining a lot.

Look at the broken green flagstones on the arms drill floor and the quite messy scenes. Look at the injured cultivators behind Fubo. Obviously, Duanmu House suffered a lot before.

This time, the thin middle-ranking cultivators cold voice said: "Is this your Duanmu now? What a disappointment! "

The fat guy smilingly answered and said: "Disworthy, Fu, you always let those f.a.ggots out! Come on and practice with our brothers! I haven't had a fight for several years. Try our two brothers! "

The two men are obviously goading, trying to force Fubo to make moves.

Their eyes flashed a hint of murder.

Once FuBo moves, I'm sure these two guys will definitely use thunder to injure or kill FuBo on the spot. Once FuBo is injured or dies, Duanmu's family will be completely finished in terms of force.

In this world, one can imagine the fate of a large family without the protection of brute force.

Fubo's face was gloomy and he stared at the fat and thin two guys, saying nothing.

The cultivators behind Fubo were pale and nervous. Many people urged Fubo anxiously in a low voice to let him not fall into the trap.

This time, a clear and crisp voice with anger resounded through the audience.

"When did our Duanmu family provoke you? What do you mean by knocking on doors? "

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Big miss stands up, she is angry, staring at the cultivators, said with harsh voice: "In this Hengyang city, your are not capable of absolute monarch either!"

Ghost Wife My Lifetime Love 159 Something Is Wrong

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