They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!? Chapter 18-19

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Chapter 18: Fari is Making Camp.

Author: Sakurakiri Kohaku (桜霧琥珀)

Okay, going to start and do my staple. The cheat sheet on the top, it will eventually grow to include new characters and appearances.

Fari von D'azell . Previously Nanjou Yukiho, nicknamed Yuki by Kami. 

Is currently 10 years of age. Ruby red long wavy hair and striking eyes not fitting her age.

Kami-sama, or also known as Kamille. Is a girl that looks 12 but is a G.o.d. Has silver hair and red eyes.

Also Fari always uses, 私 aka female p.r.o.noun watas.h.i.+.

Father is Gilbert Von D'azell. Master warrior.

We continued to walk down the road until the sun finally set. There was no building or lodgings nearby.

Well that was kinda the plan.

There were rest stops I was suppose to reach or get to, but we pa.s.sed them up after walking at a quick pace.

Perhaps we are just halfway between to the rest stop we pa.s.sed and the next rest stop on our route.

However this is also apart of my training. It's necessary to know how to camp, that's what my father taught me. I have only practiced it before, but now it's time to face the actual challenge.

"I'm going to start preparing camp. I also want you to help."

"Yeah yeah. – – -Ah, but wait Yuki."

I was about to start searching for firewood, but then Kami-sama stopped me.

"I actually gave Yuki a power that will. . .Ugaaaa!"

I took out and released some electricity from my new battle rod.

She is giving me too much favorability. I couldn't help but feel angry.

"You can continue."

". . .W-well.  I've given you two conveniences spells. It's called "storage." and "Super search.""

"I know what storage is. . .I heard that despite having not having the magical attribute for it you can use it. One in one hundred people have the ability to handle that magic. And you gave that rare ability to me?"

"W-well, yes."

Kami-sama gave me a guilty smile. Is there no limit to the preferential treatment? 

Storage in a nutsh.e.l.l, is well a storage magic.

Although it's an non-attribute magic, even people who can't handle non-attribute magic may still be able to use it.

It's a spell that can store any object up to a capacity. Kinda like a backpack.

Moreover, the stored objects don't age, and stay in a stasis.

For example, raw meat that is stored in there will not spoil. And you could carry precious ore and not have to feel ma.s.s weight of it. 

It's a very useful skill.

"Well then. What does the storage magic have to do with camping?"

"Well actually. I stuffed a bunch of adventure goods and survival gear into Yuki's storage."

"Well that's smart of you. But what did you put in there?"

"A tent, a grill so you can grill meat, one years worth of water and food, etc."

"Please wait a moment."

My head was spinning from how much Kami-sama said she stored. It's way more than what I have in my knapsack.

. . .Well storage magic, is well magic. I have heard that people with a certain skill level, or apt.i.tude in magic can hold way more things in the spell.

"Um, Kami-sama. . .How much storage do I have?"

"Oh, It's about the size of Yuki's entire mansion estat– Ugaaabeba!"

Yeah that's way too much, so I poked her with my electric stick.

By the way, Kami-sama has already recovered from her last punishment. She has a really durable body, perfect for a slap-stick comedy.

"Well it really is convenient to have that much storage s.p.a.ce, but still. It's going to be a ha.s.sle managing everything in there."

"That's where "super search" comes into play!"

She said that proudly.

"Kami-sama, I've also heard something about a spell called”search". I think it's a non-attribute magic that tells the caster a person's status, or a weapon's efficiency. However I also heard it could be used to reflect light in a way where the caster can actually see an image from a vantage point of their choosing. However I'm guessing because you said "Super" it's going to be way stronger than that."

"That's right. You can use that second part to actually quickly see and go through what you have in storage. And because you can see the status, it's useful to just get a full scope of everything you have. How about you try it? Don't you want to see how good it is?"

I was prompted by her pestering to give it a try.

I tried to conjure it, and was successful. A menu screen popped up in a floating. It was on a screen that kinda reminded me of video game menus in my past life.

It's actually pretty similar to the search magic I saw a maid use.

"Hmmm. . .twenty kilos of meat. And one hundred liters of water. Isn't that too much. Also two liters of wine? I can't even drink that, I'm a minor."

By the way, while we are on the subject of underage drinking. There is actually no law or custom that forbids it. However, because of my new past memories, I'm much more hesitant on that idea.

Besides, it's still common sense in this world that a ten year old shouldn't drink.

"O-Oh, that wine is actually for me."

"I hope you didn't fill my storage with your own personal belongings!"

I immediately threw out the two liters of wine from my storage.

M-my magical apt.i.tude is frightening, I was able to take it out like it was nothing.

"So stingy~"

Kami-sama said that while putting the wine in her own storage.

Why didn't she do that at the start?!


I released a three times powered electric shock from my punis.h.i.+ng stick. 

(TN: I have to be honest. I have no idea how to write/translate "Punishment rod/ variants of that(お仕置き棒)" without it sounding erotic. So please. Have mercy on the fanfiction you are conjuring in your head. It's not the author's intent, but I won't stop you.)

Chapter 19: Arriving at the Capital City.

Thanks to the camping goods and food Kami-sama stored in my storage, we were able to travel pretty comfortably.

During that time she explained more about magic.

First we'll talk about storage.

So I was told that my storage could even store living things.

Normal storage can't do that. Also if the thing resists the storage, it will fail.

However in my case, if the final seal is released, it would be possible to ignore that resistance and store them regardless.

Also during their storage, they are frozen in time.

And then there is super search.

So currently, its only an ability that's more convenient than the ordinary search.

However with technique and experience, it would be possible to read all kinds of information.

And if the final seal is released, it would be possible to browse even the structural information of the world. Even down to the subatomic particles.

Finally I'm starting to understand how to handle magic.

Magic can only usually be expressed in a certain way.

However I have such an over powered prowess to magic apt.i.tude. I could image magic power in different and unique ways.

Although Kami-sama said, to get to that point would require a great amount of skill and effort. So I have simply have an exceptional potential for full manipulation of magic.

That would be remarkable if I could do that. 

I was also taught in advance from Kami-sama about what ordinary magic is.

So usually, by chanting words and incarnations you would be able to produce magic.

And by the time we reached the capital, I was already drilled into how to produce magic like usual mages by Kami-sama. I practiced and trained all the time during our journey.

"- – -Amazing. . ."

This was the first time I've seen the capital.

And it was breathtaking.

There are a myriad of building lined up in a row down the streets. You could see it stretch out as far as the eye could see. It was like a metropolis from my past life.

And then there was a ma.s.sive castle towering far in the distance.

This is the capital of our country. It's the capital city of St. Valeria. And that castle is Castle Valeria.

I've seen it in paintings, but the real thing is even more impressive.

It's actually way to big. Even though it is so far away, it could be seen clearly. The entire D'azell estate doesn't hold a candle to this scale.

"Hey, Yuki. We should get going."

"ah. Yeah, you're right."

With Kami-sama's prompting, we continued walking. 

That's right, our first destination is the hunter's guild.

Actually when I left the mansion, I didn't bring a single copper coin. No money at all. 

It was all for training so I could earn money by myself on our journey there.

So I hunted the monsters we met on our way to the capital, plus I collected medical herbs and wild edible plants as well.

The monsters also acted as a way to train my magic. I am confident in my swordsmans.h.i.+p because of my Papa's training, so that wasn't something I really needed to practice on our journey.

The collected monsters parts and wild plants I found were stored in my storage.

I plan to sell these.

The hunter guild is of course mainly used by hunters, but they may pay for monster parts you find.

The wild plants I collected could be sold to the shops we find on the city streets. 

Now our journey begins.

The story begins! Woo~! Also I know I said I would do 3 chapters, and I was really conflicted on whether or not I should just attach another chapter to this. But it just doesn't really connect to this one. And if I do that then the next chapter after that would be left on a cliff hanger, even though it directly connects.

Anyways, next chapter in 3 days. 

It's been hot recently, so now it's ice coffee. 

They Said My Status Stayed The Same Even Though I Reincarnated In Another World!? Chapter 18-19

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